SMW TV 2/29/1992

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 5

Air Date: 29 February 1992
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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell
We open the show with Bob Caudle who lets us know we will see the debut of ‘Nitro’ Danny Davis, Paul Orndorf and ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly will be here. Bob lets us know that Dutch will be wrestling again this week, Dutch gives a quick promo letting us know he will show everyone how its done.
Barry Horowitz vs. ‘Nitro’ Danny Davis
Lock up to start, and neither guy can get an advantage. Danny goes for a lock up but Barry ducks through it, some amateur wrestling on the mat and both guys break off. Lock up and again neither man gets an advantage, Barry gets a cheap shot in and whips Danny to the ropes, they do a series of leapfrogs and duck downs which ends with Danny hitting a hip toss on Barry, followed by a dropkick and a arm drag, Davis holds onto a wrist lock. Barry stands up and gets a knee to the midsection and then hits a chin breaker. Barry picks Danny by the head and drops him down, BArry with a head butt that sends Danny down to the mat, Barry with a pin for a 2 count.
Barry hits an uppercut that again sends Danny to the mat, Barry with a weird rolling pin for the 2. Barry hits a nice reverse DDT, and pulls down his knee pad, he heads up top and misses the leg drop. DAnny is firing up, whip to the corner which leads to a hip toss on Barry Whip into the ropes  and Danny hits a back drop for 2. Danny whips Barry into the ropes, but Barry with a go behind and small package for 2, Danny reverses it into his own small package for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Considering Barry Horowitz is the perennial jobber, he carried Danny in this match. It wasn’t anything special in this match, and it was meant to introduce Danny Davis which it did. I feel Danny should have debut his finisher instead of getting a lucky roll up pin.
We head to the back for a promo with Jimmy Golden, he will be wrestling Robert Gibson in tonights main event. Jimmy lets Gibson know that he has a heck of a reputation around here, and is going to take Gibson down a few pegs.
We get a recap of last weeks excellent brawl that ended the show.
We now get an interview with The Fantastics, who want a rematch as Ivan and Jimmy cheated to get the win. They lets us know that they are heading to Japan which is why they are not here tonight. Bobby lets us know they are finding a partner for a 6 man tag match once they return.
Bob Caudle is with Commissioner Bob Armstrong, Bob lets us know that we cant have these kind of brawls occurring and is fining everyone involved $500. Bob also announces a 6 man tag, once The Fantastics return from Japan, they get to pick a partner of their choice and fight against The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. That should be another fantastic match which i’m really looking forward to
Mr. Ron Wright has a letter that he received from a fan of his, he lets us know that he gets thousands of letters. Whoever sent in the letter to him, also sent along $5 to help with his hip and knee replacements. I’m loving these segments!
Tommy Angel vs. ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly
Lock up to start and Holly hits an arm drag and is rather impressed with himself. Another lock up and Holly hits a body slam. Third lock up and Holly takes over with a headlock, Angel sends Holly into the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but Holly reverses that into one of his own. Holly picks Angel up for a bodyslam which Angel slips out of and is able to hit one of his own, he follows that up with a couple of hip tosses and a drop kick that sends Holly outside. Mr. Ron Wright has come to the ringside area.
Lock up and Angel grabs an arm lock, and hits a suplex. Holly hits a stiff clothesline to break the hold. Holly picks Angel up and hits a back breaker for a 2. Holly with a rake to the eyes, and he takes over with some kicks to the mid section.  Holly lifts Angel into a bear hug, and slams him into the corner. Angel hits a kick to the midsection, but Holly rakes the eyes. Holly whips Angel off the ropes and hits a BIG boot. Snap mare by Holly, who hits a leg drop for 2. Angel comes back with some clubbing blows, but Holly again goes to the eyes. Irish whip to the ropes by Holly, who ducks for a back body drop, but gets kicked in the chest by Angel. Angel with a back elbow sends Holly down to the mat.
Angel with a whip off the ropes and hits a big back body drop, Angel lifts Holly up and slams him to the mat. Angel tries to climb to the top rope, but Ron Wright holds his foot so he cant climb, Holly suplex’s Angel inside from the apron. Holly climbs to the top and his a very big drop kick with a lot of force behind it for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Another good match from Holly, i’m really enjoying his character so far. So far he is undefeated on TV and all of his wins have come from a top rope move. I’m interested to see where this angle with Ron Wright is going and who he will end up managing.
