ROH Glory By Honor IX 9/11/2010

ROH 267 – Glory By Honor 9 – 11th September 2010

Ring Of Honor comes back to New York and back to iPPV for the event that traditionally ends their summer season – Glory By Honor. It’s always a big show, and tonight is no different, with three huge main events that have been hyped on TV for weeks. Tyler Black leaves ROH tonight, and has one scheduled defence left before he heads for WWE’s Florida developmental territory. Can Roderick Strong stop him from taking the ROH World Championship with him? The violent war continues as Kevin Steen, El Generico, Colt Cabana and Steve Corino collide again, this time in a Double Chain Match which could get extremely messy. Ring Of Honor Tag Champions the Kings Of Wrestling meet the team once revered as the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) in an indy dream match. The rest of the card feels a little thrown together in truth, but with Aries/Daniels, a TV Title defence and Ballz Mahoney all scheduled, it could be an entertaining night. We’re in Manhattan, NY with Kevin Kelly and Joe Dumbrowski at ringside. Jim Cornette replaces Joe for the main event.

SIDENOTE – Watch the Video Wire on the bonus features before you check the show. Davey Richards has a pretty major announcement concerning his future, and there is an INCREDIBLE promo from Chris Hero hyping Kings/WGTT. CM Punk-levels of greatness…and I’m not exaggerating.

Kenny King vs Jay Briscoe
Pissed off that they weren’t featured in one of the marquee matches for the show tonight, ANX took the opportunity to make a name for themselves at the expense of one of ROH’s most enduring acts and challenged the Briscoe Brothers to singles matches – an offer which was duly accepted. King and Titus want wins to boost their growing reputations, the Briscoes just want to beat them up.

Jay tries to mark his territory by humbling Kenny on the mat…but King effortlessly counters out of Briscoe’s hold. Kelly and Dumbrowski sound like they are commentating on cellphones from outer Chechnya by the way, it’s awful. Jay goes the hard-hitting route instead, pummelling King with boots and clotheslines to give himself an advantage. But King proves he can hang with Briscoe on that front too, dropping him on his neck with a big clothesline of his own. He quickly floors Jay for a second time with a spinning heel kick, drawing the first significant nearfall of the contest. Jay tries high flying, and Kenny is his match there too – meeting him in the corner with a jumping enzi kick. Finally Jay has had enough and DROPS KING ON HIS F*CKING HEAD! Christ that was ugly and deserving of way more concern and sympathy than the heartless ‘you killed Kenny’ chants it draws from the New York crowd. Unsympathetic, Briscoe drills King onto his neck again with a spinebuster. Capo kick by King, so again Jay drops him on his head with a flatliner into the turnbuckles. Rhett Titus is out here now, distracting Briscoe temporarily…so Jay WIPES TITUS OUT with a somersault plancha. Jay Driller blocked by Kenny…ROYAL FLUSH! With a little help, King wins at 07:39

Rating – *** – Hot opening match. At times this was unintentionally and dangerously uncoordinated, but on the assumption that both guys made it out ok, this was a hell of a lot of fun to get the night started. Of course Kenny is already an established singles worker (he was in the Pick 6 during the first half of 2010) but that doesn’t diminish the fact that a big win on ppv is a big deal for him.

Rhett Titus vs Mark Briscoe
We immediately go into the second half of the ANX vs Briscoes challenge. No doubt Mark will be looking to avenge the somewhat shady defeat his brother just suffered.

Mark has to use the Redneck Kung Fu to fight off both All Nights whilst his brother recovers, and as his match starts, it’s clear that both Jay and Kenny will be remaining at ringside for a front row seat. Titus swings a knee into Briscoe’s gut as the commentary team point out that Titus made his first ROH appearance at Glory By Honor FIVE! He has been around for a long time now. Rhett floors Mark with the dropkick, then tears off the bowtie as a symbolic gesture of how seriously he’s taking this. He goes to the eyes and as Mark runs out of steam, takes him to the canvas for a grounded headscissors hold. Venus Strike from Briscoe…but Titus blocks the Iconoclasm and NAILS a wicked cut-throat neckbreaker for 2. The fight spills to the apron with a lengthy ‘boo vs yay’ strike exchange…leading to Mark hitting a TUMBLEWEED SENTON TO THE FLOOR! But he tries to go the aerial route once too often and is caught on the turnbuckles. Super Sex Factor blocked…AND COUNTERED TO A TOP ROPE ACE CRUSHER! Both guys are beaten up now, but still get up dropping absolute bombs on each other. NECK DROP urinage by Mark…only for Titus to escape the Cut-Throat Driver. Pinfall exchange goes back and forth and still neither man can snatch victory. Kenny King tries to help Titus but is dragged off the apron by Jay. CUT-THROAT DRIVER! At 09:28 Mark takes the victory.

