ROH TV 3/3/2012

Tonight, Eddie Edwards competes in singles action against Roderick Strong with a ROH World Championship shot on the line. Also, Maria makes another appearance on ROH TV!

Ring of Honor TV
From: Baltimore, MD

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness open the program letting us know about the main event tonight between Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards. The winner will get a ROH World Championship shot on March 30th at Showdown In The Sun. We go into pre-tape comments from TJ Perkins and Mike Bennett as they will be competing in singles action.

Mike Bennett is with his girlfriend Maria, which makes you hate him even more, when Jim Cornette comes into the picture to let him know that Lance Storm feels like Bennett doesn’t respect the business. Bennett cuts a promo on Storm instead of Perkins and says he is going to show why he is better than the best. TJ Perkins chimes in to say that Bennett may think that he isn’t worth his time, but tonight he is going to show that he is. “You don’t know if you are going to get hit by lighting until it’s too late.”

Opening Contest: TJ Perkins vs. Mike Bennett
Late in the match, Maria tries to help Bennett reach the ropes while being locked in an STF by Perkins. Perkins lets go and pulls Maria into the ring. Naturally, Bennett is able to take advantage of this and hits the Box Office Smash to pick up the win.

Backstage, Veda Scott is talking to the Embassy. Ciampa doesn’t have anything to lose in New York City. However, Jay Lethal has everything to lose. Lethal can lose his confidence, television title, health and his career all thanks to Ciampa. Ciampa says he is going to be the first undefeated champion in ROH history.

Second Contest: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Guy Alexander
Ciampa destroys poor Guy as he delivered nine straight running knees in the corner. The referee was forced to call the match and give Ciampa the KO victory.

Inside ROH is next. We hear from the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Briscoe Brothers. Mark says they are going to make the Young Bucks buy them drinks after their match on March 4th. Jay assures us they aren’t going to take the Young Bucks lightly. We also hear from Kevin Steen. Steen says he wouldn’t want to spend the 10th Anniversary of ROH with anyone other than Jimmy Jacobs. Steen says the blood will flow as will the champagne. We aren’t done as we hear from the All Night Express and the Young Bucks. Apparently, the All Night Express wanted a street fight but the Young Bucks refused to accept that. The Young Bucks suggest a tornado tag team to prove what true tag team wrestling is. They are going to use both stipulations, as announced by Kevin Kelly. On the first night it will be a street fight followed by a tornado tag match.

Main Event: Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong
Early on, Edwards is able to hit a dropkick while Strong is in the Tree of Woe in the corner. Strong fights back with some chops and kicks, but Edwards maintained control with a flying knee as we go to a commercial. Strong has the advantage back from the break and delivers a running boot in the corner. Edwards is able to absorb a few strikes from Strong before hitting a release German suplex! Edwards is able to hit the Die Hard but Strong kicks out before three. Edwards leaps off the middle rope to hit a Codebreaker but Strong kicks out again. Strong battles back with a back breaker and the Death By Roderick but Edwards finds a way to kick out. Edwards counters a Super Death off the top with a hurricanrana! Late in the match, Edwards goes to the top rope but Truth Martini grabs his leg. This causes Adam Cole to run out and he super kicks Martini! Edwards misses a double stomp but dives over the ropes and onto Cole and Elgin, who are brawling on the floor at this point. We see that Roderick Strong has put something in his boot. Edwards enters but is met with the Sick Kick, which gives Strong the victory!

Your Winner: Roderick Strong via pin fall

Another referee comes out and tells the original referee what happened. Edwards hits Strong with a superkick and hits the Die Hard to get a three count of his own.

Jim Cornette comes out and announces that it will be a triple threat match at Showdown In The Sun between ROH World Champion Davey Richards, Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards! Davey Richards comes out to have a stare down with his two opponents.

Final Thoughts:
It was a solid episode for ROH this week. They are doing a good job at promoting the big events and there weren’t a lot of dead spots on the show. The Inside ROH segments is an effective segment to get angles over and the promos delivered in them are usually pretty good, especially when Steen is involved. Ciampa continues to be built up very well and I hope he gets a ROH Television Championship run sooner rather than later. The main event this week was good, but I don’t like the three way. I’ve never understood how they can say the officials ruling stands and then they overturn it. I’m sure they won’t do that every time and that sort of thing bugs me. Anyway, I’ll give the show a thumbs up.

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