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OVW TV 3/19/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.)OVW Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Lance Cade in a no time limit match to retain the title.
2.)Seth Skyfire & Steve Lewington defeated Deuce Shade & Vik Delicious
3.)Aaron Stevens defeated Danny Inferno in a Jersey Shore Street Fight
4.)MNM & The Blonde Bombers defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Thrillseekers & The Heartbreakers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Backstage, Lance Cade says that he didn’t tap out last week and it’s not an option for him. Tonight, he is going to take the title, money and Albright’s ass! We also hear from Brent Albright who says there will not be a time limit to save Cade this time around!

2.The fans are calling Cade “Big Bird” to get under his skin. Albright attempted to put the crowbar on Cade early on, but Cade quickly bailed to the floor. Cade returns to the ring and works on the champ in the corner with several shoulder rams. Cade avoids an arm buster and sends Albright shoulder first into the ring post. Cade hits an arm buster of his own and sends Albright shoulder first into the ring post again. Cade tried to put the crowbar on Albright, but wasn’t able to lock it in. Albright fights back with a power slam out of the corner. Albright finally hits an arm breaker and has the crowbar locked in on Cade! Cade is close to the ropes and is able to reach the bottom rope to break the hold. Cade plants Albright with a DDT and goes to the top rope, looking for an elbow drop. Cade leaps off and hits it but Albright kicks out at two on the cover attempt! Albright ducks a clothesline and has he crowbar on Cade! He rolls through a counter and keeps it on! Cade is forced to tap out! After the match, Albright reminds Cade that he tapped out and puts himself over as the greatest wrestler in OVW!

3.Two random tag teams squared off next. Lewington is double teamed in the corner by Vik and Shade early on. Skyfire does get the hot tag and cleans house on Vik and Shade. Vik is sent to the floor and Skyfire hits a top rope leg drop on Shade to win the match.

4.It’s time for the street fight between Aaron Stevens and Danny Inferno. Stevens is dressed like he is going to go golfing later. Inferno didn’t waste any time going after Stevens. Trudy hands Inferno a tool box and he nails Stevens with it. Inferno shoves a plunger right into Stevens face in the corner. On the floor, Inferno catapults Stevens into a pillar. Inferno crotches Stevens on the top rope and nails Stevens over the head with a cooking sheet. Stevens gains control after driving Inferno head first onto a trash can with a back suplex. Stevens gets a piece of guard railing and bridges it on the apron and railing! Inferno fights back and they return to the ring. Inferno whacks Stevens with a kendo stick a few times. This street fight is apparently a Last Man Standing match. Inferno backdrops Inferno over the top and onto the guard railing! Beth Phoenix enters to hit Inferno with a trash can lid and she has a brawl with Trudy. The referee is distracted by the women. Stevens sprays something onto a towel and smothers Inferno with it to knock him out. Inferno isn’t able to get up and loses the match.

5.The babyfaces are able to send the heels to the floor to kick off the main event this week. Matthews and Cappotelli legally start the match with Matthews getting the better of Cappotelli. Cappotelli fights out of a corner and sends Matthews into his corner. Jeter enters and drops Chad with a back breaker. Thomas tags in and monkey flips Chad out of the corner. Thomas comes off the ropes to clothesline Nitro and tags in Romeo. Romeo splashes Nitro for a two count. Cappotelli enters and leg drops Tank a few moments later. Cappotelli splashes both Toland’s in the corner and bulldogs Tank out of the corner. Matthews enters but is stopped with a neck breaker. Tank tosses Cappotelli to the floor where Melina gets a few cheap shots in until Morris comes over. MNM hit Morris with a double side Russian leg sweep on the floor! Matthews is nearly pinned by Cappotelli but regains control of the contest with Nitro after hitting a gut buster. Matthews spears Cappotelli in the corner to keep control of the contest. Jeter gets the hot tag and cleans house. Jeter avoids a DDT attempt by Matthews and hits a spin kick. All eight men are brawling now in the ring. Melina rakes Cappotelli’s eyes in the corner. Morris runs after Melina to the backstage area. MNM hits the Snapshot on Jeter to win the match. After the match, the Heartbreakers attack the referee.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show this week. I felt that the three big matches delivered. Considering MNM won the main event, I’m assuming will see yet another match between them and the Thrillseekers for the belts. The street fight was okay, and the opener between Albright/Cade was nicely done, in my opinion. I’m going to give the show a thumbs up this week.

Thanks for reading.


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