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NWA Hollywood 12/3/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood TV
From: Southern California

1.)Rasche Brown defeated Rico Dynomite
2.)Navajo Warrior defeated Nick Madrid
3.)NWA World Champion Adam Pearce fought Willie Mack to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce makes his way out before the first match can even begin. Rico Dynomite is the enhancement talent in the ring, but he simply leaves to let the champ talk. He is pissed that he has to defend the championship against Willie Mack tonight. He doesn’t think the fans deserve another main event from him. Pearce wants the fans to bow down to greatness, but Rasche Brown makes his way down to the ring. Adam backs away and leaves the ring to avoid Brown.

2.David Marquez talks about the happenings for the NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships. Percy Pringle has asked for a three way non-title match for his men Natural Selection against Los Louchas and the champs RockNES Monsters!

3.We get a sit down interview with Willie Mack who said his teacher in school told him that he would be good at wrestling because he liked wrestling. Mack had a rough childhood and is helping his father as he makes his journey in wrestling. Willie knows he can win the NWA World Championship.

4.After his squash match, Warrior is interviewed. He believes they are being ignored and the only time they get attention is when they are getting fined or suspended. He says a surprise is coming for NWA Hollywood!

5.Joey Kaos gives us a background on his path to NWA Hollywood. He wants to show everyone what he can do in the ring. He even mentions his run in XPW (which surprises me) and he mentions holding the XPW Television Championship for eighteen months. Kaos says it isn’t our business to know why he attacked Joey Ryan.

6.The main event is getting a lot of time this week, so I’m guessing a draw or something. Oh, and Colt Cabana is the special referee of the match. Mack gets the early advantage with several strikes and a backdrop! Pearce comes off the ropes but runs into a clothesline and gets a two count. Pearce bails to the floor to get away from Mack. Cabana is calling this one fair. Mack dropkicks Pearce in the corner and gets a near fall. Pearce keeps on bailing to the floor to avoid Mack’s flurry of offense. Mack kicks Pearce on the apron and gets a two count. Pearce gets some momentum by yanking Mack to the floor and acts like he is going to hit Cabana but doesn’t. Pearce double stomps Mack from the apron onto the floor. Mack quickly battles back with a kick. We hear from one of the announcers that Scorpio Sky has been attacked backstage. Who attacked Sky!? Back to the match, Pearce splashes Mack but Mack comes back with clotheslines and a scoop slam. Pearce shoves Cabana into the ropes and that crotches Mack on the top rope. Pearce follows up by hitting a hurricanrana but Mack no sells it and takes Pearce over with a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Mack splashes Pearce in the corner but runs into a back elbow. Mack hits a Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault but Pearce kicks out! Pearce wants to shake Mack’s hand but Mack sucker punches him. Mack clotheslines Pearce over the top to the floor. Mack punches Pearce and Cabana is knocked off the apron on accident! Pearce tries to use the title but Cabana grabs the belt and Pearce spits in his face. Mack covers Pearce after Cabana punches him and Mack gets a two count. Pearce sends Mack into the Cabana and hits both Cabana and Mack with the championship! Mack is sent to the floor and Pearce hammers away on Cabana until other officials come running out. Pearce knock them out as well. Pearce stands over Cabana as the match has been tossed out. (**1/2. A decent main event, but the point of this was to advance the feud between Pearce and Cabana. It did a fine job of that. Besides, it is far too early to consider Mack a serious threat to the championship. He needs to built up more in the company, in my opinion.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s good to see that the company has developed a lot feuds. We got Pearce/Cabana, Kaos/Ryan, Selection/Monsters, Claudio/Mack, and whomever attacked Sky. It was a fine episode this week and continued a few of the feuds. So, I thought it was a productive show.

Thanks for reading.


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