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Inside The Magazine Volume #34: PWI November 1997

What’s inside the magazine? Lets find out! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #24: WCW Magazine March 2001

In this edition of Inside the Magazine, I look at the March 2001 publication of WCW Magazine. Eric Bischoff goes in-depth about his plans for WCW upon acquiring the company. Glacier is coming back to WCW, but with a twist. Johnny The Bull recovering from injury. Getting to know Leia Meow and her difficult childhood. All this and more! Read more

The Good & The Bad: WCW 2000 Part One

As of late, I’ve been checking out some matches on WCW Worldwide circa 2000. It got me thinking about some of the good and bad that WCW 2000 had going on for itself. I know, most people are going to immediately think of all the bad stuff. However, hidden throughout the bad stuff, there was some good things going on. Of course, my definition of good and bad may be different than others, which should make for a good conversation.

I’ll break this up into two parts covering half a year at a time that way there’s not too much text to get through. So, this will cover from January 1st to June 30th, 2000. Lets relive the wacky year of 2000 for World Championship Wrestling. Read more

Bob’s Opinion On… Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell

It has been revealed in recent weeks that Buff Bagwell is a liar. A month or so ago Bagwell said that he had been talking to Sting and Eric Bischoff about returning to TNA. That ended up not being the case as Bischoff addressed the rumors on Twitter and Bagwell proceeded to do damage control on a radio show claiming that he never said what he had said. Anyway, this got me thinking about Bagwell. Read more

TNA Victory Road 2012 Predictions!

Total Non-Stop Action returns to pay per view tonight with Victory Road. It’s the last pay per view event before Lockdown in April. It looks to be a rather good card which is highlighted by TNA World Champion Bobby Roode taking on Sting in a no holds barred match. It’s time to run down the card and predict the event! Read more

TNA Impact 3/15/2012

Tonight, the contract signing between TNA World Champion and Sting for Victory Road takes place. James Storm squares off against Gunner in singles action. Also, Garrett Bischoff tries to last five minutes in the ring with Kurt Angle. This plus much more as this is the last stop before Victory Road on pay per view! Read more

TNA Impact 3/8/2012

Tonight, Garrett Bischoff teams up with Jeff Hardy to take on Gunner and Kurt Angle. Also, a former TNA World Champion returns to television to aid AJ Styles against Daniels and Kaz! Read more

TNA Impact 3/1/2012

Tonight, we find out why Kurt Angle attacked Jeff Hardy. Also, the main event this week sees TNA World Champion team up with TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries & Bully Ray to take on James Storm and TNA World Tag Team Champions Magnus & Samoa Joe! Read more

TNA Impact 2/23/2012

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Tonight, Kurt Angle teams up with Bully Ray to take on James Storm and Jeff Hardy in a no disqualification match. Also, Sting embraces his insane side again and Bobby Roode has a first hand experience in witnessing it! Read more

TNA Impact 2/16/2012

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

Tonight, Jeff Hardy gets another shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship when he meets Bobby Roode in a no disqualification match. Also, Bully Ray and James Storm look to become the new number one contender. By the way, this is the first show since Vince Russo leaving the company. See what happens as a new era begins for TNA! Read more