Rating – *** – Mark Briscoe’s best ROH singles match in years…and probably Rhett’s best ROH singles match ever. This was genuinely better than King/Jay, and considering those two are considered the better ‘workers’ of their respective teams, that’s quite an achievement. In many ways the success of this match was a victory of character over workrate. For as good as Jay and Kenny were, these guys have such strong and physically entertaining personas in the ring that they enjoyed a far greater connection with the crowd. For the second match of the night, the fans were red hot for this. They were totally behind Mark, and crucially, they were totally behind Rhett as a CREDIBLE heel.

Necro Butcher/Erick Stevens vs Grizzly Redwood/Ballz Mahoney
At Supercard Of Honor 5 Grizzly surprised everyone by bringing out his ‘friend’ Ballz Mahoney to help him fight The Embassy. Now he’s booked and has his first official ROH match as he joins the Littlest Lumberjack in a battle against the increasingly ripped Erick Stevens and the newly anointed Crown Jewel – the Necro Butcher.

Is Balls really allowed to bring a chair with the ‘ECW’ logo onto iPPV? If WWE’s legal department are making him put a ‘z’ on the end of his name, how can they not mind their actual intellectual property plastered all over Ring Of Honor programming? The Embassy try to jump their opponents, but that goes nowhere and Mahoney is soon showering Stevens and most of the crowd with beer. Elsewhere Redwood freakishly throws Necro off the apron with a press slam. Eventually the odds catch up with him…and Erick hoists him into the air. PRESS SLAM OVER THE ROPES…TO A NECRO UPPERCUT ON THE FLOOR! Ernesto Osiris is on hand to lay in some extra shots on the fallen lumberjack with his cane. Back in for ROLLING CHOKESLAMS from Butcher for 2. Redwood sends Erick into the turnbuckles with a flying headscissors then gets the hot tag to Ballz. Cradle suplex on Necro, then a Rydien Bomb on Stevens for 2. But Mahoney can’t fight both by himself…and here comes Grizz to counter Necro’s Tiger Driver into a DDT. PRESS SLAM PLANCHA to Stevens on the floor! Mahoney scales the ropes…FROG SPLASH NAILED! That would be the win but Prince Nana pulls the referee out. Stevens saves him from the Nutcracker Suite. GHANA-REA ON BALLZ! The Embassy, in the form of Erick Stevens, steal the win at 07:44

Rating – ** – No surprise that The Embassy are in the weakest match of the night thus far, but for these guys, this was one of their better matches. Ballz Mahoney is looking VERY old and worn down now, but he’s a lot slimmer than he was in his ECW pomp so he’s probably a more effective worker – particularly in this novelty nostalgia role.

Kevin Steen/Steve Corino vs Colt Cabana/El Generico – Double Chain Match
This feud keeps getting more violent and more intense – tonight they will literally be chained together in an effort to finally settle the score. But at this point, it genuinely does seem like Steen and Generico cannot coexist in ROH – one will have to be beaten out of the company for this feud to end. Last time we were in New York it was Steen and Corino who joined forces to ensure Steen defeated Cabana in a bloody Last Man Standing Match, whilst in tag team encounters the Generi-Colt team lead 2-1 with a DQ victory at The Big Bang and the epic win at Bitter Friends Stiffer Enemies 2 compared to the solitary victory Mr Wrestling and the King Of Old School hold over them on a recent HDNet episode.

Generico and Cabana win the coin toss…and the luchador immediately demands that it’s he that is chained to Kevin Steen. That means Colt and Corino will be joined together with the other chain. The babyface team drag the heels around the ring as the deliver an early beating. Steen and Corino keep trying to run, but in this stipulation they don’t have that option. Generico actually grabs the chain and tries to smack Kevin in the head with it…nearly whacking a few fans in the process. On the floor the Cabana/Corino fight is a little more even, but in the ring Steen is taking an absolute beating from his former tag partner and is quickly busted open. Generico’s hands are coated in Mr Wrestling’s blood, captured in a quite grotesque camera angle. Corino is bleeding too (of course), but still manages to sock both opponents in the mouth with the chain as they concentrate on double teaming Steen. In one shot the former ECW Champion has split Cabana wide open as the blood-letting continues. In the ring Steen lands on Generico’s head with a chain-wrapped somersault leg drop. CHAIN-WRAPPED SHARPSHOOTER LOCKED IN! Cabana makes the save…and Generico THROWS STEEN INTO THE TURNBUCKLES with an exploder suplex. Corino is hung in a tree of woe as Colt brandishes a chair…but Steen uses the chain to stop Generico going for the Van Terminator. SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO STEEN ON THE FLOOR INSTEAD!

