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WCW Thunder 4/29/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW is going head to head against SmackDown tonight…..Let’s see what they do.

Match 1: Curt Hennig v. Booker T (c) for WCW TV Title

Fairly lengthy match. Back and forth (I was doing my Nitro finish). Booker had it in hand but Stevie knocked Hennig out with the slapjack. DQ.

**1/2 Okay.

Hak and Chastity come down. Hak claims he is the hardcore king and has taken out Bigelow and even Goldberg. He wants Chastity to name someone to fight: Nash.

Booker is walking in the back and Rick Steiner gets in his face and the brawl is on! They fight at the PPV. See a feud put together in two weeks. They need more long term stuff.


Buff is dressed as Big Poppa Pump and mocks him by doing a Steiner like interview. They are at Penn State and Buff tells the crowd that Michigan really sucks (Steiners are from there). He talks about stealing lines from rappers on BET and all his arrests! Pretty funny actually.

Match 2: Jerry Flynn v. Stevie Ray

My bad I am wrong…..The nWo is down and helping Stevie out. Flynn gets in some offense but is beaten.

*1/2 Nothing much here. Trying to keep the nWo relevant.

Match 3: Hak v. Kevin Nash

Nash takes the Kendo Stick and unloads on him. Hak wants a timeout but is hammered. Nash sideslams him onto the ladder. Now Nash picks up the ladder drills Hak with it. Now Hak is whipped into the ladder after Nash sets it up in the corner. Now the table is set up in the corner and Hak is able to reverse the whip and Nash slams into it. Now Hak uses the Kendo stick on Nash’s back. Now the ladder is on Nash and Hak drops the elbow on top of him. Hak has been holding his back the entire time. Nash is driven headfirst into the ladder. The match has slowed up as Nash is getting pummeled. The ladder is placed on Nash and Hak somersaults on top! He gets a two count. Now he chokes out Nash with the stick and Chastity has the extinguisher. She delays and Nash grabs it as Hak sets up the table and Hak turns right into it! He is powerbombed through the table….

**1/2 The extra half star for Nash actually doing something different and not squashing everyone. Clearly setting him up for the title.


Bigelow comes out and wants to talk about tradition. He thinks there is a lot of wrong going on in WCW. He wants to continue the Hardcore that just happened. He talks about the Jersey Shore and tradition some more. He mentions DDP who is from Jersey too and he challenges DDP to a Hardcore match.

Match 4: Meng v. Goldberg

Crowd is certainly hot for Goldberg. They lock up and Goldberg gives him a shove into the corner. Meng bodyslams him but Goldberg pops up. The fans chant for Goldberg as Meng heads to the floor to collect what few thoughts he has. Goldberg gets on the turnbuckle and acknowledges the roar of the crowd. Meng gets in the ring and stomps him down into the mat. He gives him a backbreaker. Goldberg hoists him up and slams him but his offensive does not last long and Meng chops away. Goldberg screams at him but is kicked and knocked to his knees. He thrust kicks him in the head and gets two. Now he works him over and sandwiches him in the corner. Now Goldberg reverses the whip and Meng buckles in the corner. He stands and is kicked in the head and then speared! Jackhammer!

**1/2 Decent. Hot crowd. Meng got in some offense.

Here comes DDP. He is happy to be champ. He has a rant but wants to thank some people first for helping him get where is. One is Dusty Rhodes. It makes some sick and keeps them up at night that he is the two time heavyweight champion. He has two words for those that want to get on his bandwagon. Some yell Suck It and he calls them stupid and it is: Jump off. He gives himself a self high-five. He turns to Bigelow and wants to know where they are at tonight and that angers the fans. The fans do not deserve the match but he will do it for Bigelow.

Match 6: Disciple v. Randy Savage

I thought the Disciple would be fired for losing to Hogan…..was it a DQ? Who cares. This has been pretty log so far. They have gone back and forth. Disciple is in command as he stands on his throat and runs him into the corner. Savage who is now covering his bald spot fires back. Disciple is tossed to the floor. Disciple gets him in a sleeper and the Madness girls beat up the Disciple. Savage slams him and hits the big elbow and gets the win.

** Extra half to see Savage back.


Match 7: Bam Bam Bigelow v. DDP (c) for WCW Title

One punch sends DDP flying to the floor through the ropes. DDP is back in and bodyslammed and then he picks him up for a powerbomb. Bigelow does and DDP tries to fight him off but is dropped throat first onto the top rope. Bigelow goes for the hardcore stuff. DDP slingshots on top of him and they tilt over the dumpster of crap.


DDP gets trash lids clapped over his ears. He places him on top of a table and Bigelow goes up on top of an equipment thing and leaps….DDP moves. DDP shatters a catering tray over his his head. After a two count he struggles to set up the table and cannot so he just drills Bam Bam with it. Bigelow is run into the railing and then hit with a mop. DDP though is whipped into the plastic dumpster and Bigelow picks it up and slams it down on top of him. After a two count he rolls him back into the ring. Bigelow goes up top and connects with the flying headbutt. He gets 2.5. Bigelow slams him for another near fall. DDP scissors him over and now a discus lariat and he gets two. After a DDT DDP gets two more. Bigelow counters with a powerslam and he gets a two count. Bigelow suplexes him and gets yet another near fall. Bigelow goes to pull him to his feet but gets a fist to the nuts. DDP rolls him over and gets two. Bigelow reverses a whip and goes for the Greetings but DDP counters out and hits the Diamond Cutter! DDP rolls away and cannot connect and so Savage runs down and hits the big elbow and now DDP covers him for the win.

***1/2 This was a solid match. Savage did not need to help but it was angle advancement.


**** One of the better Thunder’s in some time. They stepped up their game a bit due to SmackDown. This proves that competition is a good thing. It did a good job setting up the PPV and had some decent wrestling. The undercard was not really a focus as is usually the case with Thunder and that was kind of disappointing but it was still a pretty good show.

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