ECW Hardcore TV 6/10/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 6/10/1998
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.)Kronus defeated Jamie Dundee
2.)ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated ECW World Champion Shane Douglas & ECW World Tag Team Champion Chris Candido

Angle Developments/Notes
1. Dundee cuts a promo and puts himself and Kronus over as being top tag team wrestlers. Dundee says that Kronus partner got rid of him because he is a retard. Kronus cuts Dundee off with a spinning heel kick. Kronus misses a twisting splash off the top and Dundee begins to go to work on Kronus with strikes and chokes Kronus with his jacket. Kronus continues to miss moves off the ropes. Dundee just uses basic moves to keep Kronus down. Dundee hit a double stomp but doesn’t even get a two count. Kronus hits a handspring elbow in the corner and comes off the top to hit the 450 splash to win the match. (*. The finish was the only thing that was good about this. They kept it basic and thus it wasn’t interesting.)

2. Joey Styles talks about the 3D and how it was hit on Sandman but also on Beulah. Joey says that the Dudley Boys tried to break her neck. I don’t know the music choice for this segment, but it goes well with the serious tone involved with it.

3. Joel Gertner has demanded that the Dudley Boys apologize for the 3D on Beulah. Lance Wright, Jack Victory, the Dudley Boys and Joel Gertner are in a parking lot. They are standing by an ambulance. Gertner says the Dudley Boys went way too far and went beyond extreme. Gertner tells the Dudley Boys that they will apologize in person or he will leave the group. Bubba Dudley chimes in and says he doesn’t want to lose him. Bubba accepts it and says they will apologize in person. They open the ambulance. D-Von was in their humping a doll that they were going to play off as being Beulah. D-Von says that Beulah gave him craps. Bubba says they are sorry and laughs. D-Von says they aren’t as sorry as Dreamer will be!

4. Backstage, the Triple Threat are talking. Candido talks about how Lance Storm couldn’t make it into the arena in time from Canada. Candido appears to be picking Bam-Bam Bigelow because Shane Douglas is hurt. Douglas says his ego has been a little hurt seeing everyone else having fun. Douglas wants to join Candido and let Bigelow watch out for Taz.

5. Sabu and Candido start the main event this week, but odds are this will clipped as there is about eight minutes left in the program. Candido catches Sabu on a springboard attempt and drops him down onto the campus face first. Sabu blocks a top rope hurricanrana and hits a top rope leg drop! After a clipping, RVD and Candido are in the ring where Candido dropkicks RVD in the face. Candido comes off the middle rope to hit a leg drop of his own. RVD gets out of a suplex attempt by kicking Candido with a spin kick. RVD soon follows up with the rolling thunder splash for a near fall. Shane Douglas enters the ring to take on RVD. Douglas ducks a spin kick and hammers away on RVD in the corner. Douglas hit a power slam and holds his elbow in pain. RVD drops Douglas with a spin kick and a leg drop. RVD leg drops Douglas right arm from off the top and locks in an arm bar. The match breaks down with Alfonso and Francine brawling. Taz runs out and locks in an arm bar and Douglas is in agony. Bam-Bam Bigelow runs out and brawls with Taz! Bigelow rams Taz head first into the ring post. Candido has been placed on a table in the ring. RVD and Sabu leap off opposite sides and leg drop Candido through the table! RVD covers Candido and wins the match.

6. Outside the arena, Bigelow has tossed Taz into a car breaking the car window in the process to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
The second half of the show was really good. I liked the promo by the Dudley Boys, who are becoming a really entertaining act in ECW. They are prick heels and do it very well. The main event had some good action attached to it and advanced a series of feuds. I’m going to say it was a good show this week.

Thanks for reading.

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