TNA Impact 4/19/2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
April 19, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Fresh off the heels of Sunday’s “Lockdown” PPV Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from the bloody, violent Title match between Storm & Roode. An emotional Storm talks after the match saying he has to think about what he’s going to do going forward. He says this one was a tough one to swallow.

Roode’s music hits and the World Champ makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Roode is rocking a brand new haircut this week (uhhhh, that is so frustrate, if you’re going to cut off long hair you’ve had for years do it in a storyline, Hair vs. Hair!). Roode is selling the physical match he had with Storm Sunday, limping down to the ring. Roode says although the appearance has changed (alluding to the haircut), the champ is still the same. Roode says he’s still the “it factor” in wrestling and he’s still the leader of the “selfish generation.” He says more importantly he’s still the World Heavyweight Champion. A big “shut the hell up” chant starts as Roode says it feels so good to be “your” champion and it feels so good to be right. He says that he made a promise to everyone that he would walk into Lockdown and defeat Storm in front of his friends & family in his own backyard, and he did just that. Roode gives Storm credit for giving Roode the Last Call that he promised he would. He says Storm “nailed” him with that kick but with that kick Storm also sealed his own fait and destroyed his own dreams (that kick sent Roode flying through the door of the cage leading to Roode’s win). Roode says he has defeated each and every one of the fans heroes, listing his hitlist of names: AJ Styles, James Storm, Sting, Jeff Hardy. Roode says as far as he’s concerned there is no more heroes left for him to beat, but then Mr. Anderson’s music cuts him off!

Anderson walks down to the ring and tells Roode to shut the hell up. He says that he’s going to beat Roode’s ass, bloody his face, and take his shiny title away from him. He says he doesn’t need a gun or a bat or a knife or even a beer bottle to do it with. Roode laughs at Anderson and says while he was sitting at home in Green Bay being an asshole Roode was here being the most dominant World Champion in TNA’s history. As far as Roode’s concerned there is a whole line in the back full of guys ahead of Anderson. Hardy’s music hits now and Roode looks sick.

Hardy walks down to the ring, limping the whole way selling that brutal match with Kurt Angle Sunday night. Hardy says the only reason Roode is the champion is because of Kurt Angle and now Kurt Angle is out of Jeff’s way. Hardy says it’s time for he and the creatures to get selfish and end Roode. Anderson cuts him off and says he doesn’t know if Jeff noticed but he was here first and Roode mockingly agrees. Hardy says it’s his turn but Anderson tells him to get in line because he was here first. Anderson says he loves Hardy like a brother but he better not make him do to Jeff what he’s going to do to Roode. The fans start chanting for Hardy and he screams at Anderson to listen to the people. They get in each other’s face as referee’s come out to keep them apart. Roode is egging them on the whole time.

Hogan shows up on the big screen and says he wants Bobby and all of the other champions in the ring later on tonight, but as far as Hardy & Anderson they will be in a #1 Contenders Match tonight to see who faces Roode at Sacrifice! That will be the Main Event tonight!

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

“The Undefeated” Crimson & Bully Ray vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “A-Double” Austin Aries

