PWG Threemendous III 7/21/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Threemendous III
From: Reseda, CA

Joey Ryan and Excalibur are in the ring to open the show where Excalibur pokes fun at the biggest star in PWG saying he is opening the show tonight. The fans are hating on Ryan as he is part of TNA now. This is the ninth anniversary show for the promotion. Joey points out that he has been in PWG for all nine years. Ryan asks a bartender if she wants a mustache ride tonight! Joey is demanding respect and that brings out Rick Knox, a referee in PWG. Knox ducks a clothesline from Ryan and hits one of his own. Famous B runs out to wrestle Ryan!

Opening Contest: Famous B vs. Joey Ryan: Famous B nearly rolls Ryan up in the opening seconds and works over Ryan with several kicks. Ryan is kicked off the apron and B misses a suicide dive and hits the floor hard. Ryan recovers to hit a dive of his own! B takes his time coming off the top and misses a flying crossbody as a result. Ryan walks into a Pele kick as B tries to regain some momentum. B drops Ryan with a couple of leg lariats. B hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Ryan stops B with an exploder suplex! Ryan goes for a cover after a spinebuster but can’t keep B down for a three. B connects with a butterfly backbreaker while Ryan was hung over the top rope but can’t get a win from it. Joey goes to the floor but is met with a baseball slide and B takes Ryan out with a somersault dive on the floor! Ryan avoids a senton splash and Ryan spears B! Ryan with a powerbomb, double underhook backbreaker and a superkick but can’t get a three count! B battles back with a pumphandle backbreaker for a near fall. Ryan gets the Tazzmission on B after the referee got in the way and B taps out. (***. A good opener to the show, I thought. Famous B doesn’t seem to be a top wrestler but Ryan did a good job of getting a solid match out of him. I also liked the finish of having Ryan use Tazz’s finisher since they “hate” each other.)

Second Contest: Roderick Strong vs. TJ Perkins: They start off with some mat wrestling but neither man gets an advantage. Perkins locks in a modified sharpshooter and switches into a STF but Strong reaches the bottom rope quickly. TJ goes for a suplex from the apron but Strong blocks it but still goes to the floor where Perkins hits a suicide dive! Strong delivers two rib breakers and tosses TJ into the corner for a near fall. Roderick dropkicks TJ as he runs the ropes for a two count. Strong delivers a backbreaker but still can’t keep Perkins down. Perkins hits a quick crossbody off the middle rope and locks in an octopus hold! TJ rolls through the Strong Hold for a near fall. Roderick hits a backbreaker but TJ continues to kick out. Perkins counters a backbreaker attempt with a hurricanrana and plants Strong with a powerbomb! Roderick hits a double knee gut buster but he still can’t win the match. TJ hits a springboard dropkick off the top and a brainbuster! Strong hits a vertical suplex into a double knee backbreaker to win the match! (***1/4. A good match here as well. It may have had repetitive spots but Perkins refusing to die was a nice little story to the match, I thought.)

Third Contest: Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. The RockNES Monsters: Ryan Taylor spits beer at Yuma and Goodtime before the start of the match. Yuma and Chuck start off the contest. Chuck puts a streamer into Yuma’s mouth to get out of a hold. Chuck is choking Yuma with his own hair! Chuck goes for an STF but instead just yanks on Yuma’s hair. Chuck hits a great looking dropkick for a two count. Goodtime and Ryan tag into the bout. Goodtime tries to run the ropes but Ryan holds onto Goodtime’s gear. Goodtime goes to arm drag Chuck but Chuck avoided it. The Monsters go for double arm drags but their opponents land on their feet. Chuck is sent to the floor and Ryan is double teamed. Goodtime hits a slingshot legdrop on Ryan. Yuma back splashes Ryan as Goodtime held him down. Ryan avoids a double back suplex and kicks Yuma to the floor. Ryan tries to tag in Chuck but Yuma yanks Chuck off the apron. Yuma and Goodtime work over Ryan in the corner. Goodtime is licking Ryan’s back in the corner. Actually, he is using his beard to rake Ryan’s back. Monsters prevent Ryan from tagging out again. Ryan hits a double clothesline and finally tags in Chuck. Chuck hits a missile dropkick on Goodtime. Yuma is tossed over by Chuck with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Yuma is kicked by both Taylor men. Goodtime nails Taylor with a few kicks and Yuma hits an ace crusher for a two count. Ryan hits a double lung blower, Chuck hits a backstabber on Goodtime and Ryan gets a near fall. Goodtime hits a suicide dive on Ryan after Chuck kicked out of a roll up attempt. Chuck powerbombs Yuma over the top onto Goodtime and Ryan on the floor! Chuck proceeds to take everyone out with a somersault dive on the floor. Ryan hits a flipping neckbreaker but Yuma yanks the referee out to save Goodtime. Chuck crotches Yuma on the top but Yuma reverses a powerbomb with a backslide and Goodtime helps Yuma keep Chuck down for the win! (***. That went on for a while and my interest in the match started to dwindle as it continued to go on for a while. It looks like the Monsters are going to be turning heel as they were doing things they have never done before, like cheating and whatnot. It’s not a bad match, I just didn’t have interest in it going on for so long.)

