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SMW TV 3/14/1992

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 7

Air Date: 14 March 1992
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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell
We open the show as usual with Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell. Hector Guerrero will be here, The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden will be in 6 man tag action, we will hear from Terry Gordy. Dutch Mantell lets us know that this weeks main event is Rip Rogers vs. Tim Horner, and Rip is looking for his $500 after Horner cheated him out of it last week.
TJ Travis vs. Hector Guerrero
Is it just me or is TJ Travis the most exciting ring name ever, haha
Hector offers a handshake which Travis declines. Lock up to start, headlock by Travis, Hector pushes Travis off the ropes and they both criss cross, Travis goes for a back drop but Hector flips out of the that, Hector with a body slam and picks him straight up for a European uppercut. Travis pushes Hector off the ropes goes for a hip toss which Hector flips out of, and hits an arm drag on Travis. Travis with a knee to the midsection that sends Hector out, NO, Hector skins the cat and gets a headscissors takeover on Travis. Travis heads to the outside.
Travis with a go behind, which Travis reverses to one of his own, and arm drags Hector down. Hector locks in a headlock with his legs. Lock up, but Travis takes down Hector and works on the leg, Hector brings Travis down with a leg trip. Hector locks Travis in a surfboard hold. Another lock up, go behind by Hector who puts on a full nelson, turns that into a snap mare and rolls Travis into a bodyscissors. Travis goes to the eyes to break the hold, Travis whips Hector off the ropes and hits an elbow for 2. Travis with another whip off the ropes and this time chops Hector down for a 2 count.
Snap mare by Travis, who heads up top and misses the knee drop. Hector whips him off the ropes and hits two diving thrust chops. He bodyslams Travis down and heads to the top rope to hit a flying thrust chop. Hector gets the jalapeno roll for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Phew, that was a very fast paced match. I enjoyed this match a lot, and both guys work very well together. I would love to see a rematch in the future. Hector was his usual awesome self, and TJ Travis definitely impressed me a lot.
We are in the back with ‘Nitro’ Danny Davis, he says that we are all going to get to know him very well. He says that if he is shaken too much then ‘Nitro’ Danny Davis will explode all over you. Like he always says when he steps in the ring its good for him and bad for you.
Bob Caudle lets us know that The Fantastics are back from Japan, and the 6 man tag match will take place next week, that should be really good. Jackie lets us know that the contract has been signed and they will finally get another shot at The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. Bobby says that they know there new partner well, but will not reveal him now, they have to wait until next week.
Rocky Paterson, Rino Riggins and Ben Jordan vs. The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden
You will have to excuse me as i have no idea who is who for the jobber team.
Vladimir and Rocky to start. Vlad overpowers Rocky and takes him to the ropes. Lock up, and Vlad gets arm dragged out of the corner. Vlad gets whipped off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Vlad runs the ropes with Rocky leapfrogging and ducking down, Rocky gets up and hits a hip toss and a big body slam, followed by an arm drag take down. Rocky tags out to Rino, who comes off the top rope onto Vald’s arm. Vlad whips Rino into the corner and hits a big clothesline that knocks Rino down. Vlad tags out to Golden who comes in and hits a big body slam. Golden whips Rino off the ropes and kicks him in the midsection, Golden hits a very nice double underhook suplex for 1, as Golden lifts him off the mat.
Golden tags out to Ivan who whips Rino into the ropes, Rino leapfrogs Ivan and hits a dropkick. Rino tags out to Jordan, who comes off the top onto IVans arm, he twists Jordan down to the mat with an arm drag. Jordan tags out to Rocky, who also comes off the top onto Ivan’s arm, Rocky tags to Rino who keeps working on the arm, Jordan gets tagged in and continues to work on the arm. Ivan throws Jordan into the corner and tags to Golden, double elbow by Ivan and Golden, who then body slams Rino. Golden tags to Vlad, double clothesline for the 2 count. Vlad keeps clobbering away, until Rino fights back. Vlad whips him off the ropes and hits a big back breaker, for the 2 count.
Vlad tags in Golden who hits a very nice dropkick, Golden tags to Ivan who hits a big clothesline for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Very good match, and i’m liking the 6 man tag of The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. I’m also very impressed with Golden as he is a very big guy but he moves around the ring like a small guy.