Crimson and Morgan went at it at Lockdown with Crimson getting the win and both Ray & Aries took part in Letha Lockdown with Aries’ team (Team Garett) coming out on top. Morgan and Aries hit the ring together with Ray bailing out to the floor while Crimson and Morgan brawl in the ring. Crimson whips Morgan into the ropes but eats a shoulder block followed by clothesline from Morgan. Morgan then hits a Running Knee Lift and then a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Morgan then sets up for Carbon Footprint but Crimson ducks and Morgan gets his leg caught up in the ropes. Ray then slams Morgan’s leg down across the top rope. Crimson then kicks Morgan in the head and starts stomping on Morgan’s leg (which Crimson worked on at Lockdown as well). Crimson hangs Morgan’s leg up in the ropes and Cannonball’s down on to it and then Ray pulls Morgan’s leg out and slams it across the apron. Morgan tries to fight back but Crimson catches him with a big T-Bone Suplex! Ray tags in and starts stomping on Morgan’s knee. Ray slams the knee against the mat and then starts twisting on it before punching him right in the knee. Crimson tags back in and continues the onslaught on Morgan’s leg. He locks in a Kneebar on Morgan but Morgan’s length allows him to reach out and grab the bottom rope. Crimson tags Ray back in and Ray snaps Crimson’s leg back against the mat and then tags Crimson right back in while mocking Aries. Crimson & Ray treat Morgan’s legs like a wishbone and then Crimson reigns down right hands on Morgan. Crimson taunts Morgan and then hits the ropes but Morgan explodes out of nowhere with a Forearm Smash! Aries gets the fans behind Morgan and he tags in as Morgan dives to him! Ray tags in at the same time and charges at Ray but Aries ducks and knocks Crimson off the apron. Aries then hits Ray with body shots and forearm smashes. Aries beats Ray down in the corner with kicks and punches and then Crimson comes in and pulls Aries away. Aries kicks Morgan with leg kicks and then a sliding dropkick to his knee! Aries follows up and dives off the back of Crimson onto Ray in the corner! Aries nails Ray with repeated right hands and elbows in the corner and then he dives off the ropes onto Crimson! Crimson bounces back off the ropes into a Spear attempt but Aries sidesteps him and Crimson Spears Ray in the corner! Morgan clotheslines Crimson over the top and then Aries dives out onto Crimson on the floor with the Heat Seeking Missile! Back in the ring Aries hits Ray with a Roaring Elbow and then the IED in the corner! Aries sets up for the Brainbuster but Ray suddenly rolls him up! Ray pulls on Aries’ tights, 1…2…3!

Winners: Crimson & Ray via pinfall (rollup)

Aries gets pissed at the referee after the match while Ray brags about the win.

Garett Bischoff is shown walking backstage as Tenay talks about Eric Bischoff getting the boot due to losing Lethal Lockdown.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

In the back Jeff Hardy discusses the #1 Contenders Match tonight, he says it’s his turn and talks about his match at Lockdown saying he put it all on the line. Hardy agrees that Anderson does deserve a shot but it’s Jeff’s time.

Garett’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring along with AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, & RVD. Highlights from Lethal Lockdown focusing on the VICIOUS beating Garett took in the match are shown as Team Garett comes down to the ring. Garett says Sunday night was definitely one of the biggest nights of his life and with Team Garett’s help they fought a hell of a fight and came out on top. Garett shouts out Aries as well and says they got rid of his old man one and for all. Garett is struggling like hell through this promo. Garett thanks them again and says he couldn’t have done it without them. He shakes each man’s hand and then AJ says he thinks he speaks for them all when he says Garett has some balls. He says Garett took a beating and showed heart by getting back up and putting a guitar of his daddies head. Ric Flair’s music cuts the celebration off and Naitch makes his way onto the ramp.

Flair tells the fans to shutup while he’s talking and says Garett is so nervous right now he’s stumbling all over himself. Flair acknowledges all of the talent that’s in the ring with Garett but says all of that talent is here only because of Eric Bischoff. Flair says Bischoff is one of the greatest innovators in the business and then takes exception to Garett calling Eric his “old man.” He calls Garett a disrespectful disgrace and a punk. He says he loves AJ to death but siding with Garett makes AJ look like a punk as well. Ric says next week he’s paying tribute to Eric Bischoff on Impact, they actually censor Eric’s name everytime Flair says it hilariously. Flair tells them to find something else to do next week because they’re not inviting and they all fake being upset over not being invited.

In the back Kazarian and Daniels are holding a paper and Daniels says people have been asking him for months what the secret he’s been holding over Kazarian’s head has been, but it was never about Kazarian. It was about AJ and then he holds up the paper and says now that he has his evidence maybe tonight is the night everyone get’s their answers.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

In the back Joe & Magnus are talking backstage when Devon walks up and asks if they know why Hogan wants them in the ring. Joe doesn’t care because he’s Samoa Joe.