Fourth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage: A slow start to the match with both men keeping their offense rather standard. Edwards hits a hurricanrana and kicks Cage in the back before hitting a senton splash for a two count. Eddie knees Cage off the apron and goes for a suicide dive but Cage kicks Edwards in the head. Every match seems to have a suicide dive attempt. Eddie nails Brian with a running kick to the chest but only gets a near fall. Cage catches Edwards and hits a powerbomb backbreaker! Cage hits a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Brian begins to do curls with Eddie’s body and casually tosses Edwards over his head to the canvas! Cage hits a backbreaker after a hip toss but misses a springboard moonsault. Edwards misses a moonsault from off the apron to the floor, but Cage is selling it anyway it looks like. Eddie comes off the top with a missile dropkick but Cage kicks out at two. Eddie hits a Northern lights suplex for a near fall. Cage hits a modified Angle Slam of sorts it looked like for a two count. Eddie with a lung blower and puts a half Boston Crab on Cage. Cage gets out of it and had the Trailer Hitch on Edwards! Eddie gets out of it and puts an STF on Brian. Eddie went for the package Stunner off the middle rope but Cage gets out of it and nails Eddie with a discus clothesline on the apron! Brian brings Edwards back into the ring with a vertical suplex from the apron for a near fall. Eddie ducks under a clothesline to hit a German suplex and a superkick but Cage hits a discus clothesline and a sit out slam for a near fall! Cage plants Edwards with Weapons X to win the match. (***1/4. It was a good match as Cage is really making a name for himself as of late. Cage displayed some great strength and kept up with Edwards in the match. Cage looks to be a star in the making for PWG.) After the match, Cage makes it clear he is coming for the top prize no matter who wins it.

Fifth Contest: PWG World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen vs. Willie Mack: Steen attacked Mack during his entrance and rams Mack into the apron after delivering right hands. Mack tosses the champ into a few chairs to gain control of the title match. Steen powerbombs Mack onto the ring apron! Kevin drives Mack back first into the ring post. Kevin sends Mack hard back first into the corner to keep total control of the match. Steen continues to work over Mack’s back by hitting a senton splash. Willie is sent hard back first into the corner again. Steen catches a kick by Willie and kicks Mack on the thigh. Mack comes off the ropes to hit a clothesline and both men are down. Mack hammers away on Steen with a series of forearm shots but Steen stops him with a double knee breaker to his chest. Mack avoids a cannonball in the corner! Mack connects with a bicycle kick in the corner and a back suplex! Willie clotheslines Steen in the corner and went for a dropkick but Steen blocked it and locked in the sharpshooter! Mack quickly reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Willie drops Steen with a Samoan Drop but misses a standing moonsault. Steen hits the Rock Bottom for a near fall. Mack blocks a swanton bomb off the top by getting his knees up! Mack takes the champ over with an exploder suplex for a near fall. Mack hits another Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault. Willie heads to the top and hits a moonsault but Steen pops his shoulder up at two! The referee is knocked down and Steen accidentally hits the F5 with Mack landing directly on the referee! Brian Cage comes out and hits a neckbreaker after putting the champ on his shoulders! Mack goes for the cover but Brian knocks Willie out with a discus clothesline as well! Steen slowly covers Willie who kicks out before three! Steen plants Willie with the Package Piledriver but Mack still kicks out! Are you kidding me!? Willie crotches Steen on the top rope. Steen grabs Mack and wins the match after the Psycho Driver! (****1/4. A damn good match here. Mack really proved himself as one of the top performers in PWG and they just put on a great showing here. Plus, the involvement with Brian Cage was a nice touch to the match and I’m glad Steen didn’t win with Cage’s help. It was far better than I was ever expecting from these two, honestly. Check it out.)

