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Whatever You Do, Don’t Get Married In A Wrestling Ring!

There have been plenty of weddings during the history of wrestling. Most, if not all of them, end in some kind of brawl or drama. Here are some weddings that I found to be most notable. Which, is mostly all of them.

Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth: After a few years of being a bad guy, Savage changed his ways at WrestleMania VII after he lost to the Ultimate Warrior in a retirement match. Sensational Sherri turned on Savage and Elizabeth left the crowd and ran down to the ring to be by the man she loved. It was an emotional moment when Savage embraced the woman he had been crazy for. Since Savage was no longer wrestling for the company (storyline), he was able to spend plenty of time with Elizabeth and during a house show at Madison Square Garden before SummerSlam, he revealed his intentions to ask Elizabeth to marry him. Soon enough, he asked and she said “ohhh yeahh.” The wedding was one for the ages as Elizabeth looked gorgeous and Savage was happy. However, the wedding didn’t end so well. Jake Roberts turned into a evil snake as he gave the new couple a snake and the Undertaker attacked Savage with his urn. Thankfully, Sid Justice saved the newly wed couple, but they didn’t exactly get the happy ending thanks to Jake Roberts and the Undertaker.

Stephanie McMahon & Test, wait make that Triple H:November 29th, 1999 is a date that Test surely had never forgotten. He fell for the daughter of his boss and his career was going well at the time. Since Vince McMahon’s only daughter was getting married he naturally was going to go all out for the wedding. Everything was going smoothly until the question does anyone object to this marriage was asked. After a moment, Triple H walked out and you just knew something bad was about to take place. HHH proceeded to reveal a video of a drugged up Stephanie McMahon in a car getting married to the Game in a drive-thru wedding ceremony. It was later revealed that the ceremony was something that Stephanie was in on and they would become a powerful couple on television for a couple of years. As for Test, he never would get his happy moment. He was lost in the midcard and the wedding would be brought up rarely on television.

Stacy Keibler & David Flair: If you’re like me whenever you hear or read the name David Flair you are subject to shaking your head in disbelief and laughter likely follows. That was the same reaction I had when David was going to marry the ever beautiful former Nitro Girl, Stacy Keibler. At the time of September 11th, 2000 Stacy was pregnant and it was assumed that David was the father. The wedding takes place, but drama quickly arrives. David’s father, Ric Flair, is escorted out of the arena because he lost a retirement match to Vince Russo months earlier. It didn’t end there, though. Stacy ended up getting cold feet and revealed to David on national television that he wasn’t the father. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with David. He would go insane and look to find the father. Like usual Vince Russo angles, this was dropped without any solution. I’ve read reports that the father was supposed to be Ric Flair or Jerry Lawler would have came into the company in early 2001 to play the role. Instead, it was just forgotten about. Where are they now? The last I knew David Flair was still in North Carolina and gave up on wrestling by 2007. As for Stacy, she is dating some guy named George.

Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo: Some people don’t believe in equal rights, but the WWE was supportive of “lovers” Billy and Chuck decision to get married. So much so, they held the wedding on Smackdown on September 12th, 2002. Billy and Chuck started their “relationship” earlier in the year and professed their love for each other. Well, it wasn’t actually love. No, instead it was all just a stunt to get them some publicity, and they blamed that on Rico. But, there was another announcement. The priest was actually Eric Bischoff under a disguise and he ended up having his henchmen, Jamal and Rosey, attack Billy and Chuck. I’d assume they didn’t believe in equal rights. Billy and Chuck would soon drift apart and their careers would never really reach the peak level it did here.