“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

This is a little rekindling of one of TNA’s greatest rivalries over the last 10 years, these two have tore it down on probably a dozen different times over the years. AJ is looking pretty slick here with some new black tights to go with matching black gloves. AJ and Angle lockup and AJ gets Angle in a wristlock but Angle breaks it with a Forearm Smash followed by a European Uppercut. Angle attempts to whip AJ into the corner but AJ reverses it and then charges at Angle only to eat a boot from the Olympian. Angle gets AJ in a Waistlock and goes for a German but AJ counters into a Waistlock and then Impact blacks out. There is no sound and no video except the Spike logo in the corner and then suddenly it cuts to a commercial, not cool.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

Back from the break AJ hits Angle with a back elbow and then a Spinning Heel Kick followed by a Flying Forearm in the corner! AJ attempts to whip Angle into the opposite corner but Angle reverses it and sends AJ hard into the turnbuckles. Angle charges at AJ but AJ gets his boots up and then springboards off the top with a Springboard Flying Forearm! Daniels & Kazarian have come down to ringside. AJ goes for the Styles Clash when he sees Daniels on the apron allowing Angle to counter into an attempt at the Angle Slam! AJ counters with an arm drag and then hits a Spinning Clothesline! Daniels shows AJ the paper and AJ looks freaked out. Angle rolls AJ up, 1…2…3!

Winner: Angle via pinfall (rollup)

AJ keeps looking at the paper screaming “where’d you get this?” and Daniels tells AJ to keep it because they have copies. Angle looks down at Daniels & Kazarian and looks as if he didn’t know they interfered. Angle looks down at AJ and screams that he didn’t see what happened.

In the back Joseph Park approaches Gunner and asks if he has time for him right now but Gunner cuts him off and says he doesn’t know anything and to leave him the hell alone. Park stops him and says something about “default judgment” and explains to Gunner what that means, it’s when a defendant fails to answer questions. Park says he’s not going anywhere and he wants answers. He asks him one more time where his brother is. Gunner says he has no idea and if he wants answers he should go to talk to Bully Ray. Gunner then shoves him and tells him to get his damn hands off him.

Samoa Joe & Magnus (Tag Champs), Gail Kim (KO Champ), EY & ODB (KO Tag Champs), Roode (World Champ), Devon (TV Champ), and Aries (X-Division Champ) make their way down to the ring. Is anyone else as confused about the pops Devon gets as I am?

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

Roode was the final man down to the ring and then we see Hogan approach RVD in the back. Hogan thanks RVD for helping out Team Garett and then says he has something hot going on tonight with the #1 Contenders Match. He says he wants to make that match a 3-Way and he wants RVD to be that man. RVD obviously accepts.

Hogan makes his way down to the ring and he says that change is in the air right now. Starting next week things will be changing. He says once a month from here on out a special show called “Open Fight Night” will take place, starting next week. Hogan says on those nights a talent from outside of TNA will get a chance to come on Impact and wrestle. He says that talent will be judged by a panel of his three judges and if the judges and himself like what they see that talent will get a TNA contract. Hogan says also on “Open Fight Night” if anyone on the TNA roster gets challenged that night they HAVE to come out and fight. He says that if you get called out you have to come out and fight, nowhere to hide. Roode takes exception to this one.

Roode asks Hogan who the hell he thinks he is and Hogan asks if he really wants him to answer that. Roode says that maybe he didn’t get the memo from Sting but this is Roode’s show and no one tells him what to do. Hogan says he called the Champions out for a reason because on “Open Fight Night” because the champions need to be ready to step up and defend their titles on those nights as well! Gail doesn’t like it either and asks Hogan who decides this stuff and Hogan says he decides who defends their title! Hogan says he wants to hear what the fans have to say and suggests they tweet Hogan (@HulkHogan). Devon interrupts Hogan and says he agrees with everything he said and he says that he promised to be a fighting champion and whoever he puts in the ring with him he will testify all over their asses. Hogan says he’s glad to hear that because ever since he was a kid a TV Title was defended EACH week on TV and from now on that belt WILL be! Hogan says he promised the fans change and now change is here. Hogan says everybody fights at Open Fight Night!

