TNA Impact 3/1/2012

Tonight, we find out why Kurt Angle attacked Jeff Hardy. Also, the main event this week sees TNA World Champion team up with TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries & Bully Ray to take on James Storm and TNA World Tag Team Champions Magnus & Samoa Joe!

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

The show starts off with Kurt Angle laughing about how badly he hates Jeff Hardy. He says that there are too many reasons and has cue cards to remind himself of all the reasons.

Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring. He says that he has been quiet on why he attacked Jeff Hardy and wants to explain his actions. One of the reasons is because Hardy has a lot of hair and puts different colors in it. Angle also dislikes how Hardy dresses and finds it embarrassing that Hardy wears socks on his arms. Angle gets angry when at live events he will be signing autographs only for Hardy to come walking in late with his head down. The number one reason he hates Jeff Hardy is because his sons room is full with Hardy posters, action figures and t-shirts. Angle tells a story about how he went to kiss him goodnight and he stepped on Hardy action figures. As he went to kiss his son, he noticed that he was wearing paint and and looked like Hardy! Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring and Angle tells Hardy that the reasons he stated are why Hardy isn’t TNA World Champion. Angle issues a challenge to Hardy for Victory Road. Hardy ends up slapping Angle and they have a brief brawl until officials break them up.

Backstage, TNA World Champion Bobby Roode says that what sting did to him last week was disgraceful, unprofessional and bad for the business. Roode believes there are plenty of guys worthy of a main event spot at the pay per view instead of Sting. TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries walks over and says that he and Roode know how to dress, drink wine and are champions. Aries has had enough since the X-Division hasn’t been in the main event and Sting has tried to hold him back. Roode wants to talk to Aries for five minutes and Aries decides to give Roode ten.

Prior to the match, AJ Styles wants a stipulation added. Styles says if he beats Daniels and Kaz tonight he wants whatever Daniels has over Kaz’s head to be revealed tonight. Kaz answers and agrees to it.

Opening Contest: Gauntlet Match
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Styles takes Daniels out with a dive over the top onto the floor! Styles dominates Daniels early on as he hits a backdrop suplex and a Spinebreaker. Well, Styles and Daniels put forth a good effort, which shouldn’t surprise anyone by this point. Late in the match, Daniels gets out of the Styles Clash by delivering an STO! However, Kaz enters the ring and hits Styles with the Fade 2 Black to cause Daniels to be disqualified. It’s actually smart because Kaz simply pins AJ to secure the victory.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

After the match, Daniels is shocked that Kaz did that. Kaz tells Daniels it’s a victory as they head to the backstage area.

Backstage, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim apparently makeup as Kim says she overreacted last week. Kim tells Rayne that she has a match next against ODB.

Second Contest: ODB vs. Madison Rayne
Well, the gift that Kim gave her friend and opponent at Victory Road, didn’t turn out the way Rayne would’ve liked. ODB was able to hit the BAM to win the match. Kim had acted like she slipped on the apron and couldn’t make the save as a result.

Backstage, Bully Ray is talking to a female but is insulting her. He is blaming James Storm for the recent embarrassment because Storm brought Brandon Jacobs into the company. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode enter the picture. Roode and Ray have a brief argument until Aries settles them down and wants Ray to join them tonight as they look to take care of Sting.

Earlier in the day, Velvet Sky was talking about how she got screwed over in the Battle Royal. Sarita and Angelina Love appear to make fun of her for crying. Mickie James ends up coming in to help Sky, who was attacked by this point. This has apparently set up a tag team match for later on.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff confront Garrett Bischoff. Flair tells Garrett that Hogan isn’t here to protect him this week. Flair is going to give Garrett a week to realize that he doesn’t belong in the business. Garrett tells them that he is his own man but appreciates the heads up.

TNA World Champion Bobby Roode, TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries and Bully Ray make their way down to the ring. This could be a great segment. Roode believes that he is the reason that people come to the arena and watch the show on television. Roode wants Sting to know that he is just an authority figure and not an active wrestler. Roode announces that there will be no match at Victory Road and that he is done. Ray grabs the microphone and agrees that this has all been Sting’s fault. Ray reveals that he is also done. Aries gets some time to chat and says Sting is just like everyone else who doesn’t know when to step out of the spotlight. He thinks that Sting is jealous of all three of them because Roode has been a better champion, Ray is tougher and Aries does things that Sting dreams he could do. Aries is also done. The lights go out and Sting is in the ring kneeling right next to Roode. Sting says he was playing mind games with that tweet. Sting notes that if they are done then that means Roode would need to be stripped of the championship and the same applies to Austin Aries. Sting announces that Ray, Aries and Roode will team up in the main event against TNA World Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe, Magnus and James Storm!

