SMW TV 3/21/1992

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV, Episode 8

Air Date: 21 March 1992
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Hosts: Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell
We open the show with Bob Caudle  and Dutch Mantell, Bob lets us know that Robert Gibson and Bob Holly will be here, and also we will get a look at Jim Cornette’s new tag team. Also tonight, the start of the tag team tournament begins with The Riches vs. The Maulers and also the main event tonight will be The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden against The Fantastics and a mystery partner.
Joe Cazana vs. Robert Gibson
Lock up to start, Gibson pushes Cazana to the corner. Another lock up and Gibson with the headlock, Cazana pushes him off the ropes but gets taken down by a Gibson shoulderblock. Gibson runs over Cazana and ducks a hip toss attempt, Gibson goes for a punch but Cazana backs into the ropes and shouderblock’s Gibson down, Cazana steps over Gibson and gets taken down by an arm drag and then an arm drag. Cazana whips Gibson but its reversed and Gibson hits an arm drag takedown.
Gibson and Cazana stand up with Gibson still holding onto and arm lock, Cazana reverses the arm lock into one of his own, and Gibson falls to the mat and kicks Cazana off. Lock up, and Cazana pushes Gibson to the corner, and rakes his eyes. Cazana with a fist to the face, and he chokes Gibson on the top rope. Cazana with a big whip into the corner, snap mare by Cazana who puts on a head lock. Gibson breaks the hold with a hip toss, but Cazana pushes Gibson into the corner again. Cazana whips Gibson to the ropes, who catches Cazana in a small package for a two count. Bodyslam by Cazana, who now heads to the top rope, he comes off with an elbow drop and misses.
Gibson whips Cazana off the ropes and hits a back body drop, Cazana reverses the irish whip into the corner on Gibson, Gibson hits a back elbow and whips Cazana to the opposite corner, he catches Cazana in a bulldog for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Not a bad match, but Robert Gibson really bores me as a singles wrestle. I think its his offence as its very bland. I like the bulldog, but it shouldn’t be a finisher
We head to the back with Bob Caudle and Commissioner Bob Armstrong. He lets us know that the tournament starts tonight, he gives us the following brackets:
The Maulers vs. Johnny & Davey Rich
The Fantastics vs. The Wild Bunch
The Koloffs vs. Danny Davis & Joey Maggs
The Battens vs. Jim Cornettes Mystery Team
Bob Armstrong says that he wants to find out who the mystery team is and says that there is no time like the present and leaves the interview area.
We got a video spotlight on The Wild Bunch. Its basically a bunch of clips of them competing in Japan.
Hector Guerrero vs. Keith Hart
From what I can gather, Keith is in fact the real Keith Hart from the legendary Hart Family.
Handshake to start, Lock up and Hector with a headlock, Hart shoves Hector to the ropes who hits a shoulderblock on Hart, both guys doe some impressive running the ropes and reversals, which leads to Hart hitting a head scissors takedown, which is countered by Hector hitting one of his own. Lock up, both guys trade wrist lock reversals. another Lock up and Hector gets a full nelson, which Hart reverses into one of his own. Hector with a couple of weird pinning attempts for two.
Lock up, Hart grabs a headlock, Hector throws Hart into the ropes, but gets taken down by two shoulderblocks. Hart has locked in a headlock on Guerrero, Guerrero lifts Hart up and hits a release northern lights suplex. Guerrero gets an armlock, which Hart somersaults out of with the assist from the ropes, and gets one of his own. Guerrero with a head scissors takedown, and puts on a headlock with his feet! Hart rolls out of the that in a leg lock. Guerrero reverses Harts irish into the ropes, and goes for a back body drop, but Hart is able to land on his feet. Hart goes for a back body drop on Guerrero but he lands on his feet.
Hart charges at Guerrero who steps out of the way and Hart falls to the outside, Guerrero hits a big plancha to the outside. Guerrero goes to suplex Hart from the apron to the ring, but Hart is able to land on Guerrero for a 2 count. Hart comes off the ropes with a springboard moonsault but Guerrero gets his knees up, and locks in the Jalapeno roll for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Great match. I was very impressed with Keith Hart. I hope he gets another chance in SMW, and potentially becomes a regular. Hector continues on his winning ways, and keeps on showing off his impressive arsenal of moves.
We head to the back with Bob Caudle and Jim Cornette. Jim shows us a video to show off his new tag team. Jim is sitting in the back of the limo with Phil Rainey(?). Jim lets us know that we are heading to there exclusive training facility, which turns out to be Hooters. Jim has rented the entire building out so no-one is going to interrupt them. Three girls run past saying ‘they’re here’ We go to the back and it appears Jim’s tag team is being mobbed by all of the Hooters girls. Jim is not happy at all. Jim says that he is going to try again next week and has a secret location for the reveal of his tag team.
