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ROH TV 1/26/2013

ROH Television Champion Adam Cole defends the title against BJ Whitmer!

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and he throws it to Nigel McGuinness who is already in the ring alongside security.

McGuinness calls Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen to the ring. Lethal says it’s only about him and Steen and asks Steen to act like a man. Corino cuts hims off and says he thought Lethal’s mother would have taught him more respect than that. He says Steen spit on Lethal’s mother because Lethal’s father threw water on Steen when he should have thrown in the towel. Lethal tells Steen he’s a disgusting human being who only cares about himself. Lethal says Steen will try to kill Ring of Honor by defeating anyone who says honor lives, and nobody thinks that more than Lethal and Steen is too afraid to accept Lethal’s challenge. Lethal says he’s fueled by his desire to be ROH World Champion. Lethal tells Steen that he can see it in Steen’s eyes that Steen knows until he beats Lethal that Steen isn’t shit. Steen leaves onto the apron before responding with just two words: “I accept.” The crowd erupts as the show goes to commercial.

Truth Martini joins the commentary for the Top Prospects Tournament match.

Top Prospects Tournament
Silas Young vs. Adam Page

Page gets off to a hot start and a knee sends Young to the apron. In the ring, Page hits a move off the top rope for a tow count. Page misses a boot and gets crotched in the turnbuckles. This allows Young to connect with an elevated DDT. Young destroys Page with a mule kick. A backbeaker and lariat combination gets a near fall for Young. Page fights back with a series of chops and a powerslam gets a two count for him. Page backdrops Young to the floor! He follows it up with a running shooting star press from the apron! This is crazy! Page throws him back in and goes to the top and connects with a cross body for another near fall. Young answers back with a Full Nelson Bomb and the Stock Lock to pick up the submission victory to advance in the tournament.

Winner by Submission: Silas Young’s Thoughts: This was a very good match and an amazing way to start out the show. Matches of this quality really make the Top Prospects Tournament seem like a big deal. Both of these wrestlers looked very good and I would have been fine with either one of them winning. I’m happy Young is finally getting an opportunity in Ring of Honor; he deserves it. I hope we see Page more in the future. He’s only 21-years-old and is already this good in the ring, and he has a ton of potential. Both of these wrestlers could be major players in Ring of Honor’s future.

Charlie Haas is in the ring after commercial and he has a microphone. He tells the Baltimore crowd Ray Lewis is just like everyone in the Du Burns Arena: He’s a big pussy. Haas says he pissed off because Ring of Honor sent him a letter trying to censor him and he flips the camera off. He says no one knew who BJ Whitmer was until Haas threw him through a table and it’s not right that Whitmer is getting a TV Title shot. Haas calls out McGuinness about the tag team gauntlet. He calls out a ringside attendant who was cleaning toilet paper that was thrown at Haas from the ring. Haas nicknames the guy Cheeseburger. He asks Cheeseburger why he’s out there, and Cheeseburger says he’s a wrestler and he’s enrolled at the ROH Dojo. Haas says he’ll give Cheeseburger his chance and the crowd chants “Cheeseburger!” Haas LAUNCHES him across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. He locks in the Haas of Pain and security tries to run him off.

Rhett Titus vs. Matt Hardy

Titus’ ribs are taped from injuries suffered at “Final Battle.” Hardy takes a cheap shot on Titus’ ribs, but Titus answers back with a cross body for a two count. Hardy rolls to the outside and tries a slingshot to the outside, but Hardy moves and Titus belly flops onto the floor. Hardy works over Titus’ injured ribs. A bulldog gets a two count for Hardy. He tries a move off the second turnbuckle, but he’s met by a dropkick from Titus. Hardy responds with a Side Effect for a near fall. Titus counters a Twist of Fate into a backslide for a two count. They fight on the floor, and Hardy kills Titus with a powerslam on the floor. Back in the ring Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Matt Hardy’s Thoughts: This match wasn’t terrible, but  it nothing special at all. The match was slow at prodding at times, but Titus took some crazy looking bumps that made the match better. I’m not against Hardy being in Ring of Honor, but he needs to show more than this if he’s going to go over people like Titus.

ROH World TV Title Match
Adam Cole (c) vs. BJ Whitmer

Whitmer takes down Cole with a nice fireman’s carry type move and grounds Cole momentarily focusing on Cole’s left arm. Hardy joins the commentary team for the match. Cole responds with a dropkick and locks in an arm lock of his own. Cole connects with a neckbreaker. Cole storms Whitmer, but Whitmer avoids it and sends Cole to the floor. Whitmer tries a suicide dive, but Cole cuts him off with an enziguri, Cole tries a splash, but Whitmer moves and Cole crashes to the mat as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Whitmer is in control as he gets a two count. They slug it out in the middle of the ring until Cole hits an enziguri and shining wizard for a two count. Whitmer hits a suplex combination for a near fall. Cole hits a cross body from the top rope and gets a two count. Whitmer responds with an exploder suplex for another two count. Whitmer connects with a superplex, but he hurts his neck he injured at “Final Battle” in the process. Cole connects with a superkick, a German suplex and a neckbreaker for a two count! He follows it up with the Florida Key and gets the pinfall to retain his title.

Winner and STILL ROH World TV Champion: Adam Cole’s Thoughts: This started out pretty slow, but it ended up being a pretty good match. They pulled out some pretty big moves and everyone in the match, including Hardy, made the TV Title seem really important, which is a great thing. The match made Whitmer look like the toughest man in the world, which in turn made Cole look better by being able to defeat him. It was a fine main event.

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