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

8-Knockouts Tag Team Match
Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita, & Rosita vs. Tara, Mickie James, Brooke Tessmacher, & Velvet Sky

Can we call the babyface team “Team Booty”? Velvet and Sarita kick the match off and Velvet immediately goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and gets Velvet in a waistlock. Velvet counters into a side headlock and then Sarita goes for a back suplex but Velvet transitions into a body block. Velvet gets back to her feet and hits the ropes and connects with a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover on Sarita! Gail distracts Velvet which allows Sarita to hit her from behind and then tag in Rosita. Mexican America whip Velvet into the ropes and Sarita hits a Hip Toss on Velvet and then Rosita goes for a Somersault Senton but Velvet rolls out of the way! Velvet hits a series of Facebreakers and then a Bulldog! Velvet goes after Gail again allowing Rosita to hit her from behind. Gail tags in and nails Velvet with a knee to the gut. Gail hits the ropes and connects with a Flying Clothesline for a nearfall. Gail taunts the crowd allowing Velvet time to recover. Velvet hits her with kicks and chops and then sets up for the In Yo Face but Gail escapes and tags in Madison! Madison charges at Velvet but etas a drop toe hold. Mickie tags in and Velvet hits a Snapmare Takeover on Madison followed by a sliding dropkick from Mickie! Mickie slaps Gail and Sarita and then hits Madison with a Flapjack! Mickie climbs up top but is snatched off by Sarita! Madison covers her, 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Madison drags Mickie to the heel corner and tags in Rosita who kicks Mickie in the back while Madison holds her. Rosita hits a series of back kicks and then a Rana Driver! Rosita takes a page out of Amazing Red’s book. 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Rosita goes for a Shortarm Clothesline but Mickie counters into a Neckbreaker! Mickie tags out to Tara and Sarita tags in! Tara with a series of rights on Sarita and then she hits the ropes and connects with a shoulder block. Tara kicks Sarita and then hits a big backdrop as Sarita bounced off the ropes! Tara follows up with a Scoop Slam and then the Standing Moonsault! 1…2…NO Rosita goes to break it up with an Elbow Drop but Tara moves and Rosita nails Sarita! Tara tags in Brooke and TNT whip Sarita into the ropes and then the go for a Double Hip Toss but Sarita uses her momentum to bounce herself off the ropes and back onto her feet. Sarita taunts them and then hits a Double Back Elbow from TNT! Tessmacher charges at Sarita and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Armdrag! Lucha style! Brooke follows up with a Facebuster out of the corner! 1…2…NO Madison breaks it up! Sarita tags Gail in and eats a series of forearms and clotheslines from Brooke! Brooke then hits a Front Suplex for another nearfall before the heels break it up! All of the other girls brawl with the babyfaces on the outside as Gail and Tessmacher remain in the ring. Brooke goes for a Monkey Flip out of the corner but Gail blocks it and sets down on top of Brooke, using the ropes for leverage! 1…2…NO Velvet shoves her feet off the ropes! Gail and Velvet argue and then Gail grabs Velvet but Brooke rolls her up! 1…2…3!

Winners: Tara, Tessmacher, Mickie, & Velvet via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Anderson talks about the Open Fight Night concept and says he “freakin loves it.” He says he doesn’t care who he has to face tonight because he’ll do anything it takes to make sure Roode knows he hasn’t forgotten about that shot with the beer bottle a few weeks ago.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

Back from the break the Honeymoon with EY & ODB from earlier this week is shown. EY is icing his balls and using his KO Tag Title belt to sunbathe. Some random guy walks up and EY asks the dude if he has a problem and he says he saw the guy looking at his girl. EY takes his pants off and says all of his best fighting happens in his underwear. ODB puts the pack of ice back on EY’s ball as he sits down. That was…special.

