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Reliving A Feud #8: Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson In ECW ’00 – 01

Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson in ECW

Relive the feud between Tommy Dreamer and Cw Anderson during the dying days of Extreme Championship Wrestling!

In late 2000, CW Anderson was starting to make a name for himself in Extreme Championship Wrestling. At that point, he had been with the company for around a year, but wasn’t making any progress up the card. With ECW at a loss of star power, the promotion needed to create new stars towards the end of its existence. CW Anderson was given a chance against a guy who had been with ECW since ’94 and was the heart and soul of ECW, Tommy Dreamer.

The feud started at November To Remember on November 5th, 2000. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger were egging on Joel Gertner and Joey Styles until Tommy Dreamer came out to make the save for the announcers. CW Anderson ran down as well and put an arm bar on Dreamer after hitting a spine buster.

Anderson would team with Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger on the house shows to take on Tommy Dreamer, Christian York and Joey Matthews. Anderson and his team wouldn’t win. However, he would get the biggest win of his Extreme Championship Wrestling career on December 3rd, 2000.

That was the date of Massacre on 34th Street. On the show, CW Anderson prevailed over Tommy Dreamer after nearly seventeen minutes of action. The finish saw Anderson hit a spine buster on the legs of a table. Anderson continued to have the better of Dreamer at the last ECW Arena show on December 23rd when Anderson attacked Dreamer and cost him a six man tag match against the Hot Commodity.

The issue between Dreamer and Anderson would come to an end at the last pay per view ECW ever put on, Guilty As Charged. In what has to be considered the last great match Dreamer has put on, the Innovator of Violence defeated CW Anderson in a brutal I Quit match.

Yes, the feud is incredibly short, but ECW was on its last legs at this time. Has the company continued, there is no doubt in my mind that the feud would have continued for several more months, which was a trend for most angles in ECW. In my opinion, CW Anderson was the next main event heel for ECW, but he never got the chance.

To his credit, Dreamer was always willing to make a new star for ECW and the proof is with this feud. Anderson hadn’t done anything memorable up until this time and a victory over Dreamer quickly gave him a lot of heat and momentum in ECW.

Anderson has to be considered one of the most underrated wrestlers in ECW who never got his fair shot outside of ECW. He would be in the same category as Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond and countless others.

It’s a quick feud that I recommend viewing. The Guilty As Charged match, the better of the two, is on dailymotion. Go check it out and enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

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