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SMW TV 2/22/1992

Written by: Nick Power

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 4
Air Date: 22 February 1992

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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell

Bob Caudle opens the show with a blooper, he lets us know that we will be seeing Hector Gomez, he corrects himself and lets us know that it’s actually Hector Guerrero, we will also see ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee and Killer Kyle will be in action. He reminds us of tonights main event, Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Golden vs. The Fantastics.

Dutch lets us know that he is looking forward to tonights main event, and believes that Brian Lee needs to be locked up for almost killing him.

Tommy Angel vs. Hector Guerrero.
Wow Hector really reminds me of Eddie. I’m looking forward to seeing Hector as Eddie is my of my favourite wrestlers ever.

Lock up to start and Hector gets a headlock, Angel reverse that into an arm lock which Hector reverse into his own armlock and then snap mare. Angel puts on a headlock and transitions into a hammock and body slam. Hector with a headscissors take down off the mat. Greco Roman lock up, and a test of strength, which Angel wins. Hector climbs to the top while still in the knuckle lock and jumps down and flips Angel over. Lock up and Hector takes a headlock, run off the rope and Hector hits a shoulderblock, Angel then hits a hip toss. Angel whips Hector off the ropes and Hector flips out of the hip toss and hits a head scissors take down, followed by a second one.

Hector offers the handshake which Angel accepts. Another lock up and Angel powers Hector into the corner. Angel whips Guerrero into the corner who jumps up and hits a hurricarana, followed by another head scissors take down. Hector goes for another take down but Angel catches him in a wheel barrow position and Hector rolls forward to take Angel over. Irish whip and a big press slam by Angel, which he then does again. Angel picks Hector up and hits a body slam for 2. Both guys run into each the and Angel rolls to the outside, Hector hits a plancha to the outside on Angel. Angel rolls inside the ring and goes to suplex Hector back in, who slips out of it and locks Angel in the Jalapeno pepper roll as Dutch calls it, Its a rolling small package for the 1, 2 ,3.

Match Thoughts: Very good match and a very good debut by Hector. He reminds me a lot of Eddie, and i definitely enjoyed watching him wrestler. I’m glad to see him is wrestler a very quick and fast paced style. Tommy Angel showed a lot of potential and was able to keep up with Hector for the whole match

We head to the back for an interview with Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Golden. Ivan just spoke with Vladimir yesterday who is taking care of business who will be back very soon. He says that the Fantastics are foolish for accepting a match with them. Jimmy Golden lets us know that they will be the champions and The Fantastics will not beat them.

We go to Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell who talk about last weeks main event, we go to footage from the end of that match. We also see Lees promo from after last weeks match. Dutch lets us know that he is not afraid of Brian Lee but says he is afraid of getting hurt which is good sense. Dutch introduces us to Carl Stiles who is going to be his bodyguard. Dutch tells Lee that if he must go through Carl Stiles before he can get to Dutch.

Brian Lee, Robert Gibson and Tim Horner are here to promote more upcoming shows. Tim Horner puts over Gibson and Lee, and lets us know that they will go wherever SMW goes. Gibson just rambles and i cant really understand what he says. Lee says that SMW is the best competition going around which is what they all like.

Mr. Ron Wright lets us know that his heart broke a little when he saw Brian Lee try to beat up Dutch with those Knux. He is still trying to find someone to find and needs to get money for this serious hip and knee replacements. He hopes something will turn up before the winter season comes along.

Rikki Nelson vs. Killer Kyle

Nelson ducks out of two lock up attempts, they finally lock up and Kyle powers Nelson to the corner and pounds away on him. We see Ron Wright at ringside and Nelson hits a cross body for a 2 count. Nelson gets a headlock takeover.Kyle rolls him into a 2 count, but Nelson holds onto the headlock. Kyle again powers Nelson to the corner and hits two shoulder blocks, he whips Nelson to the corner and charges in but misses the shoulderblock attempt. Nelson heads up top and goes for a sunset flip but overshoots, he scrambles to roll Kyle up for a 1 count. Nelson gets another headlock, Kyle picks Nelson up and hits a big back suplex, for a 2 count.

Kyle holds Nelson up for a big suplex and gets a 2 count, he chokes Nelson on the mat. Whip off the ropes by Nelson, who hits Kyle with an elbow to the back. Kyle gets whipped into the ropes and Nelson hits a big dropkick. Nelson takes over with some punches, Kyle positions his violin case between the top and middle ropes, Kyle smashes Nelsons head into the case for the 1, 2, 3.

Match Thoughts: Pretty boring match, i feel like they want Killer Kyle to be a big monster, but he lets his opponents get in way to much offense for him to come across like a monster. He seems to be a decent performer, but he needs to roll through his opponents a lot quicker.

We go to the ring with Bob Caudle, Tim Horner and Don Cunningham, who is vice president of something. He is here to present Tim with a certificate of appreciation for his tremendous job of working with all the juveniles. I swear they want this guy to be a bigger baby face then Lee.

Bob Caudle lets us know that ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly is the hottest rookie in wrestling. He lets us know that he was in a steakhouse and people questioned why he was in a hillbilly town. He says that he wants to give people the opportunity to see what a real movie star looks like. He was driving down sunset boulevard and he ran into Jack Nicholson, who apparently calls him ‘Hollywood’ HAHA. Jack wants to know why he is wrestling when he should be making movies, Holly says that he wants to beat people up. Holly says that he will be the SMW champion.