Paul Miller vs. Bob Holly
Lock up to start, Miller with a go behind and Holly hip tosses him over. Another lock up and Holly gets a top wrist lock, which Miller reverses, but Holly reverses it straight back. Miller off the ropes hits a shoulderblock on Holly, he runs the ropes again and Holly leapfrogs Miller, but Miller comes off the ropes with a crossbody, Miller follows that up with an arm drag. Miller goes to lock up but Holly kicks him in the midsection and slugs away at Millers back, Holly whips Miller off the ropes, but Miller gets a sunset flip for a one count.
Miller grabs an armlock, but Holly hits a big clothesline that knocks Miller down. Holly picks up Miller and hits a bodyslam for a 1 count. Holly slams Millers head to the turnbuckle and then and elbow to the back of the head. Holly stomps away on Miller on the mat, he picks him up and whips him off the ropes for a big boot, followed by an elbow drop. Holly whips Miller to the corner, Holly charges and runs into a knee from Miller, Miller is able to take Holly down with a clothesline. Miller throws some punches and whips Holly to the ropes and hits a big dropkick for 1. Miller whips Holly to the ropes again, but gets caught in a neckbreaker by Holly. Holly heads up to the top rope, almost slips off, and hits a dropkick off the top for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Not a bad little match, Holly continues to impress me and plays his character pretty well. Miller got to show off some offence and wasn’t too bad.
We head to the back with Bob caudle who is with Mr. Ron Wright and Dirty White Boy. Ron says he is very disheartened as nobody has been sending him any cheques. DWB says it makes him sick seeing Ron in the wheelchair. DWB says he will win the upcoming SMW Title tournament and get him out of the chair.
The Maulers (Rip Morgan and Jack Victory) vs. The Riches (Johnny and Davey) First round of the SMW Tag Team Title Match
Victory and Davey to start, lock up and Victory sends Davey off the ropes, Davey ducks the clothesline and hits a crossbody block for 1. Lock up, Davey gets a headlock, while Victory pushes Davey off the ropes he tags to Johnny, who comes in and The Riches hit a double dropkick. Morgan comes in and gets a double dropkick, which sends both of The Maulers to the outside. Victory comes back in and tags straight out to Rip. Lock up, and Rip whips Johnny off the ropes, Rip goes for a press slam but Johnny slips out of it, Rip pushes Johnny off his back goes for an elbow drop but misses.
Johnny tags out to Davey, the Riches send Rip down with a double clothesline, Victory comes in and also gets taken down by a double clothesline. Davey gets an arm lock on Rip, who reverses to one of his own and tags out to Victory. Victory continues to work over Davey’s arm. Victory whips Davey off the ropes, Davey ducks a clothesline and runs the ropes but Rip sticks his knee out. Davey turns to face Rip, and Victory knocks him down with a clothesline. Victory tags out to Rip who, puts Davey in the corner and kicks him twice. He then tags out to Victory, and Rip whips Davey to the corner. Rip then whips Davey into a BIG clothesline from Victory.
Victory taunts Johnny who gets into the ring, the referee has his attention turned to Johnny, which allows the Maulers to tag without actually tagging. Victory sticks his boot up in the corner and Rip slams Davey’s head into the boot. Rip tags out to Victory who comes in and punches away at Davey, eventually sending him to the mat. Victory takes Davey to the corner and then whips him to the opposite side, Victory charges at Davey but gets caught with a big boot. Victory tags out to Rip, and Davey gets the hot tag to Johnny. He cleans house of both guys. The Riches whip the Maulers into each other, Davey jumps onto Victory’s back for a sleeper hold, while Johnny is beating away at Rip in the corner.
Johnny pulls Rip’s boot off him, the referee tries to get Johnny out of the ring, not sure why as Johnny is the legal man, which allows Rip to pick up the boot and hit Davey from behind. Victory falls on top for the 1, 2, 3.
Match Thoughts: Wow, if this match is any indication for the rest of the tournament, then this will be a fantastic tag tournament. I have never seen either team before and was very impressed with both of them. The Maulers played the heel team very well and Davey played the face in peril excellently. Apart from the little error at the end with who was the legal man, this was a fantastic match.
We are in the back with Bob Caudle and The Fantastics who are here to reveal there mystery partner.
Bobby lets us know that they are back from Japan and are ready to take on The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden. Tommy Rogers is their mystery partner, he says its good to be back in Knoxville. Tommy said that he got a call from Bobby to help them, he said he would be straight there to take care of The Koloffs and Jimmy Golden.