Generico drags the timekeeping table into position…BUT STEEN USES THE CHAIN TO DRAG HIM OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH IT! But his limp body stops Kevin Steen from being able to get into the ring and help his partner as Cabana beats on him. Enter Colby Corino with scissors…cutting the leather straps on the chain meaning Steen is now free to go where he wants. Steen attaches the chain to Cabana’s OTHER wrist…and together he and Corino chain him up in the ropes to take some unprotected shots to the face. Corino finds Balls Mahoney’s ‘ECW’ chair…AND REFUSES TO USE IT! He spits on the ECW logo…GENERICO SAVES CABANA WITH A YAKUZA KICK! APRON POWERBOMB FROM STEEN TO GENERICO! But he still drapes himself over Cabana and refuses to let them hit him with the chair! HALF NELSON SUPLEXES ON STEEN AND CORINO! He takes too long to free Colt though, allowing Steen to grab a chair and smack him in the head. HALF NELSON SUPLEX THROUGH THE ECW CHAIR FOR CORINO! RUNNING SWANTON TO THE FLOOR FOR STEEN! El Generico refuses to stay down! A freed Cabana powerbombs Corino on the wrecked chair. BILLY GOAT’S CURSE! CORINO TAPS! It’s over at 19:46

Rating – **** – Another bloody war between these four men as the 2010 feud of the year gets another memorable instalment. This was perhaps the least spot-filled and manic of their trilogy of violent stipulation matches thus far, but in many ways it was the most dramatic. Some of the use of the chain was really effective, but the story-telling with Cabana being tied up and Generico going through absolute hell trying to save his partner was absolutely terrific.

But the match ending doesn’t mean the fight stops…as Steen and Generico are still going at it. Corino saves Steen from the Brainbuster…AND STEEN RIPS GENERICO’S MASK OFF! Cabana drags his partner to the back under a towel…as Steen fulfils his promise by using the stolen mask to recreate his horrible t-shirt of Generico’s head on a chair.

INTERMISSION – Jim Cornette interviews Davey Richards about the retirement rumours circulating right now. He asks him if he’s going to be a firefighter or a paramedic (he’s fully trained and qualified to do either)…or leaving to pursue an MMA career. Davey goes into great detail about his family life and the problems he’s had…before confirming that he isn’t going anywhere. Final Battle 2010 won’t be his last ROH show, and when he returns from Japan he’s coming for the World Title. That is a MAJOR boost to ROH’s prospects for next year.

Eddie Edwards vs Shawn Daivari – ROH TV Title Match
Prince Nana’s connections and financial clout meant he managed to swing a TV Title shot for The Embassy on a non-televised event last night in Plymouth. Erick Stevens came up short yesterday, but did he do enough damage to the defending champion to allow Daivari to win the belt tonight?

Daivari is a guy I’ve been very critical of since he returned to ROH, but giving him his due, he does a good job hanging with Edwards in the early minutes. Eddie peppers him with palm strikes and drops him on his face with the gourdbuster…only for Daivari to sling him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Quick to counter, the challenger watches Nana and Osiris take some cheapshots before pouncing – repeatedly drilling Eddie’s shoulder against the guardrails and ringpost. Edwards boots Daivari in the face as he climbs the turnbuckles, but appears to be fighting with one arm now. He manages to lure Shawn onto the floor, into position for the ELBOW SUICIDA! Climbing Wizard gets 2 for the champion. Daivari looks absolutely exhausted by the way. He rakes the eyes to block the Backpack Stunner so Edwards hits the flying Codebreaker into the Doi 555 instead. He dragon screws Shawn into the Achilles Lock…and despite Nana’s intervention he retains at 07:41

Rating – ** – I’ve seen this made out as a total car wreck by some critics, and whilst it’s not a great match, it’s certainly not an atrocity. They kept it brief and let Edwards stay on offence for most of it, which covered up two of Daivari’s biggest shortcomings. Despite going less than 8 minutes and doing very little, Shawn still looked totally gassed in the latter stages. His stamina really needs some work if ROH are genuinely planning to stick with him as a long term talent.

Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels
The DVD casing bills this match as a ‘battle of the best’, and that’s a fitting title for a contest which pits two wily veterans of the independent scene against each other. Ironically, it also pits Daniels, only recently returned to ROH after leaving TNA earlier this year, against A-Double, for whom this would be his last ROH live show. He’d finish up at the next TV tapings and was, I believe, in Dragon Gate USA and Evolve by the end of 2010 before finally making his way to TNA.

Aries mocks Daniels for being ‘obsolete’, but clearly respects the veteran and says he wants to steal the show with this match. And he does look fired up for this match, out-wrestling Daniels for the first few minutes. But the Fallen Angel shows his experience by evading the headcissors escape dropkick and taking the fight back to the former World Champion. Arabian press gets 2, but Aries seems to have injured himself as he’s limping heavily even at this early stage. I don’t know if it’s his back or his legs which are hurt, but he looks in noticeable pain as he delivers a neckbreaker in the ropes followed by the Randy Savage Axehandle to the floor. Power Drive Elbow gets 2 as elements of the crowd really start to piss me off with multiple Twinky or TNA related chants. Daniels hits a running neckbreaker to leave both men down. A-Double gets bumped to the floor…but slides back in forcing Daniels to MISS the Arabian Press! HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! Austin is still limping though, and generates no pace has he runs for the IED – meaning Daniels easily gets a boot up to block it. Koji Clutch isn’t enough to put Aries away…and he COUNTERS the urinage slam into the Crucifix Driver. Brainbuster gets 2. 450 SPLASH NAILED! DANIELS KICKS OUT AGAIN! Now Aries can barely walk by the way. This crowd do not deserve the courageous performance he’s putting on tonight. SUPER ANGEL’S WINGS BY DANIELS! He wins at 13:06

Rating – *** – Honestly, as a match I wanted to give this 2*, but I felt it would be really harsh on A-Double who was killing himself out there, even as the notoriously venomous New York fans went into full-on asshole mode. Maybe it’s just a really vocal minority, but there is a loud section of fans in this building who, at EVERY Ring Of Honor Manhattan show, go out of their way to spoil something. I hate that – it’s such a selfish attitude. Austin’s injury obviously blighted this match, but given that they were throwing around 450 Splashes and top rope Angel’s Wings, Delirious and Cornette clearly had big plans for this. Credit to both guys for pulling out something halfway decent in difficult circumstances.

Kings Of Wrestling vs Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin
This is the dream match everyone has been waiting to see. Recruiting Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin for a WGTT reunion in ROH is a MAJOR coup for the promotion. They will have beaten off competition from both TNA and Japan to stage this I would imagine. Back in their WWE heyday they were considered the best tag team in wrestling. But that was years ago, and the Kings have taken exception to people still referring to them as the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’. Will Haas and Benjamin prove they still ‘have it’, or will the Kings continue to prove their dominance over arguably the toughest tag team division in all of wrestling?

The Kings have a live performance of their theme tune as they make their entrance, which just adds to the big match occasion. Both teams get thunderous duelling chants during the Code Of Honor formalities. SHELTON SLAPS CLAUDIO! He then EASILY over-powers him into a vertical suplex. Hero tags and takes it to the mat but Benjamin is no slouch their either. Castagnoli tries to use his power again only for Haas to MAT-WRESTLE THE SH*T OUT OF HIM! Benjamin again, showcasing his agility by back-flipping off the ropes into an armwrench on Double C. The Kings are getting taken to school right now, but come back strong with a trilogy of big boot strikes. Desperate to escape, they line up the KRS-1 on Shelton…but Charlie saves. WGTT go for that Leapfrog Hilo spot on Hero only for Castagnoli to save him and the Kings head for a team-talk with Hagadorn after a demoralising first 5 minutes. Haas makes his first mistake, trying to trade European uppercuts with Castagnoli and comes up on the short end of that exchange. Claudio hangs him in the ropes with his head exposed for a sliding kick from Hero. Charlie pops the hips in an exploder suplex and tags Shelton…only for Hero to immediately low-bridge him and cause him to fall out of the ring. He chases Benjamin to the floor, giving him his first taste of the ROH metal guardrails. STALLING LES ARTESS LIFT BY CLAUDIO! On a guy the size of Shelton that’s just crazy strength. The Kings keep Shelton isolated for the next few minutes, Hero in particular using his striking ability to continually put the Gold Standard on the canvas. Finally Benjamin drops both of them with a double neckbreaker. Hot tag to Haas who quickly sends Castagnoli flying through the air with a belly to belly suplex for 2. ROLLING GERMANS! SLINGSHOT SAMOAN DROP COMBO FOR 2! LEAPFROG ELBOW COMBO BY THE KINGS! SUPLEX ELBOW COMBO! FOR 2! DRAGON WHIP ON HERO! LEAPFROG HILO NAILED! Claudio saves his partner from the Haas Of Pain…ROARING ELBOW! Claudio tries to climb the ropes…SHELTON CATCHES HIM BY JUMPING ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP ROPE FOR A BELLY TO BELLY SUPERPLEX! HAAS OF PAIN! Hero pulls out the Golden Elbow Pad…LOADED ELBOW DROP FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Kings win in 20:42

