WCW Saturday Night 6/17/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Brian Pillman defeated Romeo Valentino
2.)Harlem Heat defeated Tommy Tanner & Todd Zane
3.)Vader defeated Eddie Jackie
4.)Dave Sullivan defeated Butch Long
5.)WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Rob Thompson
6.)Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Chris Sawyer
7.)Paul Orndroff defeated Barry Houston
8.)Road Warrior Hawk defeated Manny Fernandez
9.)WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys fought the Blue Bloods to a no contest to retain the titles.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Brian Pillman opens the program competing in singles action. He will be wrestling Alex Wright at the Great American Bash, by the way. Pillman won the match with a submission after hitting a side Russian leg sweep. After the match, Mean Gene conducted an interview with Pillman. He puts over Alex Wright as a great athlete. He believes the loser will be out of the title picture for a long time.

2.Former WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat won their squash match when Booker hit the Harlem Hangover on Tanner. After the match, Mean Gene conducts an interview with Harlem Heat. Sister Sherri is mad that Harlem Heat didn’t get their rematch at the Great American Bash. They don’t really promote their match against the Studd Stable, and instead just continue to say they are coming for their titles.

3.A video of Kevin Sullivan in a dungeon talking to his master is shown. Sullivan tells his master that no one can beat Hulk Hogan. The master tells Sullivan to take the final steps, and he does. He returns from wherever he ran off to and he is now the Taskmaster. Sullivan now has the power to end Hulk Hogan.

4.Vader competed in singles action. He isn’t on the pay per view tomorrow night, so he will surely take his frustration about that on Eddie. Vader wins the squash after hitting a middle rope body splash. After the match, Vader cuts a promo about the Great American Bash where Hulk Hogan isn’t going to be. Vader believes that Hogan has been dodging him since Superbrawl. Yeah, they had a match at Uncensored. Vader must have forgotten about that one. Vader suggests Hogan should go back to Hollywood if he can’t face him like a man.

5.Dave Sullian won his squash match with an upside down bearhug.

6.WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson won his squash match after hitting a DDT. After the match, Mean Gene conducts an interview with Anderson. Anderson tells the Renegade that paint and talking to the heavens isn’t going to be enough to take the championship away from him tomorrow night. Anderson says that Renegade is going to have to show him how tough he is from bell to bell.

7.Paul Orndorff won an extended squash match after hitting a pile driver. After the match, Paul Orndorff is interviewed and says that he will be once again the WCW Television Champion no matter who wins the championship tomorrow night. Orndorff rips on the fans for being stupid so he repeats himself several times.

8.Road Warrior Hawk won his squash match following a top rope clothesline. After the match, Mean Gene conducts an interview with Hawk. Hawk says he is cool, calm and collected. Hawk is like a virus who never goes away and just gets worse.

9.Sgt. Craig Pittman won his squash match with a cross arm breaker. After the match, Pittman talks to Mean Gene about his match tomorrow night against Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Huh, I guess Pittman is issuing an open challenge to anyone. He believes that no one can break his hold.

10.It’s time for the main event. All four men are in the ring with the champs getting the better of the Blue Bloods. Knobbs attacks Eaton on the floor while Saggs hits Regal with a backdrop. Knobbs sends Eaton down some stairs and Rgal is left alone in the ring! Regal is shoulder blocked by the champs and bails to the floor. Once order is restored, Regal takes Knobbs down with a drop toe hold. Saggs enters and splashes Regal in the corner. Saggs rubs Regal’s face into Knobb’s armpit on the apron! Regal goes to the floor and he is disgusted! Eaton hits Saggs with a right hand from the apron and Saggs is worked on by Regal on the floor with several strikes. Eaton legally tags in but Saggs hammers away on Eaton before tagging in Knobbs. The champs shoulder block Eaton to the floor. Eaton drops Saggs with a swinging neck breaker on the floor!Moments later, Eaton is able to hit a top rope knee drop but Saggs kicks out before three. For the record, Saggs has been worked on for roughly four minutes. Eaton misses a splash in the corner. Knobbs gets the tag but the referee didn’t see the tag made. Saggs is sent to the mat following an elbow/chop block and Regal hits a standing senton for a two count. Well, this match is thrown out when Harlem Heat enters the ring and attacks both teams. The Nasty Boys are the last team standing in the ring as they yank Sherri into the ring and Saggs hits an atomic drop on her! It was a decent match as the opening to the match was a good brawl. I wasn’t overly bored by it, but it wasn’t exactly a thrilling match by any means.

Final Thoughts:
Since the pay per view is one day away, this was basically just a last minute hype job for the matches. It was fine in that regard, but there isn’t anything of note here or anything that you need to really see or know about it. So, go ahead and skip this one.

Thanks for reading.

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