WWE Smackdown 3/2/2012

Tonight, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan competes in a non-title match against Randy Orton. Also, Sheamus looks to keep his momentum going as he squares off against Dolph Ziggler!

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Seattle, Washington

The number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus makes his way down to the ring to kick off the program. All he has been able to think about since winning the Royal Rumble is WrestleMania. Sheamus is reminded of himself now that Bryan has changed his attitude. Sheamus was a bad guy when he first won the championship. Sheamus says he became what he despises and that’s a bully. Sheamus is going to set Bryan straight when he wins the championship at WrestleMania. Vickie Guerrero appears on the stage and is greeted with some heat. Dolph Ziggler says he doesn’t want to spoil the moment and asks Sheamus if he thinks anyone cares about his story. Ziggler believes he deserves to be in the main event. Teddy Long ends up coming out and books Ziggler in a match against Sheamus… NEXT!

Opening Contest: Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus
Sheamus uses his size early on to knock Ziggler off his feet with shoulder blocks. Sheamus also hits a suplex from the apron back into the ring. Ziggler fights back with two neck breakers back in the ring to gain the upper hand. Sheamus hits a clothesline and power slam. Ziggler ducks under a clothesline to lock in a sleeper hold. Ziggler counters the Celtic Cross with a rollup for a two count. Jack Swagger runs out but is knocked off the apron by Sheamus with the Brogue Kick! Moments later, Sheamus is able to put Ziggler away with the White Noise for the win.

Your Winner: Sheamus via pin fall

Backstage, Teddy Long is walking backstage while on the phone. As he enters his office, he sees Johnny Ace and David Otunga. They say that Ace has a lower body injury but are dropping criminal charges. Long tells Ace he enjoyed pushing him on RAW. We end up getting a match fro RAW next week as Otunga will square off against the Great Khali.

Second Contest: Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella
Well, you know how this one goes. Marella wins after hitting Slater with the Cobra.

Backstage, Eve Torres is looking at herself in a mirror when Natalya comes into the picture. Natayla doesn’t agree with what Eve did to Zack Ryder. Eve says that Ryder really stinks. Naturally, that allows Natayla to fart and says that stinks. Eve is left to deal with that stench.

Third Contest: Natayla vs. Eve Torres
Eve is able to roll through a rollup and pins Natayla. At least they keep these matches really short, right?

WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring. Rhodes says that Big Show is a choke artist when it comes to competing at the big show. This brings out Big Show and Rhodes bails from the ring. Show came out to watch the next video as friends. Teddy Long comes out and books a match between Big Show and Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania!

Fourth Contest: Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Henry controls the early moments of the contest by delivering a clothesline. Henry manages to clothesline Show over the top to the floor and sends Show into the guard railing. Show tries to enter the ring but is instead rammed into the ring post by Henry as the program goes to commercial.

On the floor, Henry tosses ring steps at Show, but misses him. Henry splashes Show and hits a splash off the middle rope for a near fall. Show is able to battle back with a spear. Henry counters Show’s attempted finish and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for a two count! Show nails Henry with a right hand to win the match.

Your Winner: Big Show via pin fall

Backstage, Teddy Long tells Drew McIntyre that if he loses tonight he is fired.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton. Orton says he wasn’t feeling like his usual self for a while but he is all good now. He is now angry, cold blooded and is looking to get revenge on Daniel Bryan. Orton is going to collect his revenge tonight.

Fifth Contest: Drew McIntyre vs. Justin Gabriel
Late in the match, Gabriel plants McIntyre with a spinning DDT and hits a top rope 450 splash to earn the pin fall victory. After the match, Teddy Long appears on the big screen and fires McIntyre. This causes McIntyre to break down in the ring.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and AJ. Bryan doesn’t have any butterflies when it comes to Randy Orton. He mentions how Sheamus said the championship changed Bryan, but he is positive that it hasn’t. Bryan mentions beating two giants in a steel cage, and five men in the Elimination Chamber. He will beat Orton tonight and defy the odds at WrestleMania by walking out as the champion.

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan
Orton opens the bout sending Bryan over the top to the floor and sends the champ into the guard railing a few times. Orton sends Bryan into the ring steps after a clothesline and stomps on Bryan’s head! Bryan fights back with a head butt and hits a running dropkick in the corner. Bryan follows up with an arm breaker for a near win as we go to commercial.

Bryan maintained control with several kicks before heading to the top rope but in midair Orton is able to hit a dropkick! Orton with a few clotheslines and a power slam. Orton plants Bryan with an elevated DDT. Orton tries for the RKO two times, but Bryan bails to the floor. Orton goes to the floor and sends Bryan into the guard railing. Orton tries for a hanging DDT off the apron but the lights go off and Kane’s music hits! Bryan breaks free by sending Orton into the ring post.

Kane brawls with Orton by delivering a big boot on the ramp. Orton clotheslines Kane out of the ring but is pulled out by Kane. Kane sends Orton into the ring post shoulder first and choke slams Orton! Kane gets a microphone and says “Welcome back, Randy. Welcome back.”

Backstage, we see Johnny Ace talking to Teddy Long. Ace teases a possible match between Kane and Aksana to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
It was an average episode. They are really trying to get Sheamus over as an unstoppable babyface and it’s working, but I don’t want to see him beat Daniel Bryan. Bryan could go a long way with the strap. It’s about time they “fired” McIntyre, but I’m thinking with Ace taking over Smackdown that Drew will get another shot and win to get back on the right track, or at least I hope that happens. As for the main event, it was a fine way to end the program. I can get into a Kane/Orton program as I’ve liked Kane’s work since he returned. Still, it was only an average episode this week.

Thanks for reading.

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