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WCW Saturday Night 1/29/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Pretty Wonderful defeated Erik Watts & Terry Taylor
2.)WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Brady Boone
3.)Vader defeated Chris Nelson
4.)Sting, Dustin Rhodes & Brian Pillman defeated Harlem Heat & The Equalizer
5.)Jim Steele defeated Bob Cook
6.)The Boss defeated Bobby Eaton
7.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Shanghai Pierce
8.)WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The program this week is two and half hours long. So, it’s a rather loaded program this week!

2.Early on in the opener Watts was able to get the STF on Roma, but Orndorff helped out Roma in reaching the bottom rope to break the hold. Roma is controlled by Taylor and Watts for a few moments as they controlled the right arm mostly. Taylor hit a gut wrench power bomb on Roma but couldn’t get the win. Late in the match, Watts got the hot tag and kicked Orndorff to the floor where Orndorff get an illegal object from the Masked Assassin. Watts ends up running into the loaded knee and is pinned by Orndorff.

3.We hear from Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Brian Pillman who tell Harlem Heat and the Equalizer they are going to end them tonight!

4.Steve Austin won his squash match this week following the Stun Gun. Mean Gene interviews Austin and Col. Robert Parker. Parker will be forced to wear a chicken suit later on since he lost to Pillman at the Clash of the Champions. Parker doesn’t believe anyone should force him into a chicken suit because he is a gentleman. Austin says that this isn’t going to happen!

5.Vader also competed in singles action this week. He destroyed Chris Nelson and won after a power bomb. After the match, Mean Gene conducted an interview with Vader and Harley Race. Race says that Vader is the man who developed Thunder Cage. Vader says he nearly beat Ric Flair to death at Starrcade and believes it was a miracle that Flair beat him. He considers Superbrawl to be his date of revenge on Flair!

6.We go to a press conference in the backstage area where Nick Bockwinkel has something to say regarding Superbrawl. He announces that Ric Flair is not 100% healthy and is deciding to postpone the match between Flair and Vader. Vader doesn’t like this and storms into the room. Vader wants a piece of Flair and shoves Ricky Steamboat! There is a commotion with Bockwinkel standing in front of Vader.

7.Rhodes opened the match against the Equalizer and worked on him with an arm drag and drop toe hold. Pillman nearly pins Ray with a sunset flip. Sting tags into the match as Ray runs the ropes, but doesn’t do anything. It’s actually a rather boring six man tag as the faces are just controlling heels arms whenever they enter the ring. Pillman is isolated by the heels for several minutes but Pillman manages to tag in Rhodes who cleans house on Equalizer. All six men brawl in the ring until Rhodes hits a running bulldog on Equalizer to win the match.

8.Backstage, The Boss is forcing Col. Parker towards the ring to put the chicken suit on, I think.

9.Jim Steele won his squash match following the Steele Trap.

10.Mean Gene is in the ring with Brian Pillman who has the chicken suit with him for Col. Robert Parker to wear. Steve Austin and Parker make their way out to the ring. Pillman is attacked by Tex Slazenger, Shangahi Pierce and Steve Austin! All of the babyfaces backstage run out to save Pillman and they trap Parker in the ring. Parker ends up putting the suit on dances like a fool.

11.The Boss didn’t have much of a problem handling Bobby Eaton this week. Boss hit a side walk slam and won the match. After the match, Gene conducted an interview with Boss. He says that he is here to maintain order in WCW. Boss calls all the heels pieces of trash and he is going to take care of them all.

12.Badd tried to take Pierce’s mask off early on but wasn’t able to rip it off. Jeesh, this match is boring as well. Badd is just holding his arm for the majority of the match. Pierce actually hits a move driving Badd down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Pierce goes for a power bomb but Badd rips off the mask when he counters with a hurricanrana! Tex enters the ring and tries to cover up Pierce who is pissed!

13.I wonder how many times the Nasty Boys have wrestled Bagwell and Scorpio in the past six months. It has to be over a dozen times on television it seems like. Saggs and Scorpio kicked off the match with Saggs working on Scorpio in the corner ramming him face first into the corner. Scorpio hits a middle rope cross body, dropkick and a scoop slam. Saggs avoids a standing moonsault, though. Scorpio nails Knobbs with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Bagwell tags in and keeps control of Knobbs with an arm drag. Knobbs is driven face first into the mat by Bagwell and Scorpio. The challengers keep control when Scorpio leaps off the top to splash on Saggs left arm. Knobbs drops Scorpio over the top to the floor behind the referees back. Saggs slams Bagwell on the floor as well to add more punishment. Missy Hyatt chokes Scorpio briefly as the referee is distracted some more. Scorpio continues to be worked on as Bagwell is left on the apron distracting the referee a few more times. Bagwell finally gets tagged in! Bagwell cleans house with right hands and clotheslines. Bagwell power slams Knobbs but the referee is distracted and Saggs hits a leg drop. Scorpio saves his partner with a slingshot leg drop. Bagwell hits a fisherman suplex but Missy Hyatt distracts the referee so Saggs can hit Bagwell with his boot. That allows Knobbs to get the pin and they retain the titles.

14.We hear from Harley Race and Vader. Vader wants to know if this is justice. He calls Ric Flair a gutless chicken. Vader is going to make sure he gets Flair in the ring and he waits for no one! He isn’t going to be denied from getting back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Final Thoughts:
Well, I guess I misspoke when I said this was loaded. I guess I meant that there was a lot of notable names on here. The matches were generally just squashes matches or boring. The main event was an okay match, but that had been done so many times that it didn’t really matter to me. I have a hard time believing that the Vader/Flair match is going to be called off. If it’s not then they better quickly make sure that fans are aware it’s still on. Hopefully they will do that next week. Anyway, I’m going to give this weeks episode a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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