Lita & Kane:Talk about an odd reason to get married. Lita was trying to be a good girlfriend when she decided to have sexual relations with Kane to prevent her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, from getting beaten up. That alone is odd since it’s wrestling. That’s the name of the game, really. Anyway, Lita did the deed but she ended up getting pregnant. Kane, who apparently wanted to be a father badly, basically became obsessed with having a child to groom. However, Lita didn’t want Kane, she wanted to be with Matt. What’s the proper solution for this? Matt Hardy and Kane had a match at SummerSlam 2004 where if Matt Hardy lost, Lita would be forced to marry Kane. That’s exactly what happened. So, on August 23rd, 2004 the unwilling Lita married Kane. Yes, Matt Hardy tried to prevent it from happening, but he got beaten up, which Lita was trying to avoid in the first place! The relationship wouldn’t last, and their child was lost when Lita was injured by Gene Snitsky. The lost of the child saw Kane and Lita get along and the once unhappy relationship seemed to have taken a turn for the better.

Edge & Lita: Hopefully you don’t get too confused here. First of all, Lita and Matt were still a couple, in real-life. They ended up breaking up because Lita cheated on Matt with his good friend, Edge. That’s not an angle, that actually happen. Matt went public and got fired. The fans didn’t like Lita and so they decided to make the real-life situation into an angle. That meant Lita left Kane and started a relationship with Edge. They looked to get married on June 20th, 2005 but Kane ruined the ceremony by attacking the groom after hiding underneath the ring.

Kurt & Karen Angle: This was a renewing of vows since Kurt and Karen had been married for quite some time prior to the February 14th , 2008 edition of TNA Impact. At the time, Angle was feuding with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. Since it’s protocol for a wedding to go wrong, this one did as well. Joe and Nash came out and attacked Angle. They embarrassed him by stripping him down to his underwear. But, that isn’t the worst. The worst of it might be the fact that Karen Angle and AJ Styles got married! You see, the minister was knocked out during the brawl and when he got up he pronounced Karen and AJ to be man and wife. As you may expect, that caused friction between AJ and Kurt. The fact that AJ got excited and kissed Karen was probably a factor as well.

Jay Lethal & So Cal Val:There was a lot of love in TNA during 2008, I must say. At Slammiversary 2008 on June 8th, Jay Lethal and So Cal Val were set to get married. At the time, Lethal was playing the role of Randy Savage and So Cal Val was basically his Miss Elizabeth. Just like Savage & Elizabeth, the wedding didn’t exactly go according to plan. You see, Sonjay Dutt became jealous of his friend Lethal and fell in love with So Cal Val. Dutt decided to turn on Lethal and would begin to fight for So Cal Val’s love. Eventually, Val would leave Lethal and associate herself with Dutt. Oh, and by the way, Jake Roberts was at the wedding. He will not be at my wedding, that’s for sure.

Vickie Guerrero & Edge: Once Vickie Guerrero got the job as the Smackdown General Manager, Edge swooped in and quickly won her heart. Edge was able to get what he wanted since his girlfriend was in charge. In an attempt to keep that going, Edge wanted to marry Vickie Guerrero. So, on July 18th, 2008 the wedding took place. However, Triple H decided he wanted to ruin other wedding ceremony. No. he didn’t drug Vickie and marry her. That didn’t happen. Instead, HHH somehow managed to get footage of Edge kissing a wedding planner in a hotel room. Vickie flipped out and it was assumed that the marriage between Edge and Vickie was over. Instead, they were able to get through it and lasted for quite sometime. That was until Edge revealed to Vickie that he never loved her and instead was using her for her power.

AJ & Daniel Bryan: The most recent of weddings as it happened six days ago. AJ fell hard for Daniel, who was never really into her, or never actually expressed love for her. AJ eventually began to get all flirty and whatnot with guys like CM Punk and Kane which caused Bryan to realize that he loved AJ and wanted to spend his life with her. Shockingly, AJ decided she still loved Daniel and said yes to marrying him on July 23rd, 2012. In a rather surprising turn of events, AJ left Daniel at the alter. You see, she was offered the job of being the RAW General Manager and she accepted. I’m not entirely sure why having the GM job would prevent her from marrying Bryan since a previous GM has gotten married, but oh well.

Those are most of the weddings that have taken place in wrestling history. Feel free to share your thoughts or reactions to the weddings listed or share some of your own!

Thanks for reading.


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