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SMW TV 2/8/1992

Written by: Nick Power

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 2
Air Date: 08 February 1992

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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette (this should be good)

Bob Caudle welcomes us to the this weeks episode with Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette lets us know we will be seeing two main events tonight, ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell vs. Scott Armstrong and The Fantastics vs. The Koloffs. Jim says he cant wait to see ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly in action as he has heard a lot about him, Jim also warns The Fantastics that The Koloffs are out for blood in the main event and he thinks they may get some. Onto our first match of the evening

Tim Frye vs. ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly
Yes ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly is better known as Hardcore Holly. I must admit it is quite bizarre seeing Bob Holly wearing bright pink tights, (Think Bret Harts old Hart Foundation outfit)

Lock up to start, and Holly takes over with an arm wringer and clothesline. A second lock up and Holly continues to work on Frye’s arm. Frye has now taken control with an arm wringer, and we see Ron Wright at ringside. Another arm wringer from Frye, and Holly kicks Frye in the midsection, Irish whip is reversed by Frye who hips tosses Holly over., and then hits two arm drags and Frye holds onto an arm lock after the second one. Holly gets to his feet and fights out with a big punch to the face, Holly snap mares Frye over and hits a leg drop for 2.

Holly hits a back breaker and follows that up with an elbow drop for another two count. Holly whips Frye off the ropes and hits a big boot for 2. Bob Holly with a very nice suplex for yet another 2 count, Frye gets some offence in and whips Holly in for an arm drag into an arm lock. Frye whips Holly into the corner and charges at him only to get an elbow to the face which sends Frye down to the mat. Holly picks Frye up and body slams him down, Holly heads up to and hits a very nice Knee drop and gets 1, 2, 3.

Match Thoughts: Pretty good match, and Holly was able to get over his finisher as Frye is left in the ring clutching at his chest. A very impressive debut from ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly, its still hard getting used to him not being ‘Hardcore’, but i am enjoying his character. Tim Frye appeared to be the typical jobber, who got in a few moves, but nothing to special.

We go to the back for a promo from the Koloffs. Ivan says that Bobby Fulton’s career should have ended last week, but Jackie put a stop to that. IVan lets us know that The Fantastics career will be over tonight with the help of his nephew Vladimir.

WE head to the back for another interview, this time with Robert Gibson. He lets us know he has been out injured with a knee injury and is now back. Gibson says that as long as his fans are their Rock n’ Roll will never die.

‘Hustler’ Rip Rogers vs. ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorf

Rip attacks Orndorf from behind and slams his head into the turnbuckle, a big irish whip into the corner by Rip. Orndorf catches Rip with a hip toss, and two big clotheslines which sends Rip outside. Orndorf follows him outside and continues the beating outside. Orndorf slams Rips arm into the guard rail and then hits Rip with the microphone. Orndorf comes off the top rope with a single elbow to the head. Orndorf drops an elbow to the lower mid section area of Rogers, Orndorf puts an arm lock on Rip. Rogers with a whip off the ropes and leapfrog, but Orndorf catches him for a bodyslam and a nice arm drag into an arm lock by Paul Orndorf. Rip stands up and starts to rake Orndorf’s back, Orndorf rolls outside and Rip follows him out.

Rip whips Orndorf into the guardrail and then slams his head into a chair. Snap mare by Rip followed up by a elbow drop to the throat. Rip shoots Orndorf into the ropes and locks in a Headlock. Orndorf’s arm drops twice, but he continues to fight before his arm is able to drop for a third time. Orndorf throws Rip into the top turnbuckle, to break the sleeper. Rip goes for a bodyslam but Orndorf reverses that into a small package for a 2 count. Rip tries to suplex Orndorf, but Mr Wonderful is able to reverse it into his own suplex.Orndorf hits Rip with a big knee lift to the face, Orndorf with a fist to the face and Rip gets tied up in the ropes (which always seemed to happen to Andre the Giant). Orndorf whips Rogers into the ropes, and ducks down for a back body drop but Rip stops and kicks him in the chest. Rip sets Orndorf up for a piledriver (which is illegal in SMW), but Orndorf reverses it into a back drop. Orndorf sits down on Rips shoulders for the 1, 2, 3.