TNA Television Championship
Devon (c) vs. Gunner

Gunner attacks Devon as he comes into the ring and beats on him in the corner. Gunner drags Devon’s face across the top rope and then continues to beat on him in a corner. Devon fights back with right hands and then he whips Gunner into the corner and charges but Gunner catches him with a back elbow and then a clothesline. Gunner puts the boots to Devon and drops a knee down on him for a nearfall. Gunner chokes Devon in the ropes and then he hits him with elbows. Devon fights back with right hands and then hits the ropes but eats a back elbow from Gunner for a series of nearfalls. Gunner stomps on Devon’s midsection repeatedly and then covers him for another nearfall. Gunner whips Devon into the ropes and eats a Spear from Devon! Devon gets the crowd behind him and hits a series of body shots on Gunner and then a series of rights to the face followed by a clothesline and then a back elbow! Devon attempts to whip Gunner into the ropes but Gunner reverses it only to eat a Running Shoulder Block from Devon! Devon whips Gunner into the ropes and hits a Thesz Press followed by a Diving Headbutt! Devon hits a Corner Splash and then a Flying Shoulder Tackle! He attempts to whip Gunner into the ropes but Gunner counters into a clothesline attempt only for Devon to duck it and hit a Spinebuster! 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: Devon via pinfall (Spinebuster)

James Storm’s music hits and the former #1 Contender makes his way down to the ring. Storm shakes Devon’s hand as he walks down to the ring and Taz points out Storm and Devon’s history together in Tag feuds (AMW vs. 3D and Beer Money vs. 3D spanning over about 5-6 years).

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

Back from the break Storm says he just wanted to come out quick and say something to his family, friends, and all of the fans. He says that he’s sorry because he feels like he let everyone down because he said he was going to win the title. He says he believed it and he says he wasn’t just trying to cause Roode pain for all of the people he’s disrespected; he was trying to HURT him. Storm says that’s where his pride and ego got the better of him because when he saw the EMTs checking on Roode he thought that was satisfying enough but then he got to the back and all of the emotions and doubts starting to run through his head. Storm says he asked himself if he was good enough and if this was something he still wanted to do. Storm says he had to take that long drive home and he had to tuck his daughter in bed when she asked him where that World Title belt was. He says it took everything he had to tell her that he didn’t win it. Storm says he didn’t want to see a failure or someone that let people down in the mirror. Storm says he didn’t see either one of those things when he looked into the mirror, he saw a man that was beaten. Storm says Roode won the match but he did NOT beat him. Storm screams that HE beat himself and he was the one that beat him not Bobby Roode. Storm says for 13 years he’s wrestled through broken bones, stitches, surgeries, and he did it all because the fans would chant his name when he came through the curtain. Storm says this is his piece of heaven and this is what he loves to do. Storm thanks the fans and the biggest person he’s sorry for letting down is his father who is looking down from heaven and is still proud of him. Storm says this is what he loves or what he THOUGHT he loved because Bobby Roode said something to him that sticks in his head, something about his luck. Storm says maybe he was right and maybe his right has run out. The fans boo that notion and then Storm starts to get a little emotional and before he can say anything else he drops the microphone and walks out as the fans chant his name.

————————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————-

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders 3-Way Dance
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

