WWE RAW 4/2/2012

Monday Night RAW Supershow
Miami, Florida
April 2nd 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it’s time for Monday Night RAW!

The show kicks off backstage with the entire roster gathered around the new GM of both RAW & Smackdown – John Laurinaitis. He announces a Triple Threat Match for the US Title tonight. CM Punk will also be in action to defend his Title against Mark Henry. Laurinaitis claims that tonight is the start of a new era.

The Rock’s music hits and he makes his way out onto the entrance ramp amidst a monstrous response from the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring and soaks up the crowd reaction. The Rock says that 14 months ago he came back to the WWE, he came home. He holds up his arm to show the goose bumps. The Rock says that there is one man that he has to thank – John Cena. The crowd begins to loudly boo and chant “Cena Sucks”.

He says that Cena brought it to The Rock like never before. Move after move The Rock struggled to get Cena off of him. Rock says it was the biggest match of all time. Win or lose at the end of the day the most important thing is that they made history at Wrestlemania, and they did it for the fans. The Rock wants to thank John Cena and Cena’s friends. Most of all, The Rock has to thank the people. He has to thank the millions – and millions – of The Rock’s fans.

Rock jokes about getting cut by the Canadian Football League so many years ago. Today, he is able to stand in front of the WWE Universe as The Peoples Champion. Rock says that for those who think that this is the end, he gauran-damn-tees that this is just the beginning. “Thank You Rocky” erupts throughout the arena.

Rock went out in Miami last night to celebrate his victory. While he was dancing and celebrating he had a vision. It’s a vision that some may think is impossible, but Rock doesn’t care about impossible. He asks if the people want to hear his vision. Of course they do! Rock’s vision is to one day walk down the entrance ramp as WWE Champion once again! The crowd is going insane chanting, “Yes, Yes, Yes”.

The Rock says it will come true one day, if you SME-LL-LLLLLL what The Rocks is cooking!


“Excuse Me”. Vickie Guerrero comes out on the ramp to introduce her clients for the next match.

United States Championship
Santino Marella v. Jack Swagger v. Dolph Ziggler

The three men square off. Swagger backs Santino into the corner and then tosses him towards Dolph. Ziggler kicks him to the mat and then does a couple of sit-ups while wrenching back on Santino’s arm. Swagger rolls around on the mat with Santino and does pushups across his back. Santino dodges punches from both men and throws Dolph out of the ring. Swagger charges and hits a hard shoulder block.


Back from the break, Dolph holds Santino’s hands behind his back. Swagger hits a punch. Santino escapes and throws Dolph aside. Santino shoulder blocks Swagger to the mat and reaches for the cobra. Dolph is back on his feet to intercept. Swagger lifts Santino into the air and Ziggler hits a leg drop. Ziggler goes for the cover, but Swagger breaks it up. Swagger slams Dolph down hard to the mat and charges for the second rope splash on Santino. It misses and Dolph floors him with dropkick. Santino is back on his feet and throws Dolph to the outside of the ring. Santino still has the cobra on his arm and uses it on Swagger. This match is over!

Winner & STILL US Champion: Santino

After the match Dolph and Swagger try to follow Santino up the entrance ramp. Brodus Clay appears and comes to the aid of Santino. Ziggler charges, but gets swatted down onto the steel ramp. Brodus’ music hits and his dancers appear. Santino joins in on the dance party!


New music blasts through the arena as Lord Tensai makes his way down to the ring. He is accompanied by a Japanese sidekick of sorts. Tensai’s ring gear is a robe and Samurai hood and mask.

Lord Tensai v. Alex Riley

Riley charges but Tensai hits an elbow to the jaw. Riley is pushed back into the corner. Tensai follows after and connects with a punch. Tensai throws him hard across the ring towards the other corner. Tensai lifts him to his feet only to maul him down to the mat. Tensai hits a huge double underhook slam. He bounces off the ropes and hits first one, then a second elbow. Tensai leaps for a massive running senton. Tensai pushes him into the corner again and beats down on Riley with his elbows. The crowd begins to chant for Alex Riley. Tensai clobbers Riley with a sit-out choke bomb. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Lord Tensai

After the match, Tensai goes back on the attack by gripping Riley’s head in his hands.


