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UWF Live Event 11/10/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation Live Event
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt: Dutt has the early advantage hitting a senton splash and a standing moonsault. Petey is is superkicked on the floor and sent into the crowd. Dutt jumps over the railing to take Williams out. The crowd is hot for the show. Petey leg drops Dutt on the apron to gain the advantage. Dutt is hung over the middle rope and is dropkicked by Williams for a near fall. Dutt tries to fight back but Petey hits a spinning heel kick. Williams is focusing on the back of Dutt with a backbreaker and a short dropkick. Dutt comes back with a springboard dropkick. Sonjay hits a running hurricanrana, spin kick and a spine buster for a near fall. Dutt head scissors Williams down to the mat but runs into a forearm. Williams plants Dutt with an elevated DDT but Dutt pops his shoulder up at two! Petey puts Sonjay in the tree of woe but Dutt hits a German suplex and a top rope moonsault for a near win! Dutt blocks the Canadian Destroyer and sits down on Williams neck for a near fall! Petey kicks Sonjay in the midsection as Dutt came off the middle rope and hits the Canadian Destroyer to win the match! (***1/4. A productive way to open the show. The fans are pumped up for the show and they got to see the best finisher in the company. They put on a very good show.)

Second Contest: Brother Runt vs. Eric Young: Quite a bit of stalling in the early moments of the contest. Young gets the momentum in the early moments with several strikes but Runt is able to send Eric to the floor. Back in the ring, Young gets a near fall with a belly to belly suplex. Young gets out of a sleeper hold, which Runt had on for a couple of minutes. Young plants Runt with a Death Valley Driver but can’t get the three count. Young avoids the Acid Drop and hits a wheelbarrow reverse neckbreaker for the win. (*1/2. A rather boring match but the finish was nicely done by Young. The fans in Philadelphia were heavily behind Young and his character here as well.)

Prior to the match, BG James tries to get the fans to chant their name, Voodoo Kin Mafia (VVKM, but the fans aren’t interested in doing that.

Third Contest: the James Gang vs. America’s Most Wanted: BG and Storm kicked off the contest. BG jabs both Storm and Harris early on to clean house. Kip soon tags in as the start of the match is uninteresting. Harris is tagged in as well, but he didn’t want to be it seemed. Kip gets the better of Harris with a series of hip tosses and takes care of Storm as well by putting him in the tree of woe. Harris is sent into Storm and has his groin rammed into Storm and they end up in the 69 position for the cheap laugh. “Billy and Chuck” chant begins to start and Kip respond saying that team was actually over. Storm kicks BG in the back from the apron and Harris hits a leaping clothesline to get the advantage for his team. AMW work over BG for several minutes as Storm kicks BG in the face from the floor. BG is able to tag in Kip, who gets zero reaction, and cleans house with right hands. Kip splashes Storm but is tripped by Harris when he went for the Fameasser. Storm is able to superkick Kip and gets the win. (*1/2. The fans completely crapped on the match and didn’t have much interest in it. I don’t blame them as it wasn’t really worth the time or energy to get behind them.)

Fourth Contest: Samoa Joe vs. Rhino in a Falls Count Anywhere match: They trade slaps with Joe getting the better of the exchange and kicks Rhino in the corner. Rhino spears Joe in the corner to get the upperhand. Joe battles back with chops and a leaping knee strike. Joe tosses Rhino over the top to the floor and takes Rhino out with a suicide dive. Joe kicks Rhino’s head into the guard railing! Rhino misses a running big boot on the floor. They are now brawling into the crowd. Joe works over Rhino with a steel chair briefly. Joe sprays a fire extinguisher into Rhino’s face! Joe rams Rhino into a wall as Rhino looks like he is dehydrated and is drinking water during the beat down. Joe is sent into the guard railing and Rhino tosses a trash can lid into the ring along with a trash can. Rhino whacks Joe over the head with a trash can lid. Joe knocks Rhino out with a cooking sheet. Joe powerbombs Rhino out of the corner for a near fall and locks in the STF. Rhino hits Joe with a cooking sheet to break the hold. Joe recovers and delivers several kicks on Rhino. Rhino stops Joe with a belly to belly suplex and goes for the Gore. Rhino hits the Gore but Joe kicked out at two! Rhino slides a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Rhino hits another belly to belly suplex. Rhino attempts the Gore but Joe moves and Rhino crashes through the table. Joe gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Joe is trying for the Muscle Buster but Rhino gets out of it and Rhino drops Joe with a spine buster! Rhino tries for a Gore but runs into a kick. Joe locks in a choke hold and Rhino taps out. (**. Well, it was a standard brawl with nothing too crazy going on. I thought it was just a lackluster hardcore bout, really.)

