WCW Thunder 9/27/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Long recap of Nitro. They end on the “exciting and must see” cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

Disco has come down and he asks if Pam wants to touch his duck. She calls it a goose. He is acting black as he discusses his new partner. He is down like Disco and he fires the Animals. He calls it the Hip Hop Nation. Instead of his partner K-Dog comes out. Konnan talks some trash and then Disco claims that Konnan will not hit someone in glasses. He does.

Match 1: Disco v. Konnan

Konnan hammers him, and knocks him to the floor. Disco hits him back but he get knocked back and back in the ring he is hit with Rolling Thunder and a bulldog. Alex Wright comes down and helps Disco win.

* JESUS. I need a beer or ten.

They dance and here comes the rest of the Animals and they attack.

Sanders is looking for the Cat in the back. He knocks on Russo’s door but he is not there, so he sits at his desk. Doug Dillinger tells him to leave and Sanders calls him cupcake and gives him a piece of paper saying he is in charge. Dillinger’s response: Lord help us now!

JJ is walking in the back.

Thrillers are watching their tag win on Nitro and they want it rewound. No Norman so Sanders makes a Hardcore Tournament.

Steiner arrives and then swings his pipe at a worker who sprints. The duck is there and Steiner hates them and smashes it with his pipe!

AWOL cracks jokes about getting here and Rection tells him to get his head in the game. Okay….

Here comes Jarrett. He is going off on Sting and his apparent lack of desire. Luger is coming through the crowd. Luger gets a pop as JJ sarcastically introduces him. He calls him greedy as he stayed home and collected a fat paycheck until he decided to join with Russo. JJ wants him to speak and here he comes and he has waited along time for this. Luger has been home for three months and he has not been allowed to wrestle or be on TV due to the likes of JJ and Russo. Luger had to make a decision and it was the worst of his life and later he felt sick to his stomach. He is apologizing for making a mistake and JJ cackles for him being a suck up. JJ should recognize that as he has been so far up people’s asses for 18 months. JJ is good at it too. Here comes Rection. He is not tickled with what Luger did and he and everyone knows what it is like to fight for your job. Luger does not explain crap as he and everyone else forgives him. Storm comes in and clips Rection’s knee and he and JJ beat on Luger and Rection.

Later we get an interview with Russo who is wearing a neck brace and has the belt.

Rection and Luger will team up later tonight….SWERVE!

Thrillers are still watching what happened on Monday. Meow comes in. Meow is told that who screw getting to the top is worse as he get screwed going back down. She is told to beat it because she pinned Sanders.

Juve and Rey set up a best of 5! Sweet. Give it time…..

Match 2: Sgt. A-Wall v. Johnny the Bull

This is the Hardcore Tournament….I also figured out how they spell A-Wall.

They are beating each other with the Kendo stick. They fight to the floor and Wall puts a garbage can over his head and beats it with a pipe. He fights and he chokeslams him through the table…Not showing Wall and it is black and white. Oh, he is bloodied. Wall wins.


Steiner comes down and beats both. He yells at the announcers for always bringing up Goldberg. Ray gets up and shoves him away but stupidly turns his back and is hit with the pipe.

The 70s bus arrives.

Thrillers watching the footage still.

Even though Ray was hit in the back he is holding his head in the back getting checked out. He will fight tonight though he acts woozy.

The Lava Lamp Lounge: Midajah is his guest. He calls her foxy and Awesome asks if Steiner is here and he backs off and then asks more questions….When he finds out that he is getting ready for his match he gets closer. She calls him Awesome but he is no Big Poppa Pump. He is still spitting game. Here comes Leia Meow and she pushes Midajah and hits her. Midajah kicks her and Leia returns the favor. He claims there is no reason to fight and they kick him in the nuts and break up his set. They fight some more and Midajah puts her in the Recliner. It is broken up.

Steiner is screaming about Booker and Ray and both are illegitimate. If Ray wants to mess with the Genetic Freak he will beat his ass.

Duggan is at the WCW.com area and freaking out about American fans.

Duggan comes out and taunts the fans and demands they stand for the Canadian Anthem. Konnan is at the announce table.

