SMW TV 3/7/1992

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 6

Air Date: 07 March 1992
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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell
We open the show with Bob Caudle who lets us know that Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy and ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly will be here, and also ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff.
Dutch lets us know that the main event will be Carl Stiles vs. Brian Lee, and Dutch will be in Stiles corner.
Bob introduces us to Rip Rogers who thinks he is the best conditioned wrestler in all of pro wrestling. He lets us know that unlike this fat hillbillies he is well conditioned, and is going to do squats on TV during the whole hour.
Joey Maggs vs. ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly
I don’t think Holly has wrestled in anything other than the opening match, not sure what thats about.
Lock up to start, and Holly hits a very nice arm drag. Side note: Dutch checks in with Rip who has so far done 62 squats. Another lock up and this time Maggs gets the arm drag, and locks in an arm lock. Both guys stand up and Holly kicks Maggs in the mid section to break the hold, Holly goes to whip Maggs, but thats reversed and Maggs hits an arm drag on Holly. Holly points at Maggs, and Maggs grabs Holly’s arm and fireman carries him over and locks in another arm lock. Whip off the ropes by Holly but Maggs shoulderblocks him down, Maggs off the ropes and Holly leap frogs over, but Maggs stops turns around and body slams Holly, followed by an arm drag by Maggs which leads to another arm lock.
We can hear Rip Rogers calling out to let us know he is at 140 squats!!! Holly pushes Maggs into the ropes and knees him in the midsection, Holly’s whip is reversed, and Maggs goes for a dropkick, but Holly hangs onto the ropes. Holly hits a snap mare and a knee drop for a 2 count, Holly whips Maggs off the ropes and hits his big boot, followed by a very nice swinging neckbreaker, for a 2 count. Maggs comes off the ropes with a forearm to the face, MAggs whips Holly into the rope and hits a big back body, followed by a shoulderblock, for a 0 count, Maggs shoulderblocks Holly down and gets a 2 count.
Maggs whips Holly off the ropes and ducks for a back drop, but Holly hits an elbow to the back of the head. Holly picks Maggs up for a body slam and heads up top, he hits a big elbow drop off the top rope and gets the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts:  That was a very energetic opener, Holly is going along nicely with his undefeated streak. I’m guessing he will get a place in the heavyweight title tournament. I’m loving that every one of Holly’s wins are via a top rope move. Maggs isn’t to bad of a wrestler, but he doesn’t get the chance to show a lot.
We head straight to the back with Bob Caudle and Tim Horner, before he can say anything Rip Rogers interrupts. He is up to 250 squats, Rogers wont let Horner talk, and just keeps counting his squats. Rogers says he has no problem he is just doing free squats. Tim Horner bets Rip Rogers that he cant do squats the whole hour, Rogers accepts the challenge.
We get a shot of the crowd and a ‘fan’ not sure if its male or female is doing some very very strange dance, lets move right along shall we
Tommy Angel vs. Terry ‘Bamm Bamm’ Gordy
Bye bye Tommy Angel, I don’t see this match last very long at all.
Lock up to start, Gordy just powers Angel to the corner and holds him there. Another lock up and both guys end up in the corner again. Third lock up and again the guys go straight to the corner, Gordy gets a headlock, but Angel reverses into his own, now Gordy takes over into his own headlock, and Angel takes Gordy over with a headlock takedown. Rip Rogers is now up to 460 squats. Gordy again powers Angel to the corner and takes over with a headlock.
Gordy now starts to pummel away on Angel, both guys with an arm wringer and Angel has control with an arm lock. Gordy hits two big blows to Angels back, and an elbow to the back of the head sends Angel to the mat, followed by an elbow drop gets a 2 count for Gordy. Again, we hear Rogers in the background letting us know he is at 544 squats. Gordy with a front face lock, both guys trade some right hands, Angel goes to whip Gordy into the ropes, but thats reversed and Gordy kicks Angel in the midsection and hits a powerbomb for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Eh, a pretty uneventful match. IT was mainly just headlocks with both guys ending up in the corner. Its good to see Gordy in the US wrestling, but i wanted to see some suplex’s from him.
After the match Terry Gordy heads over to Bob Caudle. Terry says that he honestly doesn’t believe there is a man alive that can beat him, he lets us know the bombs are already falling. He says you can put your money on him winning the title.
We go to the back with Bob Armstrong, he announces that starting in two weeks from tonight the tag team title tournament will start, hopefully that will be really good. Bob lets us know that he is having some troubles with Mr. Ron Wright, and shows a video that has all the  matches he has interfered in. Bob says a picture is worth a thousands words and there is the proof, Mr. Ron Wright has a manager license but unless he gets a contract with a wrestler he isn’t allowed at ringside. Out comes Mr. Ron Wright, who cant believe a poor old crippled would get mistreated, Bob isn’t going to by the lies and he knows all about his history. The two try and argue over the mic, and Bob Armstrong grabs the wheelchair and rolls Wright out of there!!
‘Mr. Wonderful’ is here with Bob Caudle, he says he has been researching more about the ban of the piledriver, he says that Gordy’s powerbomb could have broke somebody’s neck, he wants to know why its only his move that has been banned. he says is here to win, and Orndorff believes there is a man out there that can beat him either.
Barry Horowitz vs. Paul Orndorff
Lock up to start, Orndorff raises a fist and Barry backs off. Another lock up and Barry grabs a head lock, Orndorff throws Barry of the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulderblock, Barry runs off the ropes and Paul hits a drop toe hold and rolls into a headlock. Barry fights out of the headlock into a top wrist lock, and powers Orndorff down to the mat in a bridge, but Orndorff is able to get a headlock takeover. Barry reverses that into a headscissors, but Orndorff sits up out of the that. Rip Rogers has just advised he is at 1060 squats.
