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WCW Saturday Night 2/13/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated Fred Avery & Joe Cruz
2.)Rick Thames defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader by reverse decision
3.)Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Steve Austin in a 10-minute time limit challenge
4.)Barry Windham & Paul Orndorff defeated WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes & Cactus Jack by disqualification
5.)Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn defeated Bob Cook & Ali Pasha

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Backstage, Barry Windham and Paul Orndorff are interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Orndorff wants to know who Dustin Rhodes mystery partner is going to be later tonight. Windham and Orndorff are yelling at each other to end the interview.

2.Backstage, Dustin Rhodes is standing with his mystery partner and warns Windham and Orndorff that they will meet him soon. His mystery partner was hidden under a blanket and smoking a cigar.

3.Jim Ross talks to Gordon Solie about what happened last week with the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette. We get a reminder of what happened last week.

4.Steve Austin and Brian Pillman were interviewed by Jim Ross. Austin will be wrestling Marcus Alexander Bagwell later on. Austin knows they will be wearing the WCW World Tag Team Championships very soon. Pillman blames Bagwell for attacking him from behind to beat him recently. Pillman doesn’t think Bagwell can hang with Bagwell for ten minutes.

5.Can Bagwell last ten minutes in the ring with Austin? Let’s find out. It’s a slow start for these two as they keep a slow pace since they probably have ten minutes of work to go. Bagwell counters a suplex attempt by Austin with one of his own. Austin kicks out and tosses Bagwell to the floor so he can taunt the fans. This has been a boring match with Bagwell controlling Austin with a side headlock. Austin drives Bagwell down to the mat with a suplex as there is five minutes left in the contest. Austin connects with a back suplex for a two count. Bagwell is able to lock in a sleeper hold on Austin as he tries to hang on for ten minutes. Bagwell nearly gets a rollup and delivers a clothesline followed by a backdrop. Austin stops Bagwell with a few elbow strikes but Bagwell bails to the floor to kill time. Bagwell hits a suplex on Austin from the apron back into the ring. Late in the match, Austin tries to finish Bagwell off with a gut wrench suplex but Bagwell kicks out. Bagwell is able to last ten minutes with Austin and is awarded the match. This match was really just any other match that has had a time limit draw. It was the same formula and everything. Nothing to see here.

6.Who is the mystery partner? It’s Cactus Jack and all four men begin to brawl to kickoff the main event! The crowd is going nuts for these four men. Jack works on Orndorff while Rhodes and Windham brawl on the floor. Jack rams Orndorff into the top turnbuckle several times once order is restored and they are the legal men for the match. Jack connects with a leg drop to the back of Orndorff’s neck. Back from a break, Rhodes has kept control of Orndorff’s arm with an arm lock and hits a suplex. Orndorff clotheslines Rhodes and Windham enters but is clotheslined by Rhodes a couple of times. Windham drives Jack down to the mat with a back suplex to gain the upper hand. Orndorff comes off the top rope to deliver an elbow smash to Jack and works on Jack in the corner with several stomps. Windham enters and drops Jack with a standing dropkick. Rhodes gets the hot tag from Jack and cleans house with dropkicks. Rhodes clotheslines Windham for a two count. Orndorff and Jack go to the floor to brawl. Orndorff hip tosses Jack on the aisle way while Rhodes hits a bulldog on Windham. Jack comes back with a shovel and hits Orndorff with the shovel to cause the disqualification. After the match, Jack kisses the shovel a couple of times.

7.The Wrecking Crew cut a promo saying they are coming for Douglas and Steamboat because they want the titles. Next week they will be in action against Johnny Gunn and Tom Zenk.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the tag match involving Windham, Orndorff, Jack and Rhodes there wasn’t anything on this hour edition of Saturday Night that was good. The Austin/Bagwell match was, as I said earlier, just the same as any other time limit draw you would see. There wasn’t any developments in the top angles, really. This is a skippable show.

Thanks for reading.

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