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WWE RAW 2/27/2012

Tonight, WWE Champion CM Punk meets WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, again. Plus, The Rock returns to RAW!

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
From: Portland, Oregon

The program starts off with WWE Champion CM Punk and number one contender Chris Jericho having a confrontation. Jericho is aware that Punk has a big match against Daniel Bryan tonight (again) but he has something more important to tell Punk. He tells Punk that he isn’t better than Jericho. Jericho didn’t have to put the words Best In The World on a shirt to prove that. Jericho states that he is the last of a dying breed where he worked for everything he got. Jericho considers Punk to be a wannabe just like everyone else. Punk tells Jericho that he doesn’t have a problem with Jericho, but has a problem with Jericho saying people steal from him. Huh, that sounds like having a problem. Jericho lets it known to Punk that this isn’t a gimmick, he is the best in the world. Punk says that while Jericho was off writing books and playing around in Hollywood, he has been working in the WWE. Jericho says the only reason why he came back to the WWE was to end CM Punk. Punk finishes off saying that he is going hold his championship up and shout Best in the World so that it will be the end of Jericho’s world.

Opening Contest: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Champion CM Punk
Punk fights off an attack by Bryan and tosses him over the top to the floor to allow the match to get a legal start. Bryan works on Punk with an uppercut and delivers a few knees. Punk battled back with several kicks of his own. Punk looks to hit a suicide dive but stops when he notices that AJ is in the way of Bryan. Bryan is able to send Punk into the ring steps shoulder first to gain the advantage as we go to commercial.

Bryan misses a running dropkick in the corner as Punk rolled out of the way. Punk nails Bryan with a spinning heel kick and hits a neck breaker. Bryan counters a bulldog but misses a kick attempt. Punk connects with an elbow drop and signals for the GTS but David Otunga gets on the apron. Santino Marella knocks Otunga out with the Cobra! Sheamus comes out to send Bryan back into the ring. Punk hits the GTS and pins Bryan!

Johnny Ace says that the pin doesn’t count and the match is over with. Teddy Long enters and shoves Ace. Otunga and Marella enter the ring as well. Punk has left the ring and is on the ramp when Chris Jericho attacks him from behind. Jericho slams Punk on the ramp and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho lets go and puts the belt on Punk and tells him to enjoy the championship while he has it.

Your Winner: No Contest?

A video package promoting Undertaker vs. HHH at Mania is shown.

Second Contest: Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella
Kelly is able to roll through a rollup attempt and wins the match with a rollup of her own. You gotta love Divas matches.

Prior to the next match, Miz says that he has worked too hard to be treated this way. He flies all over the world to do public relations work and he isn’t getting a spot on the Mania card. He is going to prove that he is worthy of being on WrestleMania by beating the man he defeated in the main event last year, John Cena!

Third Contest: John Cena vs. The Miz
Cena opens the match with a fisherman suplex. Miz gets out of the AA and delivers a neck breaker. Miz gets a two count after a knee drop. Cena battles back with a back drop. Cena splashes Miz in the corner and hits a clothesline. Miz breaks free of a suplex to plant Cena with a DDT for a two count! Miz misses a dive off the top rope. Cena connects with a side slam and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hits the AA and locks in the STFU to win the match.

Your Winner: John Cena via submission

Fourth Contest: WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
[champions] Primo & Epico vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

The match starts off with everyone being tossed out of the ring before we go to a commercial. Basically, the end saw everyone try to hit their finishers but are unable to until Primo hits the Back Stabber on Swagger and Epico gets the pin fall to retain the championships. After the match, Kane comes out and attacks the wrestlers.

Backstage, Johnny Ace fires Teddy Long as the GM of Smackdown.

Eve Torres makes her way down to the ring. She says she is living in a man’s world. She believes that there isn’t a man in the world who wouldn’t want to be used by her. She doesn’t want to be blamed for her natural strengths, but rather men should be blamed for their weaknesses. She ends the segment by blowing everyone a kiss.

Main Event: The Big Show & Sheamus vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry
Rhodes avoids the Big Show and Sheamus, leaving Henry all by himself. It probably didn’t help that he showed footage of Show losing to Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania. Henry lost the match after Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick.

The Rock makes his way out to the ring to close the show. Rock says that he may not be here every week, but he was for several years. He says that he will always be part of the WWE and the WWE will always be part of him. Rock thought Cena was a phony for several years. Apparently, Rock has had Cena’s phone number but hasn’t wanted to talk to him. I don’t’ see how that is relevant to anything. Rock fights for the fans while Cena fights for the guys in the back. Rock proceeds to insult Cena by saying he has lady parts. John Cena comes out and calls Rock an egotistical bitch. He also calls out Rock for writing his promos on his wrist. Cena leaves the ring and Rock does his catchphrases to end the segment. That was rather ineffective in promoting their match and a complete waste of Rock.

Final Thoughts:
I thought the show started off strong, but it lost a lot of steam as it went along. The final segment between Rock and Cena was too goofy for me. I feel like their feud needs to be more serious than what it has been. I’m giving the show a thumbs down this week. Like I said, it started off well but it just lost my interest as it went along.

Thanks for reading.

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