A video highlighting Jesse Sorensen and his injury is shown.

We hear from Zema Ion who says he is the number one contender and he feels good. Ion says everyone knows the risk involved in professional wrestling. Ion knows that people won’t take him seriously but he is just getting started. Ion finishes off saying that he turns heads and breaks necks.

Third Contest: Zema Ion vs. Shannon Moore
All you need to know about this is that Moore missed a moonsault off the top and as he tried to recover from it Ion hit his double flying knee shot. Ion put Moore away with the Hostile Makeover.

Fourth Contest: Angelina Love & Sarita vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky
Late in the match, Sky avoided the Botox Injection from Love and hit the In Yo Face to pick up the victory for her team.

Backstage, James Storm, Magnus and Joe are on the same page as they are going to shut up Roode, Aries and Ray tonight!

Main Event: James Storm, TNA World Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. TNA World Champion Bobby Roode, TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries & Bully Ray
Look at this, six of the top workers in TNA in the main event. This is going to get a full play by play treatment. Hopefully it’s worth it. Magnus and Aries kick off the contest. Aries rolls under a lockup attempt to taunt Magnus. Aries takes Magnus down and gets the better of Magnus before going to his corner. Aries wants to do a test of strength but can’t reach Magnus’s arm. Aries instead kicks Magnus in the thigh and cartwheels away from Magnus. Aries turns around and is met with a big lariat from Magnus! Roode tags in and Storm wants to enter. Magnus tags in Storm and Roode bails to the floor as we go to a break.

Ray has tagged in and is working on Storm with several strikes in the corner. Ray is dropped by Storm with a neck breaker. Storm stops on Ray’s arm and tags in Joe. Joe and Ray exchange several blows in the middle of the ring with Joe getting the better of ray until Ray delivers a running elbow shot. Joe comes off the ropes with a leg lariat but Ray powers out before three. Aries tags in and is tossed over by Joe with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Aries is nailed by Magnus with a running boot and Joe hits a back splash for a near fall by Magnus.

Roode gets the tag but is hip tossed by Magnus. Storm tags in again but Roode bails to the floor to avoid his former partner. Storm slingshots Aries into the match and tags in Joe. Joe delivers several jabs in the corner and the fans are heavily behind Joe. Joe avoids a dropkick in the corner by Aries and sets up for the Muscle Buster but Roode enters and kicks Joe in the gut. Aries hits a nice crucifix slam! Ray delivers a neck breaker on Joe to gain the advantage for his team. Roode has tagged in as Joe tries to fight out of the corner but can’t get it done. Roode hits a rolling neck snap. Ray tags in and connects with a neck breaker on Joe for a near fall.

Taz decides to talk about Knockouts wrestling next week. Joe fights his way out of the corner again until Aries takes Joe down by his leg. Ray drops an elbow but Joe kicks out at two. Ray clotheslines Joe to keep control of the bout. Roode enters the match and knocks Magnus off the apron with a right hand. Joe plants Roode with an STO in the corner! Joe makes his way towards the corner and tags in Storm! Storm drops Aries with a flapjack and follows up with a clothesline on Aries and Ray. Storm knocks Roode down several times. Storm backdrops Roode but Ray attacks Storm from behind. Ray clubs away on Storm in the corner with right hands. Aries accidentally hits Ray with a missile dropkick. Joe snap mares Aries out of the corner and Magnus hits an elbow drop. Roode plants Magnus with a spine buster! Storm hits Closing Time on Roode and hits the Last Call to win the match!

Your Winners: James Storm, Magnus & Samoa Joe via pin fall

After the match, Bully Ray nails Magnus with a steel chair and kicks the chair into Storm’s face! Ray tells Storm that he isn’t going to make it to Lockdown. Ray is going to take him out and he will be the man to take Roode’s title!

Final Thoughts:
Another good episode of Impact. Seriously, they have probably been the most consistent wrestling show so far in 2012. It’s probably close between Impact and ROH this year when it comes to the best show, in my opinion. The promos this week were really effective and the main event was a very good way to close the show. I’m hoping TNA can continue this trend because the program has been quite good as of late. I suggest people start watching the product because it’s worth it now.

Thanks for reading.

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