We are now in the back with The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden, Golden says that The Fantastics haven’t beat anybody and says there isn’t any 3 man in the world that can beat them. He says that they are waiting for the Fantastics.
We get highlights from last weeks confrontation between commissioner Bob Armstrong and Mr. Ron Wright. Ron lets us know that last week was a disgrace and accuses Armstrong of trying to attack a cripple. He calls himself the smartest man in wrestling, and says that he has a contract with a wrestler who will wrestle now.
Rikki Nelson vs. The Dirty White Boy
I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Dirty White Boy in SMW, so i’m really looking forward to seeing him
Boy goes straight at Nelson with some blows and throws him to the outside, Nelson tries to get in the ring but Boy catches him, Boy goes to give Nelson a back drop inside the ring from the apron, Nelson flips out of the that, go behind by Nelson, who pushes Nelson off, Nelson hits a cross body for 2. Lock up, and Boy pushes Nelson to the ropes and hits some blows. Boy whips Nelson off the ropes, and its appears Nelson was meant to get in a crucifix position but botched that, so Boy just slams him to the mat. Boy picks him up and hits an elbow to the head, whip into the rope leads to a big clothesline, Boy continues to clobber away at Nelson.
Nelson starts to chop at Boy but it doesn’t faze him, Boy goes to the eyes, he whips Nelson to the corner, who kicks at Boy, but Boy just keeps attacking. Whip off the ropes and a big powerslam by Boy leads to a 2 count. Boy with a few knees to the midsection, and now chokes Nelson in the corner. Boy hits a very nice suplex, and picks Nelson up for a side suplex. Nelson fires away at Boy, and whips him to the corner, he hits Boy with an uppercut and whips him off the ropes and hits a dropkick, Boy comes back with more blows, and whips Nelson to the corner and hits a reverse big clothesline to the back of Nelsons head for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Now thats how you debut a wrestler, you have him come in and absolutely destroy his opponent. I was very impressed with Dirty White Boy’s debut and i’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of him
We now get an interview with Mr. Ron Wright and Dirty White Boy. Wright says that DWB signed on the dotted line and says his surgery will now be a success. DWB says as long as Mr. Ron Wright is happy, then the Dirty White Boy is happy. Dirty White Boy cant believe that out of all the wrestler in SMW, not one would step up and help him. Dirty White Boy says with Wright’s knowledge and his ability there is no way he can be beaten. Very good segment.
We got to a promo with ‘Hollywood’ Bob Holly. He says he was just reading about him and Julia Roberts. HE says that he didn’t break up her wedding plans, and isn’t flying to Hawaii to see her. He also lets us know that they are just good friends and isn’t marrying her.
Jerry Lynn vs. Killer Kyle
WOW, Lynn looks really young here, and yes its the Jerry Lynn from ECW fame.
Lock up to start and Lynn with a headlock, Kyle pushes Lynn off the ropes and attempts to shoulderblock Kyle down, that doesn’t work. Lynn tries again but gets knocked off his feet, Lynn tries it one more time and lisdes through Kyle’s legs. He tries a dropkick and Kyle moves out of the way. Kyle picks Lynn up for a body press, but Lynn slips out, Lynn with a BIG cross body, but isnt able to hold Kyle down for a 1 count. Kyle kicks at Lynn and starts clobbering away at him. Kyle whips Lynn off the ropes and misses a big clothesline, Lynn off the ropes again and Kyle hits a big spinning side slam, he pins Lynn but lifts him off the mat.
Kyle pummels away at Lynn, and picks him up again to hit a big side slam. Kyle once again picks Lynn up, who tries to fight back, but a kick to the midsection stops that Kyle slams Lynn’s head into the top turnbuckle and then whips him to the other corner, Kyle charges at Kyle but Lynn moves out fo the way. Lynn hits a a back elbow that knocks Kyle off his feet, Lynn off the ropes again and Kyle catches him in a bear hug but just falls forward for the slam and the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: So that was a bit more impressive from Killer Kyle, i still feel that he is giving away too much offence to the smaller guys. He should slowly walk to the ring like he does, then decimate his opponent and then slowly walk to the back, that would be awesome.