Sixth Contest: Drake Younger vs. B-Boy: This is the debut for Drake Younger in PWG. Boy dropkicks Younger in the opening minute of the contest but they going with a slow start. Drake get a two count following a spinebuster. Drake flapjacks Boy and puts him in an Indian deathlock. Younger misses a somersault dive off the apron and hits the floor hard back first. Boy works over Drake with a high angle dropkick in the corner. Boy hits a swinging neckbreaker from the apron back into the ring. Boy continues to work over Drake with stiff kicks to his back. Younger hits a running bulldog but only gets a near fall. Boy lifts Drake off the top rope and drives Younger down to the mat chest first. Drake hits a sit down slam on the apron and goes up top to take Boy out with a somersault dive! Boy gets out of the Verterbreaker but Younger hits a Tiger suplex and a Tiger Driver for a two count! Drake gets a two count following a brainbuster! Boy plants Younger with a middle rope jumping DDT for a two count! They are trading stiff headbutts on the apron and it look likes Drake is busted open as a result. Boy grabs Younger from off the apron and slams him onto the concrete floor. Younger is bleeding quite a bit. Drake is able to hit a sit out Cradle Shock of sorts off the top! Drake has a second wind but Boy hits an ace crusher and a backdrop suplex. Boy hits a shining wizard but Younger is not hurt! Boy hits a fully nelson suplex and another shining wizard but Younger kicks out again! They trade shots on their knees and they stand up to continue the trading of blows. Younger knocks Boy off his feet with a running lariat. Younger gets up after a dropkick in the corner to hit the Verterbreaker but Boy kicks out before three! Drake goes for it again but Boy counters and hits one of his own but Younger kicks out! Boy plants Younger with the Air Raid Crash for the win. (****1/2. I don’t know how they did it, but that was even better than the title match that went on before them. I had never seen Drake Younger compete, or I don’t remember it. But, after watching this he is a great performer and should get credit for being that. I know he was in CZW and IWA-MS where the wrestlers don’t get credit for whatever reason, but he did a great job here. What a match!)

Seventh Contest: Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin: Sami attacks before the bell and hits a backdrop suplex for a near fall in the opening seconds. Callihan tries for the Stretch Muffler but Elgin counters with a roll up for a near fall. Sami headbutts Elgin but that might have hurt him more than it did Michael. Elgin hammers away on Callihanwith forearm shots and connects with an exploder suplex for a two count. Sami hits a running kick in the corner and blocks a clothesline by kicking Michael’s arm. Sami knocks Elgin off the apron with a springboard clothesline. Elgin catches Callihan on a suicide dive and drops Callihan on the apron. Elgin slams Sami onto the apron a second time! Elgin drives Sami down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex. Elgin is just stomping away on Sami’s head. Elgin misses a top rope twisting senton splash! Sami hits a Death Valley Driver and a rope assisted big splash. Sami superkicks Elgin’s knee and knocks Michael off the middle rope. Elgin clubbed away on Callihan until Sami delivered several kicks and got a two count. Elgin hits a rolling German suplex but Sami kicks out at two! Sami avoids a powerbomb by ramming Elgin into a corner. Callihan comes off the ropes with a big clothesline for a near fall. Elgin delivers several knee strikes to Sami’s face. Elgin clotheslines Callihan but can’t put him away. Elgin powerbombs Sami into the corner but Sami reverses another powerbomb and gets the Stretch Muffler locked in! Sami comes off the middle rope but is met with a clothesline. Elgin hits a buckle bomb and puts Callihan away with a Liger Bomb! (***1/2. Another damn good match here between Elgin and Sami. This is Elgin’s first victory in PWG while Callihan has yet to taste victory, but continues to put forth good outings for the promotion.)