Brad Anderson vs. ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee

Lock up to start, and Dutch lets us know that he feels Lee is going to be the next serial killer and potentially bust into a shop with an AK-47, GREAT STUFF!!! Another Lcok up and Brad goes to whip Lee, buts body slammed and hip tossed. Lee hits some punches and then an atomic drop. Lee picks Brad up for a BIG atomic drop. Lee whips Brad into the ropes and hits a big clothesline. Lee locks in a headlock, on commentary Dutch tells Carl to go down to ringside to get a good look at ‘Prime Time’. As soon as Stiles comes to ringside Lee lets go of the headlock and stares down Stiles. Brad attacks Lee from behind and attacks in the corner. Snap mare by Brad  which he follows up with two elbow drops.

Brad hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count, Brad takes Lee over with a snap mare and locks in a headlock. Lee tries to overpower Brad but he is able to slam Lee back to the mat. Lee hits three elbows to the mid section, but Brad comes back with an elbow to the face, Lee reverses a whip into the ropes and kicks Brad in the mid section, Lee hits the Cancellation for the 1, 2, 3.

After the match, Stiles enters the ring and goes face to face with Lee. Stiles and Lee get into a shoving match and a slugfest has broken out between the two. Dutch has left the commentary booth and come to ringside. Stiles is in control in the ring and Dutch is cheering on Stiles. Lee goes to grab Dutch, but Dutch is able to hold onto Lee, Lee ducks out of the way and Stiles knocks Dutch of the apron and Lee clears Stiles out of the ring.

Match Thoughts: This match was used to further the feud between Dutch and Lee, Dutch on commentary is just fantastic, he accuses Lee of attempted murder at least 4 times. I am really enjoying this feud and the adding Carl Stiles into the mix as a roadblock for Lee could be good. Overall the match and brawl afterwards were done very good.

Ivan Koloff and Jimmy Golden vs. The Fantastics
This may get confusing as The Fantastics have blue tights on and so does Jimmy Golden, surely Golden could have worn different tights

Bobby and Ivan to start. Bobby and Ivan start with some chain wrestling, and Bobby is able to take Ivan down two times in a row. Knuckle lock up for a test of strength. Ivan wins to start but Bobby fights back. More chain wrestling, and a shoulderblock by Bobby knocks Ivan down. Bobby with a hip toss and locks in a cross arm breaker. Ivan is able to roll out of this into a leg lock on Bobby. Bobby gets an arm lock and tags out to Jackie.

Bobby holds on Ivan’s arm as Jackie jumps off the top with a elbow, Jackie hits an arm drag on Ivan. Ivan fights back briefly, but Jackie takes back over. Jackie is whipped into the corner, he jumps to the top turnbuckle and hits a cross body for 2. Ivan kicks Jackie in the midsection, and hits a hip toss. Jackie with another arm drag, Ivan gets the tag to Golden. Golden locks in an arm lock and Jackie reverses to one of his own, Golden with a big bodyslam and puts on a camel clutch. Jackie tries to fight back, but Golden slams him to the mat. Golden goes to whip Jackie into the corner but its reversed and Jackie is able to hit a hip toss, and then he sits down and locks in an arm lock.

Golden tags out to Ivan, he misses an elbow drop and Jackie whips Ivan off the ropes and hits a back elbow. Jackie tags out to Bobby, The Fantastics hit a double elbow on Ivan, and Bobby knocks Golden down on the apron. Bobby throws Ivan outside and then follows him, they are both brawling on the floor. Bobby sends Ivan into the ringpost. Golden hits Bobby from behind with a knee and Ivan is able to take over on Bobby. Ivan has been BUSTED OPEN, Ivan tags out to Golden. Golden chokes Bobby in the corner, and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. A hard irish whip into the corner sends Bobby to the mat and then outside. Ivan returns the favour and slams Bobby face first into the ringpost.

Bobby rolls back in and tries to fight back, but Golden rakes the eyes and drives Bobby back first into the corner, he covers for a 2 count as Bobby got his foot on the rope. Golden locks in a bear hug, and he tags out to Ivan. Ivan with a kick to the midsection, but he gets thrown into the corner which has the chain on it. Both guys are slowly getting to their corners, both guys tag out and Jackie comes in like a house on fire, he punches away at Golden and Ivan, and slams both guys down followed up by two big drop kicks. Jackie climbs up top and hits  a cross body on Golden for a 2 count which is broken up by Ivan. Bobby takes over on Ivan in the corner, while Jackie goes to whip Golden off the ropes but thats reverse, Jackie catches Golden in a sleeper hold. Vladimir has run out from the back, and hits Jackie in the back with a boot. Golden rolls over onto Jackie and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Match Thoughts: That was very hard to keep up with. Fantastic match. These guys all work so well together. Its good to see that Jimmy Golden is able to wrestle and he definitely fits right into this feud. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Vladimir is back, who does Ivan team with?

We then get the same three promos from last week from Mr Ron Wright, ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly and Jim Cornette.

We are now in the back with The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. Jimmy is in the middle of speaking when Bobby walks up to all three guys and starts gifting with them, a MASSIVE brawl has broken out now between The Fantastics and The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. The Fantastics are down a man in this brawl, and out comes Tim Horner to even the odds. He clears the ring of Golden and The Koloffs, all three then follow them out and the brawl continues all over. Horner and Ivan are fighting in the ring. Its now 3 on 1 against Ivan, Ivan rolls out of the ring and the fight continues as the credits roll. Bobby hits Ivan with a big chair shot.

Show Thoughts: WOW what a show. This was easily the best show that SMW has had so far. Everything had a purpose on the show, even the Killer Kyle segment. We got a great debut by Hector Guerrero, we saw the continuation of the Lee-Mantell feud which also saw Carl Stiles get involved, i’m really looking forward to seeing where that will go. The brawl at the end of the episode was done really well, and i’m thinking a 6 man tag may be just around the corner. Easy thumbs up for this show.

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