All 3 men circle each other (or would that be triangle each other?) but then RVD backs off for Anderson and Hardy to square off. Anderson charges at Hardy but Hardy ducks him so Anderson clotheslines RVD! Anderson decks Hardy and then puts the boots to him in the corner. Anderson then walks into a clothesline from RVD and then RVD hits Hardy with one! RVD hits a Thrust Kick on Anderson and then a Spinning Heel Kick on Hardy! RVD follows up with a Stepover Heel Kick on Anderson and then he tosses Hardy with the Monkey Flip! RVD leaps to the top and dives off with the Flying Liger Kick! Hardy then chops RVD’s knee and leg drops RVD on the legs into a pin for a nearfall. Hardy follows up with a Flying Forearm in the corner on RVD and then the Hardyac Arrest! Hardy follows up with a Sitout Front Suplex, 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up! Anderson grabs Hardy and slides him under the ropes into the ring post and then covers RVD for a nearfall. Anderson hits a series of cross faces on RVD and then locks in a rear chinlock. RVD fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows and then he hits the ropes and back flips over Anderson as he went for a backdrop. Anderson then turns around and kicks RVD in the gut as he landed on the mat. DDT from Anderson! 1…2…NO Hardy breaks it up! Hardy attempts to whip Anderson into the corner but Anderson reverses it and then charges at Hardy. Hardy catches him with a back elbow and then springs to the top and hits the Whisper In The Wind! All 3 are down now. Hardy gets back to his feet and goes for a clothesline on Anderson but he counters into a Swinging Neckbreaker! Anderson then walks into a Spinning Heel Kick from RVD! RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Hardy! Anderson grabs Hardy and hit’s the Green Bay Plunge but then stumbles into the Twist of Fate from Hardy! Hardy can’t capitalize as he sells fatigue. Hardy finally gets back to his feet and climbs up top for the Swanton! Hardy dives off the top, Swanton Bomb on Anderson! Spinning Heel Kick from RVD catches Hardy! RVD springs to the top and hits the 5-Star Frog Splash on Anderson! Hardy grabs RVD and goes for the Twist of Fate but RVD reverses it into a Backslide! 1…2…3!

Winner & NEW World Title #1 Contender: RVD via pinfall (Backslide)

Taz points out how RVD went into a full split as he put Hardy in the backslide to get better leverage (nice catch Taz).


Tonight’s show felt like reset was hit on a lot of things but various storylines were continued as well (Aries/Ray, Crimson/Morgan, etc.). The big reveal was the “Open Fight Night” concept and I got to say I’m intrigued but also a little worried this could end up a trainwreck. The “Gut Check” thing feels a little too much like NXT to me but I’ll give it a chance. The Open Challenge thing has a ton of potential and this thing could end up being a nice, unique thing for TNA to have fans look forward to something every month. It could also turn out to be a trainwreck. The announced for the TV Title was needed, a TV Title SHOULD be defended on TV every week. Now if they can get that belt on someone worthwhile they could possibly make it mean something for once.

Too many rollups/backslides tonight. Just too much all at once.

Solid opening from Roode, Hardy, and Anderson especially since Roode has history with both guys and both guys have an argument for a shot at the belt (Anderson got nailed with a beer bottle a few weeks ago from Roode and Hardy looked to be on his way to beating Roode when Angle interfered awhile back). I love the way they keep teasing Hardy and the belt only for him to come up short each time. It could lead to a nice chase for him if they extend it.

A motivated RVD is an entertaining RVD but the problem with him is it seems he only cares enough to be motivated if he’s in the title picture.

The opening tag match was excellent with Crimson & Ray really picking apart Morgan’s leg. The hot tag to Aries was perfect as well.

Angle/Styles was okay from what we saw but technical difficulties really hurt that match and obviously the screwy finish. I’m not sure where they’re going here, the reveal that the secret is really about AJ (and that Kaz didn’t want it revealed at first which is why Daniels could hold it over him) throws a nice twist to that story, but where is Angle going to fit in here?

Knockouts match was really fun but Velvet and Tessmacher are probably the least talented of the 8 in the match yet they seem to be the ones in line for shots. I know TNA wants to get new faces in that title hunt, but what’s wrong with Sarita?

Devon and Gunner was just there.

Garett Bischoff is still terrible.

Main Event was mostly a spotfest type match but still really fun.

James Storm’s promo was EXCELLENT, unbelievably well done. He seemed to have the crowd hanging on his every word and he had me as well. I love the hook for us to see where this will go and it looks like they’ll take a break from the Roode/Storm story and revisit it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We’ll see where things go next week with the first “Open Fight Night”.

1) Crimson & Bully Ray def. Matt Morgan & Austin Aries
2) Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles
3) Mickie James, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, & Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita, & Rosita
4) TNA TV Title: Devon (c) def. Gunner to retain the title!
5) TNA World Title #1 Contenders 3-Way Dance: RVD def. Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy

Promo/Segment of the Night: James Storm
Match of the Night: 3-Way Dance (***)
Overall Grade: B+

Preview for Next Week’s “Open Fight Night”:

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. RVD

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