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WWE Main Event 2/20/2013

WWE Main Event on ION!
WWE Main Event on ION!

Big Show competes in a gauntlet match.

WWE Main Event Results
February 20, 2013
Biloxi, Mississippi
Commentators: Michael Cole & Mike ”The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of

Michael Cole and the Miz welcome us to Main Event, reminding us of Alberto Del Rio’s victory this past Sunday. The Big Show comes out to the ring teed-off, about Sunday Night and Booker T. Show claims that Booker makes him look like an idiot, and that he’ll decimate the whole roster. He calls out anyone from the roster to challenge him.

Main Event:
Gauntlet Match
Big Show v. The Uso Brothers

The Usos answer the call, and #HardbodyRef, Scott Armstrong rings the bell. The Usos double team Show, but Show takes advantage easily. Show picks them apart easily with repeated strikes to the head and body. Big Show had Jimmy Uso down in the corner, however Jey made the save as Show came down from the second rope. The Usos take control after a double suplex and super kick combination. The boys go up top and hit the headbutts from the top, but Show powers out at two. Show takes control and much like with Wade Barrett…

Arrive. Chokeslam. Leave.

Winner: Big Show

Big Show v. Brodus Clay

Show and Clay lock up in the middle, no one budging. They lock up again, and Brodus gets the better of Big Show in that exchange. Show reaches up for the test of strength, and Show hits a cheap shot to the gut. Brodus fights back with body shots. Brodus chases Show around the ring, keeping Show at bay. Brodus has to be separated, and as he is, Show takes clear advantage. Brodus blocks the chop, fighting back with headbutts, however, Show throws him out of the ring.

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We come back to Show taking control of Brodus Clay, chopping down the big man’s right arm. Show takes Clay down with a few knees to the head. Show is playing with Brodus Clay akin to a cat playing with a mouse, posturing to the crowd after every attack. Show continues to target the arm, going as far as throwing his arm in a keylock. Brodus fights out of the keylock, dropping Show with a headbutt to the chest, followed by 2 Avalanche splashes. Brodus hits the ropes, and Show lands a sweet Savate! Brodus rolls out of the way of an elbow drop, and goes Ah! Funk It! Big Show powers out at two. Brodus charges towards Big Show…

Arrive. Knockout. Leave.

Winner: Big Show

Big Show v. The Great Khali

Khali immediately takes control of Big Show, chopping his chest red in the corners, until Show kicks Khali in the gut, and hits a chop of his own. Khali takes control of the match again with a powerful pulling clothesline. Show rolls out of the ring as we go to break.

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Show knocks down Khali, taking control of the Punjab giant. Show destroys Khali with body strikes, having to be separated from the corner. Show charges Khali and Khali counters twice. Khali goes for the Tree Bomb, however, Show counters this, creating separation. Big Show turns around into a Brain Chop, however he gets out of dodge before Khali can pin him. Khali chases Show, tossing him into the steel steps. Show gets into the ring, and Khali chases him…

Arrive. Knockout. Count-Out.

Winner: Big Show

The Miz stands up, takes his suit jacket off, and runs after the Big Show. Show gets overwhelmed after a few strikes to the head, and runs away.

Up Next: The New WWE Championship & Justin Gabriel v. Titus O’Neil

*commercial break*

Raw Rebound: Rock reveals the FUGLY new WWE Championship, Punk wants it…and the Brickie Era begins.

Matt Striker is backstage with the Assistant to the Managing Supervisor, Brad Maddox. He says that this will be bigger than the Attitude Era. Miz and Cole are just flabbergasted.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger makes fun of the Tea Party. WE DUH PEEPUL.

Matt Striker is backstage with Justin Gabriel and Titus O’Neil. Justin Gabriel lets O’Neil know that he has a number for him…FO-FIDDY (450).

*commercial break*

Undercard Match:
Justin Gabriel v. Titus O’Neil

Justin opens up with some quick strikes on Titus O’Neil, holding him back for a bit. Titus quickly overpowers Justin with a kick to the gut and a few power slams. Titus gets some BIG heat on himself by trash talking a child. Titus had Gabriel in the corner with some strikes to the stomach, however, Justin changes the momentum with a kick to the face while perched up. Gabriel follows up with a baseball slide and a launch cross-body.

*commercial break*

Gabriel with control of Titus, until Titus throws him off of him. Gabriel tries to springboard off the apron, and Titus catches him with a boot to the face. He rolls him into the ring for the cover, but Gabriel kicks out at two. Titus locks him in a bearhug, applying pressure. He then hits a backbreaker and tosses Gabriel over the top of his head. Gabriel gains control shortly after a missed charge by Titus, however, Titus clotheslines Gabriel out of his boots. Gabriel rolls out to the apron, Titus chases Gabriel into a kick to his head. Gabriel hits the 450 splash, and the match is over!

Winner: Justin Gabriel
Final Move: 450 Splash

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