We head to the back with Bob Caudle and ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff. Paul lets us know that he used to live in this area and is happy to be back. He goes over his past accomplishments and the belts that he has held. Paul discusses about how his favourite move, the Piledriver being banned, and he is going to get to the bottom of it. Bob caudle goes over the SMW rules, which are as follows
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Rules:
Grounds for an automatic DQ
1. Throwing your opponent over the top rope
2. Low blow
3. Using the Piledriver
Grounds for a DQ & $500 fine
1. Hitting the referee
2. Using a foreign object during the match
Dutch Mantell lets us know that he is coming down with the flu and doesn’t feel well.
We go to comments from ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee, who says Dutch has being running since day 1. Once Dutch steps inside the ring Lee is going to break him in half. We head back to the commentary desk and Dutch says that he is so sick and cannot wrestle, he tells Carl Stiles to go into the ring and wrestle for him
Rino Riggins vs. Carl Stiles
Lock up to start, and Rino grabs a headlock. Whip off the ropes leads to a Rino hip toss followed by a body slam that sends Stiles outside. Another lock up and Rino grabs another headlock, Rino leapfrogs over Stiles and hits another drop kick that again sends Stiles outside, Stiles powers Rino into the corner and hits some clubbing blows. Rino charges at Stiles, but misses the body splash in the corner, Carl takes over the match with a body slam and a big clothesline.
Stiles hits a gutwrench suplex, and drops a knee down onto Rino. Snap mare by Stiles, who locks in a chin lock. Stiles picks Rino up and hits a bodyslam, Stiles off the ropes twice and misses both elbow drops. Rino fights back with some punches and a clothesline leads to a 2 count. Carl catches Rino in a powerslam for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Pretty boring match, but the main point of this was to continue the Brain Lee Dutch Mantell feud through the commentary. Bob kept questioning whether Dutch was really sick, and believes he is staying at the commentary booth in order for Lee not to attack him. Carl Stiles showed a bit of potential.
Brian Lee comes into the ring and grabs the mic, he tells Carl Stiles that he has no problem with him. He turns his focus to Dutch and calls him out to the ring to finish their issue once and for all. Carl attacks Lee from behind and the two are brawling in the ring.
We go to Jim Cornette to find out more information on his mystery tag team. He says that Bob Armstrong is scared of his new team. Jim wont be revealing his new team until the tag team tournament.
Jimmy Golden vs. ‘Rock n’ Roll’ Robert Gibson
Lock up to start and Golden pushes Gibson into the ropes, another lock up and Golden gets a head lock. Robert reverses that into a wrist lock, but Golden powers over into another headlock. Gibson tries to power out of the headlock, but Golden is able to keep it on. Gibson pushes Golden off the ropes and hits a power slam. Lock up and this time Gibson gets the headlock, Golden pushes Gibson into the ropes and body slams him. Gibson hits an arm drag and locks in a cross arm breaker. Golden stands up and gets to the ropes, but Gibson pulls him back down.
Bob Caudle lets us know the Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy will be making his debut next week, that should be good.
Golden whips Gibson into the ropes and hits a big boot, he whips Gibson into the ropes and hits a big back body drop for 2. Golden with a couple of punches and another whip to the ropes, Gibson catches the big boot and hits an atomic drop that sends Golden to the outside, we see The Koloffs at ringside. Gibson runs off the ropes but gets tripped up by Ivan, Golden has taken control of the match and kicks away at Gibson’s arm. Golden puts Gibson in a bear hug, Gibson pokes Golden in the eye to break the hold. Gibson reverses the irish whip and hits an enzurguri, Gibson whips Golden off the ropes and hits a punch to the face. Gibson whips Golden out of the corner and catches him with the bulldog, he covers but The Koloffs break that up to cause the DQ win for Gibson.
Match Thoughts: That was a pretty good match, i am enjoying Jimmy Golden. I’m still not a big fan of Robert Gibson as a singles competitor. Even if Ricky Morton doesn’t come to SMW hopefully Gibson will team up with someone.
The Koloffs start stomping away at Gibson and Golden joins in. Out comes Tim Horner and Hector Guerrero to clear the ring.
We head to the back with Bob Armstrong, Robert Gibson and Brian Lee. He basically tells the faces to get together some firepower to take out the heels. Armstrong says he  might just look the way. Again, Robert Gibson says something that i cannot understand. Lee thanks commissioner Armstrong for making next weeks Main Event of Brain Lee vs. Carl Stiles.
Show Thoughts: Definitely the weakest show since the first episode, nothing overly bad, but there was nothing that great either. The Brain Lee Dutch Mantell feud continues along, and the blowoff should be a good match. Mr. Ron Wright continues to get sympathy from all the heels, and i’m definitely looking forward to who he will be managing. Thumbs in the middle.

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