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WCW Thunder 5/6/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

About six minutes of recaps.

Match 1: Mike Enos and Scotty Riggs v. Raven and Saturn

Raven has the mic and tells everyone that they are going to win the tag titles at the PPV. This beatdown tonight is nothing personal.

Enos and Riggs have controlled most of the match. Not really sure what the point of the damn mirror is. Riggs accidentally knocks out Enos with the chair and Raven kicks it back into his head. Raven is up and he strikes with a butterfly slam. He sets up the chair and Riggs is tripped into it. Enos runs in and it is Evenflow time. Riggs breaks it up. Saturn gets the tag and wins via DVD.

**1/2 Not bad. About 13 minutes including ads.

Match 2: Erik Watts v. Rick Steiner

Steiner owns him.

* Squash.

Match 3: Disorderly Conduct v. Horace and Brian Adams

DO gets in some offense but is ultimately defeated.


Kanyon is back and he is all happy that the fans or at least some of them stated that no one was better than Kanyon.

Match 4: Kanyon v. Rey Mysterio (c)

Kanyon shoves him into the corner and does a bit of bragging. Rey gets in a few blows but once again is knocked down. Some back and forth and Kanyon is kicked to the floor. He takes his time getting back into the ring. Kanyon gets back into the ring and they tussle. Kanyon has him down.


Kanyon sells an injured knee after giving Rey a backbreaker. After a two count he butterfly tosses him over his head and gets two more. Rey is knocked to the floor and he gets back in and after a brief flurry is given the boot and bodyslammed. Kanyon goes up top and misses the big splash. Rey attacks but is caught on the leap and powerbombed. He is nearly pinned. Now they go back and forth for a minute and Kanyon spikes him again but misses the moonsault from the top. Rey nails him and rolls him up for the win.

*** Nice win for Rey hence the extra half star…..Sorry I was distracted the entire match.

Horsemen come down and beat up Rey.

Match 5: Horsemen v. Masked Men

Apparently this is the main event. The Flair/DDP match is reshown. Nothing really happened here.

** Way to get the Horsemen a victory.

* Just a lot of recaps. Nothing great. They did prep some of the undercard matches and that was necessary and they hyped the PPV too. But the wrestling was nothing special outside of the Rey match. I was hoping for more but got less instead.

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