NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #37 3/26/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action Weekly PPV #37
From: Nashville, TN

1.)AJ Styles defeated Mike Sanders
2.)Jerry Lynn defeated Konnan
3.)David Young fought Sonny Siaki to a no contest
4.)Dusty Rhodes defeated David Flair in a bunkhouse match
5.)NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash & Trinity defeated Amazing Red & Alexis Laree
6.)D’Lo Brown defeated Chris Harris
7.)Perry Saturn, Sandman, Brian Lee & Slash defeated Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, Ron Harris & Don Harris in a Sadistic Madness match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. AJ Styles stormed into the S.E.X locker room with a chainsaw and yelled at the members for costing him the NWA World Championship last week. Styles ends up demanding Glenn Gilbertti to wrestle him tonight, but once AJ leaves, Gilbertti gives Mike Sanders the assignment to battle Styles.

2. Styles hammers away on Sanders as soon as the bell sounds. AJ delivers a clothesline in the corner and continues to control Sanders. Sanders hits a slingshot head scissors from the apron back into the ring. Sanders stops Styles by sending him to the floor and it looks like AJ landed dangerously on his neck. AJ jumps off the apron to plant Sanders with a reverse DDT! Sanders drives AJ down to the mat with a wheelbarrow slam. Mike displays some good offense as he connected with an arm trapped suplex for a near fall. Styles fights back with a big clothesline as Mike comes off the ropes. AJ connects with clothesline and dropkicks to keep control of the bout. Sanders avoids the Styles Clash by reaching the ropes. Sanders hits a Back Stabber but can’t put Styles away. Styles escapes a neckbreaker and superkicks Sanders. Sonny Siaki and Glenn Gilbertti come out to distract Styles. Siaki holds AJ but Sanders superkicks Siaki on accident and Styles nearly rolls Sanders up! Sanders knocks Gilbertti off the apron on accident and Styles win the match with a roll up. (**1/2. A decent start to the show. The interference was obvious, but Sanders was able to hold his own with Styles and made it an entertaining opener this week.) After the match, Gilbertti shoves Sanders but Sanders comes back with a shove of his own. Sanders leaves as Siaki was trying to restore order.

3. Konnan attacks Lynn before the bell sounds to get the cheap advantage. Lynn is dumped to the floor where Lynn is able to send Konnan into the guard railing Konnan catches Lynn in midair and powerbombs Jerry on the floor! They botch a middle rope attempt as it just looked awkward, but apparently Konnan got the better of the move. Lynn blocks a splash by getting his boot up. Lynn dropkicks Konnan and gets a near fall on a roll up. Konnan drops Lynn with a rolling thunder lariat but can’t get a three count. Lynn plants Konnan with a DDT but still can’t keep Konnan down long enough. Lynn pins Konnan with a roll up. (*1/2. It is clear to me that Konnan can’t keep up with a guy like Jerry Lynn. He was gasping for air near the end of this one. If Konnan is going to stick around, he must be used in matches outside of the X-Division for sure.) After the match, a masked luchadore leaps off the top rope and dropkicks Lynn. The luchadore plants Lynn with a DDT and runs away. Konnan has no idea who that was.

4. Mike Tenay did an interview with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett called Erik Watts and David Flair jokes when it comes to contending for the championship. Jarrett put over real challengers like AJ, Raven, D’Lo Brown and Ron Killings. Tenay brought up the interview with Vince Russo kids and if Jarrett had any regret for doing that segment. We don’t get an answer, really, as Jarrett storms out of the interview. I should note that Jarrett was at a charity event and not at the show this week.

5. Jim Mitchell and his men came out to the ring and explained the rules to the Sadistic Madness match. Basically you can only get a pinfall by pinning someone who is bleeding. Eventually, Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and the Harris Brothers come out and confront the New Church. Daniels made a point by saying that SEX was better than the New Church because they had more members. Anyway, The Sandman comes out to help the New Church when a brawl takes place, but more importantly Perry Saturn made his debut and cleaned SEX out of the ring. It would appear both Sandman and Saturn will be competing in the Sadistic Madness!

6. Young attacks Siaki before the bell and delivers a few atomic drops to get the early advantage. David comes off the top to hit a flying crossbody for a two count. Siaki is not having an easy time in the early stages of the bout. Siaki catches Young jumping off the apron and rams Young head first into the ring steps! Siaki connects with a flipping neckbreaker after coming off the ropes but Young refuses to stay down. Young plants Siaki with a spinebuster but doesn’t make the cover. Athena gets on the apron and slaps Siaki from the apron. She gets in the ring and low blows Siaki. Desire comes out and attacks Athena to cause the end of the match. (*1/2. This was more of an angle advancement than a match, but for what they were doing, it wasn’t bad. I’d imagine a mixed tag match will be coming soon enough.) After the match, Young is handcuffed to the bottom rope. Siaki has Athena and he hits a swinging neckbreaker!

