NWA Hollywood TV 12/10/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood TV
From: Southern California

1.)Scorpio Sky defeated Peter Avalon
2.)Brandon Parker & Todd Chandler defeated Anchors Away
3.)Nikki defeated Thunder Kitty
4.)Natural Selection defeated Los Luchas & NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions RockNES Monsters in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Scorpio Sky opens the show to talk about being attacked last week. Sky is wondering what kind of man attacks other man from behind. Sky is thinking it was Peter Avalon and Joey Kaos. He wants to know if they can attack him face to face tonight. Sky calls them out to do it in the ring tonight!

2. Avalon is knocked off the apron before the bell as Sky wants to get revenge on Avalon early. Sky tosses Peter into the ring and works over Avalon with a backbreaker. Sky continues to work over Peter with a knee lift and an elbow drop. Sky hits a splash in the corner and comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Avalon gets out of a TKO and superkicks Sky for a near fall. Avalon gets out of a sleeper hold with a back suplex. Avalon hits a slingshot knee drop from the apron back into the ring for a near fall. Sky traps Avalon in a choke hold but they were in the ropes. Sky gets a two count following a springboard crossbody. Avalon gets out of the TKO and hits a kneeling Flatliner for a two count of his own. Sky tosses Peter over with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Peter hits a double underhook sit down powerbomb but Scorpio kicks out before three! Sky blocks a leg lariat and hits the TKO to win the match. After the match, Joey Kaos enters the ring and attacks Sky from behind! Joey Ryan runs out to make the save. (***. A good match between Sky and Avalon. I continue to have fun watching Avalon rise from a jobber to a respectable wrestler. I was hoping there may have been a BS finish to protect Avalon and keep him strong, but Sky winning is a fine choice.)

3. David Marquez interviews Lucky O’Shea. O’Shea introduces her brother Mikey O’Shea who is a silent guard for his sister, I guess. She is confident that no one will beat her with her brother by her side!

4. Austin Aries is in the ring and has something important to tell the fans. Aries says that Scorpio Sky was proclaiming that he knew who attacked him. Austin is here to announce that he was the man who attacked Scorpio Sky and it wasn’t Peter Avalon or Joey Kaos! Scorpio Sky comes out and Aries bails to the apron. Aries tells Sky it isn’t personal. He is here in the NWA to make a statement. Aries mocks Sky’s name and is grabbed on the apron. Avalon and Kaos run out to attack Sky from behind. Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan and Willie Mack run out to make the save for Sky. NWA World Champion Adam Pearce comes out and it looks like those four heels are together in crime. Colt Cabana wants to settle their issues next week. Cabana wants an eight man elimination tag team match!

5. Natural Selection attack Los Luchas during their introduction. The RockNES Monsters attack the Natural Selection from behind as well. Goodtime springboards off a barricade to hit a moonsault on the floor! The champs double team Richter with a senton splash and a leg drop. Los Luchas hit a backbreaker/legdrop combo on Cage. Yuma is suplexed by the Natural Selection but kicks out before three. Yuma is being worked over by the Selection in their corner. Yuma tries to fight back against Cage but he is knocked down to the canvas. Zokre gets the tag from Yuma but Richter powerslams Zokre to the mat for a near fall. Cage enters to hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Cage soon puts a Boston Crab on Zokre in the middle of the ring. Phoenix Star kicks Cage and Goodtime gets tagged in to dropkick Cage. Goodtime springboard dropkicks Richter off the apron. Goodtime gets a near fall on Cage following a slingshot leg drop. Cage counters a go behind with a German suplex. Zokre enters but is hit by Yuma with a neckbreaker. Richter hits a version of the Celtic Cross but is speared by Phoenix Star. They do a tower spot in the corner with everyone being suplexed. Natural Selection miss top rope attempts on their opponents. Los Lucha and the Monsters go up top but the Selection are able to crotch them all on the top ropes. Richter uses the tag rope to tie up Goodtime. Richter hits a high slam on Star! The Selection hit the Deselection on Yuma (almost botched by Cage) to win the match. (***1/4. Some quality action throughout by the men involved in this one. It looks like the Natural Selection have a shot against the tag champs coming there way. I’m a fan of both men as they are good workers and are easy to hate. A good main event this week.)

Final Thoughts:
A productive episode this week. Aries being the guy to attack Scorpio Sky wasn’t all that surprising. After all, Aries had cut a promo saying he was going to do things to make a splash, basically. I have a feeling that Sky and Aries will be able to produce some of the better matches in NWA Hollywood’s history. Plus, we got two solid matches on the show and a big main event set up for next week. A job done well by NWA Hollywood this week!

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