Rating – **** – This was all kinds of awesome. As much as it had been built as a dream match (and rightly so), there’s no doubt that WGTT came into this with a huge question mark hanging over them. It’s been a long time since they were teaming together regularly, and this is unquestionably the highest level their wrestling skills will have been tested to in years. It’s one thing being the best tag team in the WWE, where tag team wrestling isn’t treated with much respect, but how would they fare in a Ring Of Honor setting – where tag team wrestling is as important (if not moreso) than the singles style. More importantly, could they back up their ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ moniker with a world class performance against arguably the best tag team of recent years? The answer was an emphatic yes. They looked SUPER motivated, highlighted during the electrifying first five minutes where they blew the roof off the Manhattan Center with a definitive statement of intent by comprehensively outmatching the ROH Tag Champions. Of course, at this stage it was a one-shot deal so the Kings had to win, but if ROH can afford the pricetag, Haas and Benjamin need to get brought back. They were on top form, and even after 15 minutes of gruelling competition (probably the longest match they’d worked in years), they were still flying round the ring trading spots with two of ROH’s finest. Arguably one of the best Ring Of Honor debut performances EVER.

The Kings try to knock Benjamin out with the loaded elbow pad too…only for WGTT to block it and hit STEREO GERMAN SUPLEXES! They get deserved ‘please come back’ chants – just reward for a sensational comeback night for the former Team Angle.

Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong – ROH World Title No DQ Match
Whilst many will argue that Davey Richards should be the guy to dethrone Tyler Black, I strongly disagree. These guys have been building to this match since Survival Of The Fittest last year, and the fact that Roddy is the guy whom ROH are depending on to rescue their World Title is BRILLIANT booking. He’s spent most of this year pissed off with fans and management for protecting Tyler and not giving him a fair shot at the belt. He got a Triple Threat at The Big Bang when he was promised a singles match. In a controversial finish to his Supercard Of Honor 5 title shot, he and Tyler went through three referees before a winner was crowned. Going all the way back to SOTF 2009, he believes he was screwed by a dodgy three-count to give Black the win that night. Now, undefeated since joining the House Of Truth, ROH management have to rely on Roderick Strong and his appalling record in World Title matches (0-15 in fact) to stop Tyler taking their World Title belt with him to the WWE. It’s an amazing story, and this is the climactic chapter in the rivalry which has defined ROH’s main event scene in the aftermath of Danielson and McGuinness’ departures. And don’t forget Terry Funk is here tonight as a ‘Ringside Vigilante’.

