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Welcome Mike Campbell to Wrestling Recaps!

Join me in welcoming Mike Campbell to the website. Mike has been writing reviews for years and his reviews will be arriving here on Wrestling Recaps when the next update is posted in the next few days. Below is Mike’s grading system along with an introduction of himself!

For those who already know me, I’ll just say “What’s up, peeps?” for those who don’t, an introduction is in order. My name is Mike Campbell, I’m a married father of two who writes about pro wrestling in my limited spare time. I’m not big on play by play, I’m more of a summary/analysis person, with focus on things like storytelling and psychology. I may be in the minority, but I’d much rather see a simple and smart ten minute match without any crazy high spots instead of Kurt Angle give AJ Styles that big suplex off the top, and then AJ be on his feet ten seconds later throwing fists.

As far as star ratings go, I don’t bother rating anything that I feel is below ***. I personally don’t feel that it’s worth the time and effort to really be debating if something is * vs. ** or ** vs. **1/2, in my eyes they’re all below par. In addition to here, you can find my reviews on as well as my own website

Remember, you can join Wrestling Recaps too. Whether you want to review a show or supply a column, just send me an e-mail…


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