Match Thoughts: Not a bad match, it was mainly used to put over ‘Mr. Wonderful’ and his past accomplishments, as both Jim and Bob brought up him competing against the biggest stars and also wrestling at Madison Square Garden, it appears that ‘Mr Wonderful’ may get a big push which is understandable as he is the biggest name for the company at this stage. Rip looked decent in the ring and was able to get in a lot of offence against Orndorf. 

Bob Caudle is in the back with Danny Davis (not the evil ref from WWF), he lets us know its been a long time since he has been in this area. He also lets us know that he is not ‘Dynamite’ anymore, he is ‘Nitro’ Danny Davis.

Bob Armstrong now comes over for an interview, he lets us know he is in the process of negotiating with some top talent. He puts over the rules again and makes sure to point out that fines will be handed out to anyone who breaks the rules.

We head to the interview area with ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee. Lee says that its easy to sit behind the commentary desk and criticise somebody. Brian Lee basically calls out Dutch Mantell and tells him to come and find him. Again, Bob Caudle puts over Brian Lee as the babyface of SMW

Scott Armstrong vs. ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell

Dutch is one hairy hairy guy, just as a side note.

Lock up to start and Scott takes over with an arm lock, and Dutch gets to the ropes. Scott pulls him off the ropes and holds onto the arm lock, Dutch grabs Scotts hair and slams him to the mat to break the hold. Another lock up and Scott gets an arm lock which Dutch reverses into one of his own, but Scott twists him over onto the mat, and continues to hold onto the arm. Whip off the ropes by Dutch, but Scott reverses a hip toss and then hits a drop kick.

Dutch goes to the eyes and hits some big shots on Scott, and takes him over with a Snap Mare and clubs Scotts chest. Dutch puts on an Abdominal Stretch close to the ropes, and like a good heel Dutch uses the ropes for extra leverage. Dutch gets caught in the act and the hold gets broken up. Scott gets a small package for a quick 2 count, Scott goes for a drop kick, but Dutch side steps out of the way. Dutch hits a short arm clothesline and a knee to the back. Dutch now locks in his own arm lock. Scott fights back with 4 fists to the face, before Dutch pulls Scotts hair down to the mat, Dutch with a big fist which sends Scott out to the floor. Dutch follows him out and throws him back in the ring, Dutch with an irish whip and ducks for a back body drop but Scott kicks him in the chest, Scott fights back with some big fists. Dutch grabs Shoo Baby (his whip) and hits Scott in the throat with it, which draws the DQ win for Scott Armstrong.

After the match Dutch starts whipping Scott with the bull rope, and Brian Lee runs out with a big stick!! (random weapon) to chase Dutch Mantell off. Dutch grabs the mic and threatens to whip Brian Lee with the whip if he keeps interfering in his business

Match Thoughts: I enjoyed this match a lot, i like Dutch’s character, and he played up his heel persona very well. Scott Armstrong got over pretty well with the crowd and i could see him coming in as a regular.

Bob Caudle is in the back with Jerry Williams, simply known as ‘The Principal’ who puts over an SMW event that took place at his high school

We are back with Bob Armstrong, Bob Caudle questions him about Dutch Mantell’s use of the whip. Bob states that if he uses the whip as a weapon again it will be a $500 fine. Bob has noticed that Dutch has a problem with Brian Lee, and has decided to book a match next week, ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee vs. ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell !!!!! That should be good!

Jim Cornette steps into the interview area, and would be happy to pay Dutch’s fine just to see Bob Armstrong get whipped. Jim Cornette starts to hype up his new tag team. He lets us know that they are champions and will be introduced when he is ready. Jim Cornette again makes fun of the two big promotions, in regards to holding down good talent and pushing “bigger” talent.

We head to the back again with Bob Caudle who has Mr. Wally Yamaguchi from Power Channel cable television of japan, to scout the talent. He is proud to be at SMW and wants to exchange talent and introduces his boy who has no idea what is going on.

Before we head to the main event of The Fantastics vs. The Koloffs we get a recap of the finish to Bobby futon vs. Ivan Fulton from last week. We get an interview from last week with Bob Armstrong who fines Ivan $500 for the use of the foreign object.

