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OVW TV 3/12/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.)OVW Television Champion Brent Albright fought Lance Cade to a draw
2.)MNM wrestled the Heartbreakers to a no contest in a number one contenders match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Neither man in the opening match could get an early advantage as they both were able to avoid high impact moves early on. Cade continues to bail to the floor every time Albright gets any offense. Albright goes to the floor but is met with a big clothesline from Cade. Cade connects with a neck breaker for only a two count. Albright chops back as we go to a commercial. Cade has regained control with a back suplex. Albright misses a clothesline and is planted with a DDT. Cade misses a top rope elbow drop. Cade cheap shots Albright while the referee was distracted. Cade covers Albright but only got a near fall. Albright hits a over head belly to belly suplex as there is only two minutes left. Cade nails Albright with a super kick but fails to get a three count. Albright nearly wins with a roll up after avoiding a super kick. Albright locks in the Crowbar! Cade is able to hang on for fifteen seconds but the time limit has expired! After the match, Jim Cornette enters the ring. Cade is pissed that Albright punched him like a drunk in a bar. They both want the money. Cornette declares that next week we will have a rematch with no time limit!

2.Danny Inferno and Trudy come out to cut a promo. Inferno talks about having to work his ass off to get a paycheck. He says that Aaron Stevens has gotten everything that he has ever wanted by not working for it. Inferno doesn’t want a match but rather he wants Stevens next week in a street fight. Well, now it’s Last Man Standing match since Inferno says the loser can’t answer a ten count. Trudy chimes in saying she will take care of Beth Phoenix. Inferno suggests that Stevens pray that he walk out unharmed.

3.Jim Cornette is back in the ring to interview the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, the Thrilseekers. Cappotelli naturally says it doesn’t matter who they compete against between MNM or the Heartbreakers. They give both teams credit for being good teams and whatnot. Jeter says they are going to stay on top for a long time. Tank and Chad Toland make their way out to the ring. Tank is annoyed with hearing about MNM, Heartbreakers and Thrillseekers. He thinks the champs are overlooking them. Tank mentions he has held the championships longer than the Thrillseekers. Cappotelli jokes that it’s not hard to overlook them since they are short. Tank says that they haven’t been them yet and they should be competing for the championships. Jeter tells them that they need to beat people in order to be the number one contenders. So, they will not be getting a title shot. Tank hints that they may be up to something to get themselves into the title picture.

4.MNM attacked before the bell, but they were sent to the floor following double clotheslines. Thomas and Nitro legally kick off the match. Thomas gets an early near fall following a leaping cross body. Romeo tags in and hits a double head butt on Matthews. Romeo back drops Nitro while having a head lock on Matthews. Romeo hits a splash in the corner on both men and Thomas connects with a running clothesline. MNM get the advantage when Nitro holds Romeo down so Matthews could deliver a knee drop as we go to commercial. Melina chokes Romeo while the referee was distracted. MNM continue to work on Romeo with rather basic offense for a few moments. Romeo is driven down to the canvas with a double suplex by MNM. Romeo tries to tag in Thomas and makes the tag! Thomas cleans house with a few clotheslines. Thomas drives Matthews face first into the canvas. Thomas and Romeo hit a double reverse Russian leg sweep but Matthews pulls the referee out. The referee is knocked out on the floor and that allows a fight between Melina and Morris to take place. Thomas hits a fisherman suplex on Nitro but the Toland’s run out and attack Thomas. Here comes the Thrillseekers to take care of the Toland’s. The referee calls for the bell since all four teams are brawling. Several other wrestlers have come out to break up the fight, but they are doing a rather poor job of doing so.

Final Thoughts:
Even thought the two matches didn’t have actual finishes, and there were really only four new segments this week, I thought the show was fine. The opener between Cade/Albright started off slow but they were able to put together a fun match. I think the tag team titles situation will involve all four teams and they will probably compete in a four corners match sooner rather than later. It was a good rebound episode since the last few were rather uneventful. Also, next weeks episode looks to have two quality matches with Cade/Albright rematch and the street fight between Stevens/Inferno.

Thanks for reading.


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