Strong isn’t hanging about – he comes right out of the traps and goes right for pinfalls. F-5 ON THE APRON BY TYLER! But the challenger evades the big Stomp and goes right back to trying different pinning combinations. Tyler is letting the fans wind him up though. He mimics taking a cigarette break, then starts raking his boot across Roddy’s face disrespectfully as he tries to play up to the hateful New York crowd. In the end he takes too long trying to piss the crowd off, and walks into a flying knee strike from the challenger. Side Effect gets 2 – and at this stage it’s noticeable that Roddy is going for pinfalls after literally every move. Black fights back…DEATH BY TYLER! STF-U! Strong escapes the hold, then ducks the Springboard Lariat…but the champion is SO good that even after two setbacks he’s still able to springboard into the Pele Kick. SUPERPLEX…STRONG ROLLS THROUGH INTO A FRONT FLIP BACKBREAKER FOR 2! DEATH BY RODERICK…BLACK PULLS THE REF INTO THE WAY OF THE SICK KICK! SUPERKICK ON STRONG! BOTH MEN DOWN! And since the referee is unconscious…in comes Terry Funk to be the ref! BLACK HITS STRONG WITH THE BOOK OF TRUTH! GOD’S LAST GIFT! STRONG KICKS OUT! Tyler knows he needs something big to beat down his challenger. And when Roddy blocks his avalanche Peroxism attempt he climbs for the double stomp. TREE OF WOE DOUBLE STOMP COUNTERED TO THE F’N STRONGHOLD! BLACK COUNTERS TO A PINFALL FOR 2! SUPERKICK BY STRONG! 2 AGAIN! Josh Raymond and Christin Able (who appear to have been booked solely for this moment) try to do a run in but are beaten up by the Funker. Truth Martini is in the ring too…and is thrown OVER the ropes to the floor by Terry. SICK KICK BLOCKED B THE SUPERKICK! BUCKLE BOMB! STRONG NO SELLS! BUCKLE BOMB AGAIN! SUPERKICK FLURRY! PHOENIX SPLASH MISSES! DEATH BY BACKBREAKER! DEATH BY RODERICK! SICK KICK NAILED! STRONG WINS! STRONG WINS! STRONG IS WORLD CHAMPION AT 15:02!

Rating – **** – I really loved this. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve been a huge fan of the entire Tyler/Roderick feud going back to Survival Of The Fittest, and I thought this was a wonderful way to round it off. I know people want Davey to be champion, and eventually he will be. But he was flirting with retirement until recently. Roddy has been with ROH since 2003/4, has been one of their most consistent in-ring performers of all time, and since the major talent departures in 2009 he has done more than most to step up his game, improve his skills and help carry the company. It makes PERFECT sense that he’d be the guy to dethrone Black and this was a terrific culmination to that storyline. The match itself was complete overkill -Tyler knew he was going to be boo’d, Roddy knew he was only ever going to be a de facto babyface thanks to his allegiance to the House Of Truth…but they just dropped bombs on each other from the opening bell. Strong, from literally the first five seconds of the match, was focused solely on beating Black by any means necessary. Tyler, again excellent as the antagonist, was here to piss off the New York crowd one more time before taking his belt to Vince. Sure the Terry Funk spots were predictably overbooked. Sure this match was basically five minutes of wrestling then 10 minutes of finishers…but like I said after Tyler/Davey at Death Before Dishonor – wrestling is about MOMENTS. This was a moment. It was Roddy Strong’s moment in fact. Just as the ROH fanbase rejoiced in 2006 when Homicide finally got his big title win. I feel similarly happy for Roderick Strong. He may only be a transitional champion to get the belt off Tyler, but he deserves this moment for years of hard work, dedication and loyalty to this promotion that some of his haters would do well to remember. Congratulations Roddy…

To be fair to the New York fans, after the match they are straight to their feet giving the dethroned champion a standing ovation and a loud ‘Thank You Tyler’ chant. He turns down Roddy’s offer of a handshake, gives everyone the middle finger then leaves. Then the lights go out…IT’S HOMICIDE! Recently released from TNA, the Notorious 187 returns to ROH to a heroes welcome in his hometown! Just as Roderick Strong ruined Tyler Black’s World Title celebrations, Homicide’s arrival spoils his party…and that’s how the show ends

Tape Rating – *** – Not on the same level as Death Before Dishonor 8 or Supercard Of Honor 5, but this was another impressive supershow in 2010 from ROH. The first half of the card, with the surprisingly good Briscoes/ANX matches and the bloody Double Chain Match, was a lot of fun, whilst in the second half the two main events were absolutely must-see. There was enough filler bouncing around (both Embassy matches and Aries/Daniels) to drag my rating down a little, but when the main events deliver as resoundingly as they did tonight, this show is still easy to recommend.

Top 3 Matches
3) Colt Cabana/El Generico vs Kevin Steen/Steve Corino (****)
2) Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong (****)
1) Kings Of Wrestling vs Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin (****)

Top 5 Fade To Black/Glory By Honor 9 Weekend Matches
5) Mark Briscoe vs Rhett Titus (*** – Glory By Honor 9)
4) Colt Cabana/El Generico vs Kevin Steen/Steve Corino (**** – Glory By Honor 9)
3) Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong (**** – Glory By Honor 9)
2) Tyler Black vs Christopher Daniels (**** – Fade To Black)
1) Kings Of Wrestling vs Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin (**** – Glory By Honor 9)

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