WWE Championship
CM Punk v. Mark Henry

They lock up and Henry grabs him by the throat. Punk uses his legs to escape and hits a dropkick. Henry knocks him down to the mat and delivers an axe handle. Henry kicks the injured mid-section of Punk. Henry pulls back on the arms of Punk by using his arms for leverage. Henry continues to stomp on his back.

Punk pulls himself to his feet and knees the midsection of Henry. He bounces off the ropes but gets swatted to the mat. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Henry uses his shoulder to attack the back of Punk. Henry catches Punk in a bear hug. Punk quickly begins to punch to try and free himself. It doesn’t work at first, but Punk sends him to the mat with a DDT. Cover, but Henry throws him across the ring.

Punk is back on his feet and connects with a number of kicks. Cover, but Henry kicks out. Punk climbs to the second rope and leaps for a crossbody. Henry catches him and throws him into the turnbuckle. Henry climbs up to the second rope himself. Punk springs to his feet and pulls Henry back down to earth. He charges for the high knee, but Henry intercepts with a huge boot. Henry heads for the second rope again for a splash. Punk rolls out of the way and heads to the apron. Punk springboards but gets swatted out of the way.


Back from the break Punk leaps from the top rope for a crossbody. Henry counters with a big boot. Henry uses both his hands to apply leverage to a nerve on the back of Punk’s neck. Punk struggles to his feet and hits a jawbreaker. Punk kicks at Henry, but Henry whips him into the corner. Henry charges for a splash but Punk moves out of the way. Punk connects with a couple of kicks and punches before laying on the chops. Punk kicks him square in the jaw and Henry falls to the mat. Punk climbs to the top rope. He takes a moment to straighten his body, and then leaps for a beautiful elbow. Punk appears to have hurt his already banged up midsection. Henry is the first to his feet.

Punk charges and connects with the high knee in the corner. Punk follows with a second and goes for the bulldog. Henry lifts him into the air and throws him right to the outside of the ring. The referee begins a ten count. Punk struggles to his feet, but can’t make it back into the ring.

Winner via Countout: Mark Henry
STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, Henry exits the ring to find Punk. He lifts him into the air and delivers a World’s Strongest Slam on the outside.

John Laurinaitis appears on the entrance ramp with David Otunga. He says that he wants more consistent matches and Title defenses for CM Punk. He sees dark clouds on the horizon for Punk.

Chris Jericho appears in the crowd. He asks what just happened to CM Punk. Jericho says that they had an epic and classic match last night. Jericho says that they should celebrate with a drink. Jericho says that he promised that he would be the reason that Punk takes his first drink. Jericho has a bottle of whiskey and stands over the fallen Punk. He takes the whiskey and dumps it all over the face and body of CM Punk. Jericho then connects with a couple of punches for good measure. Jericho says that Punk’s father is an alcoholic and his sister is a drug addict. Jericho picks up another bottle and tells Punk that he shouldn’t drink too much, because if he does it will go straight to his head. Jericho smashes the bottle, breaking it across the skull of CM Punk!


Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Alberto Del Rio’s music immediately hits and he makes a grand return to RAW. Rio says that people will soon forget about Sheamus’ 18 second victory because now Sheamus has a new challenger. Del Rio announces that he will face Sheamus this week on Smackdown. If Rio wins, he will earn a World Heavyweight Championship Match! The fans begin to chant, “Si! Si! Si!”. Sheamus says that he is delighted that Rio is here because the people don’t want to see him talk, they want to see him Brogue Kick someone right in the face!

Rio tells him to relax, he isn’t here looking for a fight – because he already has one. In another of his return, Rio has been given a match this Friday on Smackdown. The crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan. Rio tries to continue talking but his mic cuts out. Rio looks annoyed and is handed another mic by Ricardo Rodriguez. While his back is turned, Sheamus squares up and then connects with a Brogue Kick!

Daniel Bryan and AJ are shown backstage. The crowd loudly cheers. Mathews says that this much be painful for him and asks about last night’s loss. Bryan stares him down.


Cody Rhodes v. Kofi Kingston

Rhodes pushes Kofi into the corner and smashes his head against the turnbuckle. Rhodes kicks the gut of Kofi and charges towards the corner. Kofi blocks with his leg and leaps out with a crossbody. Cover, but Cody kicks out. Rhodes bounces off the second rope with a disaster kick. Instead of going for the cover, Rhodes appears to look for a chinlock.