Another lock up and Orndorff hits a fireman’s carry into a wrist lock. Barry stands up and Orndorff pushes him into the corner, while the ref tries to separate them, Barry punches Orndorff in the face, and charges off the ropes with a knee to the face which sends Orndorff outside. Barry follows him outside and hits a knee lift, followed by some elbow shots to Orndorff who is laid out across the apron. Barry rolls in a slingshots Orndorff neck first into the bottom rope. Barry hits Orndorff in the face and then rakes his back, Barry tries to fight back, but Barry hits a gut wrench suplex for the 2. Barry with a roll up for another 2 count. Barry locks in a front face lock, and takes him to the corner, he whips Orndorff to the other corner but gets met with a knee to the face.
Orndorff charges out of the corner with a big clothesline and then throws Barry outside. He follows Barry outside slams his head into the guardrail twice. They continue to brawl on the floor, and Orndorff throws BArry inside then hits a big elbow off the top rope. Orndorff sets Barry up for the piledriver but the ref tells him to stop. Orndorff whips Barry off the ropes and misses the dropkick, Barry lowers his kneepad and hits a knee drop for a 2 count. Barry goes for a neckbreaker but Orndorff reverses that into a back slide for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: This was a pretty decent match, Orndorff was trying to prove that he could still win without his piledriver, and he was able to. It would have been nice if he used a new finisher, instead of a back slide. Barry continues his losing streak in SMW, which was also brought up by Dutch on commentary.
We get a shot of Rip Rogers who is still doing his free squats.
We now head to the back for an interview with Jim Cornette. He says that Bob Armstrong assaulted a cripple and that he isn’t allowed to have a mystery team in the tag tournament. He lets us know that if he revealed his team now, it would destroy everything around SMW. He says that all the other teams would back out of the tournament, and lets us know that they will win the gold. He wishes Rip Rogers good luck.
Dutch Mantell and Carl Stiles now join Bob Caudle for an interview. We get a replay of the Stiles-Lee incident from last week. He says that Brian Lee is a coward, and after the commercial break they are going to take Brian Lee out.
YES!!!! Jim Cornette has joined us for commentary in the main event, he is cheering on Rip Rogers as well.
Carl Stiles vs. ‘Prime Time’ Brian Lee
Brian Lee runs straight into the ring and after Dutch, he chases him around the ringside area and grabs ahold of him, Carl Stiles catches him with a axe handle to the back, but Lee fights back and levels him with a right hand. Lee is chasing after Mantell again. Stiles catches Lee and rolls him inside, Lee is able to catch Stiles before he gets in the ring, he whips Stiles off the ropes and hits a big body drop. Again Lee goes after Mantell. Stiles intervenes and attacks Lee. Lee is able to dight him off and goes straight after Dutch again.
Stiles throws Lee back in the ring, he goes for a suplex on Stiles, but Lee reverses into one of his own. Lee jumps OVER the top rope to the floor and goes after Dutch again. Stiles is able to attack Lee before he gets a hold of Dutch. Lee whips Stiles into the ropes, but gets reversed and Lee kicks Stiles down. Lee hits a bodyslam on Stiles and goes outside after Dutch, Dutch catches him with a rake to eyes, and Stiles is able to take control with some stomps and choking him. Dutch starts clubbing away at Lee on the ring apron. Stiles drapes Lee over the ropes and then chokes him, he continues to clobber away on Lee, Stiles gets the attention of the ref, and Dutch attacks again from the outside, he chokes Lee on the ring apron.
Stiles lifts Lee up and hits a big bodyslam. He puts a chin lock on Lee, Lee stands up and hits some elbows to Stiles midsection. Lee comes off the ropes but gets caught in a bear hug from Stiles. Lees arm actually drops three times, but the ref does nothing to stop the match. Stiles whips Lee off the ropes, and ducks for a back body drop, Lee catches him with a boot to the chest, Lee whips Stiles and hits a BIG clothesline on Stiles. Lee picks Stiles up and hits the Cancellation which ends up in a powerbomb, for the 1, 2, 3.
Straight after the match, Dutch comes into the ring and attacks Lee. Dutch and Stiles with a double whip off the ropes, Lee ducks the double clothesline and hits one of his own. Lee whips Dutch off the ropes, but Dutch is able to escape to the outside.
Match Thoughts: Good match, it continued the feud along very nicely. I liked that Lee didn’t want to go after Stiles at the start, and only had eyes for Lee. I also liked that anytime Lee got close to Dutch, Stiles was able to stop him. It makes you think that Lee will need to eliminate Stiles before he gets Dutch 1 on 1. And that is definitely a match i’m looking forward too.
We head to the back with Jim Cornette, who makes fun of the different cities that SMW promotes in. He lets us know that people don’t want to see a circus they want to see professional wrestling which is SMW. He says that his tag teem will be revealed really soon.
Tim Horner is here to see the finale of the Rip Rogers squats. Horner asks Bob to check the watch for how much time is left, Bob turns around and Horner kicks the chair from out under of Rip Rogers which causes him to fall over. Rip only made 59 minutes 30 seconds, so he doesn’t win. Excellent finish to that segment.
Show Thoughts: A very good show of SMW TV this week, they continued with the angles very nicely. It looks like Mr. Ron Wright will be revealing his wrestler soon after Bob Armstrong banned him from ringside, the Rip Rogers squat segments were fantastic, i also really liked how Dutch would check in on him throughout the night on commentary. The Lee vs. Stiles & Dutch feud is going along nicely, im not sure if Lee will bring in someone for back up or continue to go at it alone. I’m starting to get really intrigued as to who Jim Cornette’s mystery team will be. Thumbs up for SMW TV #6

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