We get a quick recap of Gordy’s win from last week, which leads to an interview with Terry Gordy. Gordy asks Bob Caudle who he has his money on, Caudle says that he wouldn’t bet against Gordy, and Gordy says anyone would be a fool to bet against him. Gordy says that a lot of people will fall, and still believes that no-one can beat him, he says that he can back it up and there will be bombs dropping everywhere.
We go to a recap of last weeks Rip Rogers – Tim Horner squats segment, which was awesome. Rip was hilarious throughout the whole show, by continuously updating Dutch as to how many squats he was doing. The ending of the segment was very well done too.
We get an interview with Rip Rogers, he says that he did complete the one hour squats challenge, he says that he is going to take Tim Horner’s money from him tonight
Rip Rogers vs. Tim Horner
Lock up to start, and both guys end up in the corner. Another lock up, Rip with the go behind which Horner reverse to his own go behind, Rip takes Horner down, and Horner grabs a head scissors, Rip rolls out of that and Horner gets an arm lock, both guys reverse each others moves until Horner gets Rogers on the mat. Rogers pushes Horner to the ropes and gets a headlock, Horner reverses that into a top wrist lock which takes Rogers to the mat, Rogers stands up and whips Horner off the ropes, Rogers leapfrogs Horner, then goes to do a reverse leapfrog but Horner catches him with a punch to the face.
Lock up, and Rip grabs an arm lock, which Horner reverses into his own. Rogers whips Horner off the ropes, Horner leapfrogs him and catches Rogers in the face with a fist. On a side note, Bob and Dutch are debating over an old lady and whether she is attractive, Dutch thinks she is ugly and Bob believes she is very distinguished. Another lock up, Horner with a side headlock, Rip pushes him into the ropes and Horner shoulderblocks Rogers to the mat, he then gets a headlock takeover, which Rip reverses into a headscissors. Horner rolls out of the headscissors into a headlock. Rip pushes Horner into the top turnbuckle.
Rip whips Horner to the opposite corner, and then throws him outside. Rip heads up top and hits a double axe handle from the TOP rope to the outside, excellent move. He throws Horner back inside, and he hits a bodyslam, Rip heads up top but Horner cuts him off. Rip with a thumb to the eye and comes off the top rope with a chop for the 2 count. Rip chokes Horner on the top rope, Rip heads to the apron and tries to suplex Horner to the outside, but Horner holds on and reverses the suplex into his own. Horner misses an elbow drop, and Rip hits fist drop to the throat for a 2 count. Horner fights back with some punches that sends Rip outside, Horner dives through the middle rope to the outside onto Rip, and starts hammering away at Rip. Rip tries to piledrive Horner on the ringside floor, Horner reverses that into a back flip.
Horner throws Rip inside, a double irish whip reverse leads to both guys colliding in the middle of the ring. Horner is on the apron and Rip kicks him twice. Rip goes to slam Horner’s head into the top turnbuckle but Horner reverses that into one of his own. Horner catches Rip in a sunset flip, Rip tries to hold onto the rope but eventually gets pulled into a pin for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Excellent match. Easily the best match so far in SMW. Just a great back and forth fast paced match up. Both guys put on a great performance. Horner really impressed me and he showed that he clearly needs to be a high flyer. Rip put on a fantastic performance as well, he played the heel roll very well. I hope these two get more matches together.
We are in the back with Bob Armstrong, he wants to know who Jim Cornette is by entering a mystery team into the tournament. He says that he wants to know who the team is next week. Here comes Jim Cornette himself, he says that he is trying to save the tournament as soon as he team is revealed all the others will run away. Cornette says that next week he will have a video of his team. Bob says that he will believe it when he see’s it.
Bob Caudle hypes next weeks main event, which is The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden vs. The Fantastics and their ‘Mystery Partner’ That match should be great.
Show Thoughts: Another great show from SMW. It appears they are slowly finding their groove. The matches tonight were very good. Everything on this show had a purpose. The main event was just fantastic, and as I said before i hope those two get more matches in the future. The debut of Dirty White Boy was done excellently, and we shall see how he and Mr. Ron Wright work together. I’m wondering if Jim Cornette will reveal his team next week or not? Easy thumbs up for this weeks episode.

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