WCW Saturday Night 2/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Ricky Steamboat defeated Tom Burton by disqualification
2.)Pretty Wonderful defeated the Shockmaster & Mark Starr
3.)Arn Anderson defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
4.)Thunder & Lighting defeated Bill Payne & Ricky Tango
5.)WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Terry Taylor
6.)The Boss defeated The Equalizer
7.)Sting defeated WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.We hear from Lord Steven Regal who will be wrestling against Sting. He thinks once he beats Sting tonight he will be considered the franchise of WCW.

2.Harley Race ran into the ring during the opening match, but Steamboat hit a top rope cross body on him. Vader entered the ring and pummeled Steamboat with several strikes. A bunch of jobbers come into the ring but they are taken out by Vader as well.

3.We hear from Nick Bockwinkel and Ric Flair (via phone). Bockwinkel has fined Vader $25,000 and is being fined again fro what they did today. Flair is on the phone and talks about seeing Vader trying to end Steamboat’s career. Flair wants to be back in Superbrawl right now! He wants things with Vader to end at Superbrawl! Bockwinkel is going to have an emergency meeting with officials to make it happen. Flair doesn’t care if it has to be a unsanctioned match!

4.It’s good to see that the Shockmaster has been regulated to jobber status. Pretty Wonderful are able to fight off Starr and Shockmaster when Orndorff hit a pile driver on Starr to win the match. After the match, Mean Gene conducts an interview with Pretty Wonderful and the Masked Assassin. Assassin says that his plans are coming into place and believes that Pretty Wonderful will be the next tag team champions of WCW. Orndorff wants to get even with the Rhodes and says the only reason he is in the Thunder Cage is to get his hands on Dustin Rhodes!

5.Arn Anderson returned to action this week and took care of Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker after hitting the spine buster! Welcome back Double A!

6.Tony Schiavone talks to Nick Bockwinkel, who is in the process of having the meeting. He says that there will be a word regarding the Vader/Flair match by the end of the program.

7.The young tag team of Thunder and Lighting competed in tag action this week. They won their match after Lighting in a top rope clothesline.

8.WCW International Champion Rick Rude comes to be interviewed by Mean Gene at ringside. Rude says that he would be the man who beat the man. He talks about having a fast car and a great house. He doesn’t have any respect from his peers. Rude is going to dismantle WCW from the top to bottom. Rude doesn’t consider Sting to be a threat to his championship.

9.Terry Taylor goes against WCW United States Champion Steve Austin this week. Taylor doesn’t allow Austin to get a steady offense on him as he back drops the champ, hits an atomic drop and a back suplex for a near fall. Austin drives Taylor down to the mat with a tilt a whirl slam. Taylor nearly wins with a leaping forearm but Parker put Austin’s leg on the bottom rope. Austin kicks Taylor to the floor where Parker hits him with his shoe. Austin covers but Taylor gets his boot on the bottom rope. Austin rolls through a roll up and uses the tights for extra leverage to win the match.

10.The Boss had literally no trouble with the Equalizer as he hit the side walk slam very quickly to win the match.

11.Tony Schiavone talks to Nick Bockwinkel regarding the Flair/Vader match at Superbrawl. Bockwinkel says that Flair needs to show a notice of health from a doctor by Monday at 6pm. Flair says he appreciates the effort and he promises to do anything it takes to get a medical release. If he doesn’t he will still show up at Superbrawl. We go to Mean Gene who is with Vader and Race. Vader says he is coming for more in 1994. He refuses to be denied the championship. He wants Flair to show up to the Thunder Cage.

12.Sting controlled Regal early on in the main event with a hammer lock. Sting continues to yank on Regal’s arm and keeps control when Regal tried to monkey flip Sting over. Regal manages to eventually control Sting with a headlock and delivers several uppercuts. Regal keeps Sting on the mat with a top wrist lock, but Sting isn’t anywhere close to submitting. Sting fights back with several strikes and backdrops Regal. Regal is met with a dropkick but nails Sting with a back elbow. They both attempted a dropkick but both are unable to connect. Sting backslides Regal and wins the match.

Final Thoughts:
It was an average episode this week. The developments between Vader and Flair was rather predictable. The main event was a decent match, but wasn’t anything all that great or anything. I’ll give the episode a thumbs in the middle. It progressed a few feuds along, but it isn’t a memorable episode.

Thanks for reading.

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