Main Event: PWG World Tag Team Champions Super Smash Brothers vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks in a Ladder Match: The Bucks attack the champs before the bell but all six men are going at it in the ring. Uno knocks Nick off the apron and Nick flips into the fifth row in the crowd! Matt is double teamed by Future Shock. Nick hits Uno with a chair on the floor. Stupefied is hit by Matt with a chair to the back as well. Cole whacks Matt over the back with a chair. O’Reilly is superkicked by Matt off a chair. Stupefied double stomps Matt on the apron. Cole backdrops Matt onto the floor. Nick hits a Stupefied with a crossbody on the floor. O’Reilly backdrops Nick on the apron. Matt whacks O’Reilly with a chair out of nowhere but Stupefied takes him out with a running yakuza kick on the floor! Uno tosses a chair into Nick’s face! Matt sunset flip powerbombs O’Reilly off the apron onto the floor! Cole hits the Bucks on the floor with the ladder. Stupefied dives over the top to take Nick out with an insane dive and Cole slams Matt back first onto the apron! O’Reilly dropkicks the ladder into Uno from the apron! Kyle sets the ladder up and is going for the titles. Stupefied stops Kyle and dropkicks Kyle before climbing up himself. Nick hits both O’Reilly and Stupefied with the ladder from the apron in the ring. Uno tips the ladder over and Nick springboards off the top to take everyone out with an insane somersault dive! Bucks hit a powerbomb/kick in the corner and Matt hits Uno with a Slice Bread! Adam Cole sends Nick to the floor and Matt is dropkicked off the ladder by Kyle! Adam Cole slams Nick back first onto the ladder after O’Reilly delivered a knee strike. SSB whack Future Shock with steel chairs as they were trying to get the titles. Cole is slammed by Uno onto the ladder. O’Reilly is up and tries to fight off the champs but that doesn’t work. O’Reilly suffers a backbreaker/double stomp by the champs onto two chairs! Bucks come in to clothesline the champs against ladders in the corner several times. Nick hits Stupefied with a running bulldog and yakuza kicks Uno! Nick starts hitting everyone with the ladder. Nick nails the referees, Rick Knox, with the ladder right in the face! Nick accidentally hits Matt with the ladder! SSB hit Matt with a double leg slam/backbreaker. The referee has been busted open and is being helped to the backstage area. Adam superkicks Uno but Stupefied hits Cole with a ladder. O’Reilly backdrops Stupefied. Bucks double superkick O’Reilly out of the ring! Bucks hit Cole with a tandem tombstone piledriver! Uno takes care of the Bucks with a chair. Uno sets up a table on the floor. O’Reilly kicks Uno in the face several times and Adam drops Uno head first on a chair with a brainbuster! Stupefied runs up two ladders to take Future Shock out with a moonsault! Stupefied slides a table into the ring. Nick nails Stupefied over the back with a hammer that a fan brought, apparently. Future Shock bring Matt off the top of a ladder and suplex him through a table! Cole is trapped in a ladder and the SSB put him in the corner. Stupefied overhead suplexs O’Reilly into Cole who was trapped in the damn ladder! Matt plants O’Reilly with a high angle DDT on the apron! Nick comes off the top to frog splash O’Reilly through the table on the floor! Uno is stopping Nick from getting the titles but is superkicked by Matt and Nick. Cole is superkicked again by the Bucks while still in the ladder. Stupefied springboards but Nick superkicks him in midair! Rick Knox comes back to the ring and flips off the Bucks before tipping the ladder! Knox stops the SSB and he takes the Bucks out with an insane somersault dive! Holy shit! SSB climb up the ladder and they get the titles to win the match! (*****. Yep, that was just an incredible ladder match and has to be considered not only the match of the year but perhaps even the best ladder match in recent memory. Constant non stop action and crazy spots. An incredibly amazing match to finish off an excellent show. )

Final Thoughts:
Just buy the show and enjoy it. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading.

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