Ron Wright doesn’t get why The Fantastics are pointing fingers at a crippled man, he just wants to scout talent and try and get enough money so he can have hip surgery.

The Fantastics vs. The Koloffs

The Fantastics charge from the back and attack the Koloffs during the entrances, lots of brawling to start, and The Fantastics send The Koloffs out to the floor. Jackie and Vladimir to start this one off. Lock up and Vlad pushes Jackie into the corner, Jackie kicks Vlad in the mid section and takes over with an arm lock into a nice arm take over. Ivan tags in and gets a quick 2 count, Jackie tags out to Bobby who hits two sunset flips on Ivan and gets a 2 count. Ivan takes the legs out from Bobby and starts working over his leg. Drop toe hold by Bobby, who punches Vlad off the apron. Bobby holds Ivan’s arm out and Jackie springboards over Bobby to land on Ivan’s arm.

Jackie continues to work on his arm, and takes Ivan down into an arm bar. Both guys stand up, and Bobby tags in again, double team action sees The Fantastics whip Ivan into the corner followed by Bobby charging in with a back elbow, which leads to a 2 count. Bobby locks in a front face lock, Vlad suckers JAckie to move out of his corner which got the referee out of position, Vlad then climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle to Bobby to break the facelock. Vlad gets tagged in, a double back elbow leads to Vlad stomping on Bobby. Whip off the ropes into a big blackbody drop that gets a 2 count. Vlad misses an elbow drop, and tags out to Ivan.

Bobby punches Ivan three times, but IVan is able to knock Bobby down. Bobby with an enzurguri which sends IVan to his corner to tag in Vlad, Vlad whips Bobby into the corner hard which sends bobby outside and allow Ivan to get in some cheap shots. Vlad whips Bobby into the ropes and Bobby catches him in a sunset flip but the referee was out of position. Ivan rams Bobby’s head into Vlad’s chain which is draped over the top turnbuckle. IVan hits a leg drop and gets a 2 count. Ivan now locks in a front face lock, Bobby is slowly pushing his way to the corner, Ivan lets go of the face lock and knocks Jackie off the apron.

Ivan tags out to Vlad, who hit a double suplex for a 2 count. Vlad locks in a headlock in the centre of the ring. Bobby hits an arm drag, and ducks a clothesline and then hits one of his own. Jackie finally gets the HOT TAG, Jackie hits two big dropkicks on the Koloffs and then body slams them both. Jackie then hits a headlock takeover on Vlad while at the same time taking IVan over with a headscissors. All four men in the ring at once, JAckie is knocked outside and Bobby is getting double team. An irish by The Koloffs, who duck down for a double back body drop, Bobby is able to kick Ivan in the chest and starts punching away at Vlad, JAckie is on the top rope and hits a big cross body block onto Ivan for the 1, 2, 3 count.

Match Thoughts: Very good main event tag team match. Both teams work really well together, i have never seen The Fantastics as a team, but the really impressed me tonight. Hopefully they will get a deep run in the tag team title tournament. The Koloffs are your typical russian heels, and both play that very well. Vladimir is still green, but he is a decent worker and plays his big guy character well.

Jim Cornette is in the back and wants to let us know that he doesn’t want to keep coming to these sticking towns and is going to speak with Bob Armstrong about this.

Bob Caudle introduces the debuting Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy. Gordy lets us know he has been from ‘Freedbird’ Mountain all around the world. He lets us know that the bombs are starting to fall, and that he will be dropping the biggest bombs of all. *Not entirely sure what to make of that promo, but i do love me some Terry Gordy, hopefully he is able to hit some big suplex’s on some jobbers

We get an interview with Tim Horner, who sounds very very uncomfortable on the mic. I have to say, that was probably the WORST interview i have ever heard. He just stumbled over every single thing he was trying to say. Hopefully he gets better.

Thats the end of this weeks show.

Show Thoughts: This was a good episode of SMW, they are continuing to build up the Brian Lee Dutch Mantell feud, and have a strong suspicion that the match may not occur next week, or if it does it wont end cleanly. Ron Wright is still out looking for someone to manage, and i must admit i am enjoying his character. Another thumbs up for SMW.

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