Before the match starts Jimmy Golden comes out to say he got phone call from The Koloffs saying that BOTH of their wives are given birth right now so they cant be there. Tommy comes over and says he comes a 1000 miles and isn’t going to wrestle nobody, Jimmy pokes him in the chest, and Tommy fires away with a big right hand. Tommy takes Jimmy to the ring leading to…
Jimmy Golden vs. Tommy Rogers
Both guys slug away at each other and before much else can happen, The Wild Bunch charges out to ringside and attacks The Fantastics, which leads us to…
The Wild Bunch and Jimmy Golden vs. The Fantastics
Jimmy and Tommy are still slugging away on the inside while The Fantastics and Wild Bunch are brawling at ringside. All 6 men are now in the ring, and its wild fight going on. Jackie and Tommy whip Jimmy into the ropes and hit a double dropkick that sends him to the outside. Bobby rolls Jimmy back into the ring, and Tommy takes over with a headlock take down, Jimmy pushes Tommy off the ropes and ducks down, Tommy runs over Golden and attacks the Wild Bunch in the corner sending both guys down, and Jimmy bails outside.
Jimmy gets back in the ring and Tommy drags him over to the Fantastics corner and tags out to Bobby. Tommy whips Jimmy off the ropes, and hits him in the midsection and Bobby immediately follows up with a knee lift. Bobby goes for a figure four, but Jimmy kicks him off. Bobby with a headlock and Jimmy falls into his corner but doesn’t tag out. Bobby with two headlocks which Jimmy pushes him down. Jimmy tags out to Joel Deaton. Lock up and Deaton with a nice go behind into a snap mare, Deaton with an elbow drop for a 2 count, Deaton whips Bobby off the ropes and goes for a back elbow but Bobby ducks that and hits a suplex, followed by a headlock which he turns into a leg takedown.
Bobby tags out to Jackie, who continues to work over Deaton’s leg. Jackie whips Deaton off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick! and then a DDT for a 1 count, as Billy Black dives in to break up the count. Jackie with a headlock but Deaton lifts him up and hits a nice belly to back suplex, Deaton rolls over and tags to Black. Black gets a headlock on Jackie in the corner, Jackie reverses into a wrist lock, Black is able to reverse out of that and throws Jackie to the outside. Black follows him outside, and Jackie is able to catch Black when he comes back into the ring.
Jackie goes to throw Black outside but he is able to hang on the ropes and flip to the apron and then flip back inside, impressive. Jackie catches him straight away with a clothesline that finally sends Black to the outside. Bobby hops off the apron and dropkicks Black, which Jackie follows up with a flying body press to the outside. Jackie pins Black for a 2 count as he gets his foot on the rope.Jackie tags out to Bobby, who gets a headlock and comes off the ropes, Deaton is able to catch Bobby with a knee to the back. Black with a knee to Bobby’s head, Black tags out to Golden who hits a bodyslam, and then quickly tags back out to Deaton.
Jimmy holds Bobby in place, and Deaton hits a nice superkick. Deaton whips Bobby to the corner, but Bobby is able to catch him in a head scissor takedown. Jimmy grabs Bobby and holds him against the ropes, which allows Deaton to punch away at Bobby and tag out to Golden. Jimmy whips Bobby to the ropes, but gets caught in a sunset flip by Bobby. Black comes into the ring to break up the count which leads to Jackie and Tommy coming in to the ring. All 6 guys are in the ring, Deaton sends Tommy to the outside, and he hits a double suplex with Golden on Bobby. Golden has Bobby up for a fall away slam, but Tommy comes off the top with a drop-kick to the back of Bobby, that allows him to fall onto Golden for the 1, 2, 3.
After the match all 6 guys continue to brawl in the ring.Black comes off the top rope with a nice moonsault onto Bobby. Tim Horner runs out from the back and cleans house of Jimmy Golden and The Wild Bunch.
Match Thoughts: Absolutely great 6 man tag team action. The Wild Bunch seem like a very good tag team, and im looking forward to next weeks match of The Wild Bunch against The Fantastics. Tommy Rogers didn’t get to show to much, but he looked good from what he was able to show off. The start off the match reminded me of the old style ECW brawls where you were not sure what was going to happen.
We head to the back with Bob Caudle and Bob Armstrong. Bob Armstrong lets us know that he is fining the Koloffs $500 each for not showing up for their scheduled match and also says that they cant wrestle in the SMW Tag Team Title Tournament until the fines are paid.
Show Thoughts: This show featured a very good match in Keith Hart vs. Hector Guerrero, and two fantastic main events. The Tag Title Tournament got off to a great start with the match tonight, and im pumped for the match next week. The 6 man tag was just great and continues the feud along nicely. Easy thumbs up for this weeks show.

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