The Big Show’s music hits and he has a mic. He says that he has something to show Rhodes from Wrestlemania, he just hopes it isn’t too embarrassing. It is a picture montage of Cody being knocked out. Rhodes turns around only to walk right into Trouble in Paradise! This match is over.

Winner via Big Distraction: Kofi Kingston


Mark Henry is shown backstage throwing things in his locker room. Abraham Washington walks into the room and says that it is time for some change. Abraham says that he wants to represent Henry and lead him back to greatness. AW gives Henry his card and tells him to think about it.

Eve’s music hits and she walks onto the entrance ramp with a microphone. The crowd chants “Hoeskie”. Eve says that everyone wants to have their Wrestlemania moment. Last night, she had hers. She manipulated Zack Ryder, and it was easy. The crowd begins to chant for Ryder. Eve says that it is easy for her to manipulate men, except for one man – John Laurinaitis. Eve says that powerful men cannot be eliminated. She asks the fans to give it up for People Power.

Video Recap: The Rock thanking Cena earlier tonight on RAW


The Miz v. Zack Ryder

They square off and brawl in the middle of the ring. Ryder ties for a cover, but Miz kicks out. Ryder is fired up and backs Miz into the corner. Miz gets to his feet and knocks Ryder back with a kick. Miz gets behind Ryder and begins to club his neck before applying a rear headlock. Ryder throws Miz to the mat and then counters a splash with a double knee attack. Ryder bounces off the ropes with a high knee and then slams Miz’s face to the mat. Ryder charges and hits a splash. Ryder pumps up and hits the Broskie Boot. Cover, but Miz kicks out.

Ryder kicks Miz in the gut and then throws him shoulder first into the steel post. Miz connects with the Skull Crushing Finale. This match is over.

Winner via Skull Crushing Finale: The Miz


John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. The crowd is heavily booing at first but begins to sound mixed. Cena has a mic and takes a moment before speaking. Cena says he never thought of losing. But now that it has happened the only thing to do is to do it right. That is the obligation he owes to those that believe in him. Everyone takes defeat in life. Cena talked a lot on the road to Wrestlemania. Cena won’t make excuses; he meant every single thing that he said. He meant it then and he meant it now. There was not one second in the yearlong build up to Wrestlemania that he thought he would lose because if you think like that then you will lose. But, no one goes through life undefeated. A true person continues on despite the loss.

Cena says that there was some speculation over how he would react to the crowd. Would he come out and lash out against his opponent? The crowd starts to chant that he is a loser. Will this be the date that he finally lashes out against the WWE Universe? The crowd chants “yes”. Cena says that that will not happen, so the crowd boos. Cena says that he was a man and was beaten. As a man he will admit his defeat. Last night, he lost to The Rock.

There will be critics that will say it was the most important moment of Cena’s career; however he promises that it won’t be his last. Cena thanks everyone who has supported him through all of this. Cena even shouts out MGK. He says that if he has let anyone down, then he is sorry. All that Cena can do is wipe the slate clean and earn his way back up.

Cena claims that he is not out here to call out The Rock. They called each other out for a year, and settled it last night. The crowd chants, “We Want Lesnar”. Cena says it is an always interesting crowd on Monday Night RAW. Cena says that he actually wants The Rock. Not to call him out or fight, but to show his respect. Cena says that he wants The Rock to know that he considers him a Champion, an inspiration, and the greatest WWE Superstar in the industry. Cena says that this past year has been exhausting.

The crowd once again chants for Lesnar. Cena says that he understands the excitement in the air, but he put his heart and soul in the match last night. But to be honest, The Rock was the better man. Cena plays into the chants for, “Yes” and shouts out Daniel Bryan. The crowd begins to chant for Bryan. Cena says that this is why he loves RAW. Cena would just like to take the moment to recognize The Rock as the better man and congratulate him on his victory.

Brock Lesnar! Instead of The Rock, it is Brock Lesnar’s music that hits! Lesnar walks out onto the entrance ramp!

Lesnar walks his way down to the ring. Lesnar goes for a handshake… but grabs Cena and hits the F-5! Lesnar stands over his fallen foe as the show fades to black!

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