Fifth Contest: Jay Lethal vs. Senshi: Senshi gets an arm breaker on Lethal across the top rope but has to let go since it’s not a legal hold. The fans are far more in favor of Senshi than they are Lethal early on, at least. Lethal avoids a kick and drops Senshi with a spin kick. Jay hits a slingshot hurricanrana and takes Senshi out with a suicide dive on the floor. Jay continues to work over Senshi with a backbreaker. Lethal gets a near fall following a high angle dropkick to Senshi’s upper back area. Senshi regains control with a double stomp after avoiding a sunset flip. Lethal knocks Senshi off his feet with a spinning heel kick and drops Senshi with a series of clotheslines. Jay hits a springboard missile dropkick. Lethal gets a near fall with a superkick. Lethal comes off the middle rope to hit a leg lariat but can’t keep Senshi down for a three count. Senshi springboards off the middle rope to nail Lethal with a kick to the face but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Lethal attempts a dragon suplex but Senshi landed on his feet and he hits a running dropkick. Senshi comes off the top and hits the double stomp for the victory. (*** A solid match between these two. I felt like it lacked energy, but the action was good and the crowd was into it from the opening bell.)

Sixth Contest: NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels: All four men begin to brawl as soon as the bell sounds. Daniels comes off the top to hit the champs with a double clothesline. Styles works over Homicide with a backdrop and the challengers focus on Homicide. Daniels legally starts the match with Homicide and hits a hip toss early on. Styles drops Homicide chest first across Daniel’s knee for a near fall. Hernandez tags in but Daniels is able to drop toe hold him down and Styles hits a leaping knee drop for a two count. Styles gets a near fall after a dropkick. Daniels spits at Homicide and continues to work over Hernandez. Homicide knees Daniels from the apron and Hernandez hits the Cracker Jack to gain the advantage. Homicide tags in and works over Daniels with a spinning elbow shot. Homicide catapults Daniels into Hernandez who hits an overhead belly to belly suplex! Hernandez hits an electric chair slam and Homicide comes off the top with an elbow drop for a two count. Homicide locks in the Mexican Stretch but Daniels isn’t about to give in. Daniels is splashed by Hernandez for a two count. Homicide keeps control over Daniels with three snap suplexs and heads to the top rope. Daniels gets up and shoves Homicide off to regain control. Styles hits Hernandez with the Pele Kick and plants Homicide with a springboards reverse DDT! Styles plants Homicide with a wheelbarrow face plant for a two count. Hernandez stops Styles with a sit out powerbomb but can’t get a three count. Daniels clotheslines Hernandez and shoves Homicide away on an ace crusher attempt. The challengers hit Homicide with a back suplex/clothesline combo. Styles takes Hernandez out with a slingshot dive on the floor. Homicide takes Styles out with a somersault dive through the middle rope. Daniels follows up with a split legged moonsault off the top to take Homicide out on the floor. The referee prevents Styles from using the tag title. Homicide comes in and nails Daniels with the championship. Hernandez hits the Gringo Killer and pins Daniels. Oddly enough, Styles was just standing on the apron for the finish. (***1/4. A good match here, but I wish the finish didn’t have LAX cheat to win. This was promoted as the final showdown between the teams. A finish like that would make people think there would be another match. Anyway, it was a quality bout, as expected.)

Main Event: Abyss vs. Kurt Angle: The fans are 100% behind Angle here. A slow start to the match as they are feeling each other out. Angle slaps Abyss but Abyss quickly works over Kurt with overhand strikes and a knee lift. Angle is able to clothesline Abyss to the floor but Kurt is dragged to the floor and sent into the guard railing shoulder first. Abyss drives Angle down to the mat with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Abyss focuses on wrenching Angle’s neck but that doesn’t last. Abyss catches Angle on a cross body attempt and just slams him down for a two count. Angle avoids a splash in the corner and hits a German suplex. Angle tries for the Angle Slam but Abyss got out of it and hit the Black Hole Slam for a near fall! Abyss attempts the Shock Treatment and Angle completely botches the Angle Slam. That just looked really bad. Abyss avoids the ankle lock and chokeslams Kurt for a two count. Angle recovers and locks in the ankle lock again! Abyss is able to reach the ropes on a second effort. Abyss gets out of a third attempt and sends Angle right into the referee. Some fans are chanting “same old shit!” Abyss nails Angle over the head with a steel chair. It sounds like three fans are hating on Angle and the rest of the crowd is hating on those three people. Abyss gets a two count as a second referee comes out. Abyss takes care of the second referee with the Shock Treatment. Abyss gets his bag of thumbtacks. Angle counters a powerslam and Angle Slams Abyss onto the tacks for the win. Angle struggled on the second attempt of that move. (**1/4. Not a good match here as they didn’t click well and Angle struggled with a bigger guy like Abyss here. A rather disappointing way to close the show, in my opinion.)

Final Thoughts:
I’d only say that three matches on the show were any good. The crowd was into the show and that made it for an easier watch, but as strong as the show may be on paper, it wasn’t overly strong when it happened. It wasn’t awful by any means, but I can’t give it a thumbs up. So, it gets an average rating.

Thanks for reading.


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