ROH on HDNET 9/20/2010

ROH on HDNet – Episode 074 – 20th September 2010

With some outside help, Austin Aries was able to get the better of Delirious once again as last week’s show went off the air. Tonight Delirious is given one more chance to get the vengeance he seeks – with a steel cage in place to stop Aries leaving, and to stop his lackies entering. This was taped in Philadelphia, PA with Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak calling the action

Necro Butcher/Erick Stevens vs Dark City Fight Club
Well this should be an attractive match to watch. The DCFC oddly inserted themselves into The Embassy’s business – under the pretence that they are friends with Rasche Brown. Anyway, tonight Necro and Stevens want to teach them not to meddle in their affairs.

As you’d expect, it immediately becomes an ugly brawl around the ring. ‘DCFC is the up and coming team in ROH – Hog. I think this was right before they were dropped from the ROH roster. Maybe Delirious doesn’t respect Hog’s opinion? Stevens tosses Davis into a punch to the mouth from Necro. The Embassy cut Jon off from his partner, working him over and even going so far as to use Ernesto Osiris’ cellphone as a weapon. Most of the attack is focused on his back, and that body part is exposed again as they hit a modified Hart Attack for 2. At last Davis hits a flying leg lariat and makes the hot tag to Chavis. Discus lariat on Necro, followed by the Rydien Bomb on Stevens for 2. RUNNING PESCADO from Davis to Necro as in the ring Rainman drops Erick with a side effect. TOTAL ELIMINATION nailed before Butcher makes the save. Prince Nana distracts DCFC though, enabling Stevens to hit Ghana-Rea for the victory in 08:57

Rating – ** – This wasn’t too bad at all – much better than you might expect from the four guys involved. The problem is, there just wasn’t that much to get excited about. The work wasn’t bad, it was just…there. Average, underwhelming work that we’ve seen before multiple times from these guys. They’re not good or over enough to just cruise along sadly, and by this time next month all four would be dropped from the roster.

Austin Aries doesn’t seem too nervous ahead of the main event tonight, and announces that no matter what the outcome, it will be the end of his issue with Delirious for good.

Colt Cabana vs Jay Freddie
Freddie’s ROH record is terrible. He was obliterated by Eddie Edwards in a Ten Minute Hunt and took the fall seconds after entering the match on his second appearance – a 6-man tag notable only for being the first ROH appearance for ‘The Prodigy’ Mike Bennett.

Cabana isn’t taking this seriously at all…sitting down in the middle of the ring and easily out-wrestling him even from there. Jay taps to the Billy Goat’s Curse at 01:12 – without mounting any offence.

Rating – N/A – Cabana making fun of Freddie made me laugh just enough to move this into ‘N/A’ rather than ‘DUD’ territory.

Steve Corino runs in and tries to attack Cabana with a fork…then turns and runs into the crowd when Colt steals it from him and attempts to use it. They’re building to an I Quit Match in Chicago.

They air a great Glory By Honor highlight package, including exclusive camera angles, Kevin Kelly interviewing fans before the show, formally announcing Roderick Strong as ROH champion and the return of Homicide as well.

Sara Del Rey vs Taeler Hendrix
Once again, this will be nothing more than an enhancement match for the Queen Of Wrestling Sara Del Rey. Hendrix is making her ROH debut here, not that anybody really cares as we all know she’s here as cannon fodder.

Hendrix is dragged straight into the corner and mullered with the capo kick. Then she nearly gets snapped in half with a backbreaker, and has a chunk of hair pulled out as Sara throttles her in the ropes like a lunatic. Superkick by Taeler, before she jumps off the turnbuckles into a VICIOUS boot to the stomach. Hendrix taps to the cross armbreaker at 02:32

Rating – * – Overwhelmingly brutal, which made it a worthwhile addition to the show. Am I bored of these Women Of Honor squash matches? Absolutely yes – but if they have to be here I’d happily watch more of Death Rey violently assaulting her opponents.

NEXT WEEK – The House Of Truth face Christopher Daniels and the Briscoes in a 6-man

Delirious vs Austin Aries – Steel Cage Match
We know the drill here. A-Double injured Delirious’ throat and put him out of action. He’s also attacked, and even abducted Daizee Haze too. But he’s been skilled and cunning enough to escape every time Delirious has tried to get some revenge. Tonight he’ll be put to the ultimate test when he faces the lizard man in a cage – a special stipulation match which Aries has a proven record of surviving at all costs (see his matches in 2004 and 2009 with Colt Cabana, or the Steel Cage Warfare matches in 2005 (GeNext vs Embassy) and 2009 (w/ the Briscoes vs Age Of The Fall & Necro)

Delirious sends Daizee Haze to the back after Aries grabs her rather than even get into the cage with him. He then drags the former champion into the cage and locks the door behind them. The opening stages are fairly low key with Delirious extremely fired up and taking the fight to his opponent at every turn. Finally things pick up as he SPEARS Aries into the cage, leaving him in position for a PANIC ATTACK FLURRY! He tries to climb the cage but is caught and guillotined over the ropes by Austin. Just like that the momentum shifts and A-Double is able to repeatedly fling his masked adversary into the steel mesh. Between trips to the cage (which appear to have busted open) you’ll notice Aries continually take little cheap shots at his throat too. The bleeding Delirious is in real trouble and being beaten to a pulp by the 2-time ROH World Champion at 10 minutes. Out of nowhere he propels Aries into the cage with a back body drop…then starts using his bloody head as a weapon with repeated headbutts. After a few trips to the cage Austin is soon bleeding too, but still he counters the Cobra Stretch to the shinbreak back suplex. Last Chancery applied only for Delirious to bite his way free. Brainbuster is blocked too…INTO THE COBRA CLUTCH SUPLEX! Panic Attack connects for a fourth time in the match, and this time he does manage to lock in the Cobra Stretch. Rhett Titus arrives to distract him though…and Aries starts grating Delirious’ bloody face across the very top of the cage. COBRA STRETCH ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE! ARIES TAPS! 15:11 is your time

Rating – *** – Definitely their best match together, but this wasn’t much more than your typical cage match fare. Not that it was bad, or that I’m ungrateful to the wrestlers for sacrificing their bodies for this – but in the grand scheme of wrestling history this wasn’t the most memorable cage match ever. The finish was very innovative though so I enjoyed that. Delirious finally has his closure and both can move on…in very different directions as it would turn out. Delirious, now head booker after Adam Pearce’s departure, used this match to write himself out of storylines and active ROH competition whilst Aries was soon out of ROH altogether.

The All Night Express charge the ring to help their manager and violently assault Delirious. JERRY LYNN DRIVER NAILED! Delirious is totally unconscious…JERRY LYNN DRIVER AGAIN! True to his words earlier in the evening, Aries announces that his feud with Delirious is over…as is Delirious’ career by the looks of things

Tape Rating – ** – Decent start and end, but the back-to-back squashes in the middle of the show didn’t really do much for me. The main event is historically significant as it was (to date) Delirious’ last match as part of the active roster (he’s only worked a Larry Sweeney tribute match since this) and the end of the largely forgettable Aries/Delirious feud. Not much else that took place on this episode was really that notable outside of Glory By Honor highlights – but then a recap of a show that took place 2 weeks ago shouldn’t be one of the best parts of your TV broadcast.

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