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NWA Hollywood 11/26/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood TV
From: Southern California

1.)Austin Aries defeated Famous B
2.)Lucky O’Shea defeated Rachael Summerland
3.)Slymm defeated Ray Rosas
4.)Joey Ryan defeated Kaos

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. This is the debut of Austin Aries in NWA Hollywood. Considering how Aries is the greatest wrestler to live, this is wonderful to see. Unlike last week, Famous B is able to get some moves in against Aries, but the outcome of this was never in doubt. Aries won the match with a creative submission hold which looked like he used a figure four with his arms to get the submission. Famous B was also able to hold his own for several minutes and put forth a solid outing. After the match, Austin Aries is interviewed. Aries is looking forward to do things on his own time and proceeds to do the announcers job! When they come back from break, Aries is properly interviewed. Aries gives answers when he dictates. Aries wants people to watch the show to see why he is in NWA Hollywood. Aries will reveal why he is here when he is damn ready to do so! Aries has respect for Adam Pearce because he is a straight shooter. It is great to have Austin Aries in this company, that’s for sure.

2. Speaking of debuts, this is also the debut of Rachael Summerland. A mystery man comes down to the ringside area and that allows Lucky to roll Rachael up for the win. The man is associated with Lucky, apparently.

3. Joey Ryan cuts a promo saying that people have been coming after him for years and he is still standing. Ryan tells Joey Kaos that tonight he deals with him. I’m pretty sure we knew that information.

4. Have you had enough debuts? Well, too bad. We also get the debut of Slymm! Slymm uses his body to splash Rosas as he comes off the ropes to win the bout. After the match, Slymm is interviewed by Dave Marquez who said “keeping the gangstas in the house.” That should never happen again, ever. Slymm says he has everything from money to cars. The one thing he doesn’t have is the NWA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He is keeping it gangsta in the NWA.

5. Ryan hammers away on Kaos on the floor and sends him into the wall by ringside. Kaos drops Joey throat first across the top rope to gain the advantage. Kaos continues his offense with a running clothesline in the corner. Ryan is trying to get the pinfall with a few quick rollups but Kaos is kicking out each time. Ryan battles back with a nice German suplex and both men are down. Ryan avoids Kaos and sends him to the floor where Ryan takes Kaos out with a suicide dive! Ryan gets a two count following a top rope crossbody back in the ring. Kaos runs right into a spinebuster. Kaos avoids a superkick and drops Ryan across the top but Ryan hits a spear for a two count. Kaos plants Ryan with a Death Valley Driver but isn’t able to get the three count! Ryan blocks a moonsault by getting his knees up and he superkicks Kaos. Peter Avalon comes out and is yanked into the ring by Ryan! Avalon is dumped over the top and Ryan is nailed by Kaos with a running yakuza kick to win the match! (**1/2. A decent match with the right outcome. I was thinking Ryan was going to get some revenge quickly, but this must mean Kaos and Avalon are in line for a good push in NWA Hollywood. I can get behind that.) After the match, Avalon and Kaos attack Ryan some more after Ryan tried to get some blows in on them. Willie Mack comes running out with a 2×4 to run the heels out of the ring.

Final Thoughts:
An average edition this week for NWA Hollywood. They had three new debuts, which seemed a bit excessive to me. Of the three of them, Aries coming in to the company is the best of them all. It should be interesting to see what role he plays here. Lastly, the main event was okay and I like the heel duo of Kaos and Avalon. Avalon is easy to dislike and Kaos isn’t bad in the ring. Next week show will see Willie Mack challenge NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce with Colt Cabana as the special referee.

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