Match 3: Jim Duggan and Elix Skipper v. Jindrak and O’Haire (c)

Fairly long match so far. Back and forth. Skipper has Jindrak grounded as the fans keep chanting USA. Jindrak is up but is pulled up and then knocked back down. Skipper hits the missilekick and then Duggan comes in and stomps on him. Skipper is rolled up and nearly pinned. Skipper is up and he knocks him down, stomps away and tags in Duggan. Both elbow Jindrak and Duggan covers him. Haire makes the save. Duggan keeps him grounded in a chinlock. Jindrak is up and fights back. Jindrak springs off the ropes but misses and he is clotheslined from the football stance. Here comes Skipper who is up top and he goes for a spring kick but there is shenanigans from Gunns and he is crotched. Here comes A-Wall and he and Duggan brawl and that allows the tag champs to finish off Skipper.

**1/2 Nice and long. Not great…but will bump it up. It was a title match.

Skipper is in the back and Sanders sends him right back out. Here comes Kronik! Gunns is holding Skipper in place. Skipper just lays down for the count!

Match 4: Skipper v. Kronik

Skipper had a title match against Sanders on Nitro, so that is why it was booked. Kronik goes to leave but Sanders springs into him. They don’t catch him. Ouch. Kronik is dismantling him. It is over.


Match 5: Juve v. Rey

They tussle and no one gets the upperhand. Rey takes him over and Juve regroups on the floor. Back in the ring, they hook up and Rey takes him down and pulls back on the arms. Rey rolls him for two. They tussle some more until Rey scissors him over and then clotheslines him over the top rope. Rey is regrouping. They go at it for another minute and Juve is on the floor and is hurt after being catapulted into the ropes. The match is called….Konnan is pissed that fans are booing and they quickly go to commercial!

NR. Damn.

Ray is getting ready.

Match 6: Crowbar v. Reno

Goddamn is Konnan funny. He is saying he is making up stuff like Tenay and Schiavone does. This is about Vito’s sister and how she may have dated Reno. Funny. Fans are pretty silent as they tear into each other. Basically just hitting each other with sticks and bats. Crowbar uses the ropes to kick him into the railing. Crowbar has his ribs taped. The match is going longer due to the brevity of the last one….

Juve hyperextended his knee.

They go back and forth. Reno is put through a table and Crowbar is slow to follow up and he gets in the ring and is nailed and nearly pinned by Reno. Some fans chant boring. Crowbar hits a front suplex and gets two. They battle and here comes Bull who helps Reno and he wins. Awesome makes the save.

**1/2 Not bad.

Awesome is going to help a sad Crowbar with his lady problems.

Tenay is with Russo. Russo is asked who the champ is. Russo says he has the belt and despite Tenay not being convinced, Russo claims he left the cage first. Russo is being a douche to Tenay and reminds him that he is not Stacy or Midajah. Also, he goes off on Flair. Russo is not a wrestler and he just wanted to prove he could do it despite taking an awful bump.

Rection and Luger are teaming up. Non-sanctioned match. Both are excited….Did I mention a swerve?

Match 7: Stevie Ray v. Scott Steiner

Steiner is mauling him. Some Goldberg chants. Ray boots him and then slams Steiner. Midajah leaps and is caught. Nice panty shot. Damn she is built. Steiner nuts Ray and then hits him with the pipe when the ref was getting rid of Midajah. Recliner and match.

*1/2 Pretty much a squash.

Storm and JJ are walking in the back. Rection and Luger are too.

Match 8: Storm (c) and JJ v. Rection and Luger

Storm would like to be serious for a minute. He talks about Canada and we all stand for the Anthem. Me included.

All four are brawling. Now Luger is taking it to JJ, he shoves him into the railing. Back in the ring he does his thing with the press slam. Two lariats and a forearm. He calls for the Rack and gets him up but Storm nails him. Rection runs in but the ref makes him go back. Storm works him over in the corner and JJ comes in to continue the punishment. Sleeper. Luger finally is up but is knocked back down. JJ and Luger go at it. Luger takes him down and makes the hot tag. Rection tees off on the heels. Storm is in and Rection goes for his finisher and Luger holds him for him. But he moves Storm and tries for the Rack but could not get him up and stomps him. Storm finishes him off.

** Angle advancement. Told ya….Jesus Luger, can’t get him up for the Rack. Getting old and needs a new supply of HGH!

**1/2 Not too bad. No long Russo monologues. Steiner ran ripshod. Too bad about Juve but I gave the show the extra half star because it was not his fault and what I saw was solid. There was plenty of angle advancement. Sure, there was the obvious swerve but overall the show did the job.

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