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Random Ramblings #8: Orton Suspended, Richards To Retire?, Ambrose

Random Ramblings #8:
Written by:
Bob Colling

Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days, Davey Richards is going to retire at the end of 2014, King Mabel should have been WWF World Champion, and Dean Ambrose!

Rambling #1: Oh boy, Randy Orton recently got suspended for his second wellness violation. That means he is gone for sixty days and likely will not be part of SummerSlam this year. The last I heard, the plan was for him to wrestle Brock Lesnar at the event. That has to be tossed out the window. Is Orton’s spot in danger? No. I don’t see anyone being a threat to Orton’s spot on the roster since he is a top babyface on the Smackdown brand. Some people have suggested that he turn heel, but it just not needed. If he is going to remain on Smackdown, he needs to be a face to balance out the card. It’s a shame that Orton got suspended, but the bright side is that he will be off television for a little bit and when he returns the fans will be pumped to see him compete again.

Rambling #2: Former ROH World Champion Davey Richards has stated that he will be retiring at the end of 2014. Fans will hate it because he is a good wrestler and why would he retire before his time is up. The other side of fans will give him props for stepping away with his health intact. I personally think Richards retiring at the end of 2014 is a fine decision. Who am I, or anyone for that matter, to judge when he decides to hang it up. The fact of the matter is, Richards is an independent wrestler who has no desire to make the big leagues. Otherwise, he would already be in WWE or TNA. Richards has done a lot in his short career and should be commended for wanting to move on with his life not in danger or seriously compromised.

Rambling #3: I was randomly watching a shoot interview with Nelson Frazier, better known as King Mabel or Viscera in the WWE. During the course of the interview, Mabel thought it was a realistic thought to have him win the WWF World Championship at SummerSlam 1995 and have Diesel chase after him to regain it. Could you imagine a world where King Mabel were to win the WWF World Championship? I mean, by August 1995, Mabel had only been a singles wrestler for about four months or so and was not a great wrestler by any means. He was nowhere near being WWF World Champion caliber, but I guess people need to think of themselves in high regard.

Rambling #4: Lastly, I’m very excited to see the debut of Dean Ambrose. I was lucky enough to see him wrestle at a RAW house show here in Syracuse, NY back in May and the guy got some very good heat for someone who hasn’t been on WWE television. I’m sold on Ambrose becoming a top heel in the WWE and becoming the first real star WWE has made in a long time. People need to look up some of his stuff in FCW and his indy stuff as Jon Moxley.

That’s all I got for this Random Ramblings edition. Feel free to leave your opinions.

Thanks for reading.


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