7. Erik Watts, Brian Lawler and David Flair came out to the ring to talk. Watts revealed that he wasn’t in the company for a title shot. Instead, he just wanted to play mind games with Jeff Jarrett. The lights go out and when they return, Jarrett is in the ring with a guitar and he smashes it over Erik’s head! He wasn’t at the charity event! Jarrett issued a challenge for anyone else to come out that wanted a shot at him. Of course, the challenge is answered. It is answered by D’Lo Brown! Brown tells Jarrett that he was promised a title shot when he came to TNA and that it wasn’t anything personal but rather just all about business. Glenn Gilbertti comes out and announces that Brown will be the next man to get a title shot, and will get that shot next week. Glenn also said that S.E.X will be in Brown’s corner and when D’Lo wins he will join S.E.X!

8. I’m going to hope the bunkhouse match is rather quick. Dusty is whipping Flair on the floor to open the match. Flair drives a shovel into Dusty before whacking him over the back with it. Rhodes drops Flair with a cowbell and that’s it. Thank goodness, it was about three minutes long. After the match, Dusty grabs the replica NWA World Championship. Brian Lawler comes out and steals the championship again!

9. Backstage, Goldylocks interviewed Chris Harris about why he was doing a singles match. Harris assured her that he wasn’t looking to break up his team with James Storm was just wanted to do a singles match.

10. Kash and Red start the match and neither man gets a clear advantage in the opening moments. Kash pokes Red in the eyes and hits a gorilla press slam. Laree tags in and she is slapped by the champ. Trinity tags in and Laree takes her down with a quick drop toe hold. Laree dropkicks Trinity for a near fall. The ladies knock the men off the apron and continue to go at it. They both attempt clotheslines and collide in the middle of the ring. Red and Kash tag in and Red quickly hits a crossbody. Kash comes back with a few clotheslines. Red hits a somersault slam on Kash off the top rope. Trinity hits a moonsault on Laree to win the match. (**1/4. An average match here but I’m never really a fan of mixed tag matches. All four of them tried out there and there was some quality action throughout.) After the match, Kash is clearly not happy with Trinity getting the victory, again.

11. I’m pretty sure this is the first match where there hasn’t been an attack before the bell. They trade arm drags and duck under clotheslines before having a standoff. Harris connects with a delayed vertical suplex but Brown pops up at two. Brown fights back with a heel kick and drops a leg for a two count. Harris mounts D’Lo and hammers away on Brown. Harris clotheslines Brown and heads to the top rope to hit a crossbody but Brown kicks out. Brown plants Brown with a DDT for another near fall. Brown avoids a spear and Harris takes the referee out on accident. Brown slams Harris and heads to the top rope. Harris avoids a frog splash! Harris decides to go up top but he misses an elbow drop! Here comes Glenn Gilbertti who hits an ace crusher on Harris. Brown crawls over and gets the victory. (**. A lame ending to the match that wasn’t all that good to begin with. Obviously Brown was going over since he has a title shot next week.)

12. Sandman hits himself with a beer can several times and is bleeding already, so he could lose already. He sure is intelligent. Saturn and Skipper open the match, which I guess has rules to it after all. Saturn clotheslines Daniels and tosses Skipper with a suplex and the same happens to Daniels. Saturn hits a double suplex on XXX but the Harris Brothers come in and everyone starts to brawl! Sandman is powerbombed onto a chair but Don only gets a two count. Ron big boots a chair into Slash’s face on the floor. Slash has been busted open as well. Skipper comes off the top to legdrop Saturn. Daniels hits a spinning heel kick on Saturn to maintain control. Don Harris is busted open as well. Skipper takes Saturn out with twisting dive on the floor. Slash busts Daniels open with a spike. Harris Brothers hit an H-Bomb on Sandman, Saturn and Brian Lee! Skipper comes off the top to hit Sandman with a legdrop. Daniels nearly pins Slash with the Best Moonsault Ever! Saturn connects with a powerbomb on Daniels and a spinning sit-out slam for a two count. Don hits Slash with a tag team championship but can’t put him away on the cover attempt. Daniels knocks Saturn off his feet with a kick but misses a moonsault. Saturn knocks Daniels out with a superkick but Daniels finds a way to kick out. Saturn drives Daniels down with the DVD but Skipper breaks up the count. Saturn is driven down with an H-Bomb! Ron Killings comes out and attacks the Harris Brothers. Nelson Knight is in the ring as well and he powerbombs Daniels! Knight and Killings leave. Saturn has covered Daniels and wins. After the match, the rest of SEX come out and set up tables. Skipper and Daniels go up top but Jeff Jarrett runs down with a chair and cleans house with chair shots! D’Lo Brown enters and gets in Jarrett’s face! Brown turns around and Jarrett smacks him over the head with a steel chair! (*1/2. Well, the match was just your typical hardcore match. A lot of brawling and uses of weapons, but nothing really over the top in this one. The debut of Nelson Knight wasn’t even all that exciting. A disappointing way to end the show.)

Final Thoughts:
I didn’t enjoy the show all that much. It felt like it was just a throwaway week, which you’re going to get. The bad part of that, is that the show is aired on pay per view. So, people dish out $9.95 for a bad show. You can’t really afford to do that, but that’s what happened here. A lackluster outing a waste of two hours.

Thanks for reading.

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