AIW Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta 4/26/2013

Written by: Bob Colling

Absolute Intense Wrestling presents Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
From: Cleveland, OH

Every single match is being contested under fan brings the weapons. So, there should be a lot of blood and violence tonight. At least, I’m hoping for that.

First Contest: The Jollyville Fuck-Its (Russ Myers & T-Money) vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy): I’ve never heard of these four guys and assume they are local guys for AIW. The Squad attacked before the bell and started to brawl on the floor. Money is being dominated on the floor as he is scoop slammed and tossed into the guard railing. Money uses a plastic goose on the Squad to help his partner by atomic dropping Evan on the goose for a near fall! Pierre is held down but Myers misses a cannonball off the top and is rolled up to allow the Squad to get the win with a handful of tights. (*1/2. Aside from the use of the plastic goose, this was uninteresting. The Submission Squad guys don’t do much for me.)

Second Contest: ACH vs. Davey Vega vs. Gary Jay vs. Louis Lyndon Vega is a big babyface for AIW judging by the reaction he got. During his entrance he accidentally touched a female fans breast. ACH probably got a better reaction than Vega. ACH and Jay kick off the four way contest. A basic start to the match with ACH controlling Jay with arm drags They exchange a few chops and ACH dropkicks Jay to the floor after he did a handstand in the corner. Lyndon pulls ACH to the floor and tosses him into the railing. Vega and Lyndon are now the legal men since I guess tags aren’t required. Vega hits a hurricanrana but Lyndon lands on his feet and they trade chops. Vega stops him with a big clothesline and a running boot into the corner. ACH is sent to the floor by Louis. Vega is stopped by Jay and Lyndon in the corner. Jay and Louis argue over who should get the pin and Lyndon kicks Jay in the ribs. ACH uses pool noodles on Vega and screams while using them. I can’t imagine how that would hurt, but it’s wrestling I suppose. ACH hit a nice snap power slam on Vega for a two count. Louis nails Jay with a knee to the face and hits a backdrop on the apron! That looked sick! Vega plants Louis with a suicide dive turned into a DDT on the floor! ACH takes everyone out with a springboard twisting dive and lands on his feet! Louis and ACH trade some forearm shots in the ring. Louis attempted a flipping piledriver but Jay hit a double stomp. Vega nearly pins Jay with a Liger Bomb! ACH hits a swinging back breaker and an exploder suplex on Vega. Lyndon palm strikes ACH while Jay plants Lyndon with a spinning face buster! ACH kicks Jay off the apron and runs into a huge clothesline from Vega! Louis and ACH and trapped in the corner together while Jay and Vega fight. Vega drives Jay into both men with a Death Valley Driver in the corner for a two count! Jay dumps Vega to the floor and ACH hits a series of kicks on Jay. Lyndon surprises ACH with an inside cradle after a low blow for the win. (***. I was expecting ACH to pull out the win, but Louis winning the match was the second best option. A fine match that saw several good spots. Everyone looked good here with no one feeling left out of hitting big spots. An ideal under card match to fill out your show here.)

Third Contest: AIW Tag Team Champions Hope & Change (Gregory Iron & Veda Scott) vs. The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon): Iron and Vega come out to CM Punk’s old music. He wears a shirt that says he is the best disabled wrestler in the world. The champs attack before the bell and double team Kodama. Iron hits a suicide dive on Obariyon. Scott attempted the same but is pulled to the floor where she brawls with Kodama. Scott hits Kodama with a keyboard. Iron and Scott hit a clothesline/splash combo on Obariyon for a near fall. The Batiri have control of the bout stomping and choking the champions. The challengers dump bacon on the canvas as Vega leaves the ring because she is vegan! Iron fights them off but they run into a double big boot and lands on the bacon. Vega comes back in and is met with a drop toe hold onto the bacon. Her face is rubbed into the bacon for a few moments. Iron is sent to the floor with a clothesline. Obariyon is sent to the floor by Veda. Kodama misses a splash in the corner and Veda delivers a few kicks in the corner. Kodama hits a German suplex on Scott but Iron breaks up the cover. Kodama has a staple gun and sends Veda into the ring. Veda is begging off in the ring and manages to low blow Kodama. Iron comes in but can’t get a cover as Obariyon hits a blockbuster. Vega kicks Obariyon off the top to the floor. Kodama hits a leaping DDT and nearly pins Iron but Scott comes in to get the surprise roll up After the match, Scott is laid out by the furious challengers. Iron isn’t interested in helping his partner! (**1/2. Well, that was an okay match. Veda’s offense just bothers me a lot. Her kicks look weak and when you have her in there with three other guys, even one who is disabled, her offense looks weaker. By the way, every match so far has ended with a roll up)

Fourth Contest: Jody D’Milo vs. Addy Starr: For some reason Starr tried to get a USA chant going, but that didn’t work at all. Oh, she is just really patriotic. Plus, Jody is Canadian. The fans don’t even care about these two. Wait, Starr is the All-American Canadian. I’m confused. After slapping each other Jodi drops Addy with a superkick. Jodi is laying across the middle rope when Addy hits a knee drop. Jodi can’t catch Addy on a cross body attempt as Addy jumped off the apron. On the floor, Jodi hit a back breaker and Jodi tried to get the crowd into the match but that’s not happening. Starr hits Jodi with a bad looking diamond dust out of the corner. Starr misses a top rope double knee drop. Starr fights back for a near fall with a neck breaker. This has gone on for far too long. Starr misses a middle rope moonsault. Starr tosses Jodi into a corner with an exploder suplex. Jodi hits a wheelbarrow suplex but no three count. Jodi grabs a chair while Addy is upside down in the corner. Addy blocks a splash by using the chair and hits a sliding clothesline for the win. (*1/2. The crowd didn’t like the match and I could hear people laughing at the effort. This went on for a little too long for my liking.) After the match, they embrace because they are friends and Canadian.

Fifth Contest: Colin Delaney, Josh Prohibition & Matt Cross vs. NIXON (Bobby Beverly, AIW Absolute Champion Eric Ryan & Rickey Shane Page): Ryan is drinking some booze as he comes to the ring to mock Delaney who has just recently turned his life around and is now sober. Colin is in great condition nowadays as a result. The manager for NIXON is the special referee for the match and says he will call it right down the middle. Cross is sporting a Daniel Bryan type of beard and has a guitar with him. Colin and Ryan are in the ring to kick off the six man tag match. Page comes in from behind to attack Colin so Ryan will not be starting the match. Colin hits a nice hurricanrana and arm drag followed by a spinning heel kick. Josh tags in and takes Beverly over with a suplex. The referee takes his sweet time making a count, which will be the theme of the match for the faces. Cross runs the ropes several times, which is unnecessary to dropkick Beverly in the face while Josh had a hold on Bobby. Cross hit a standing moonsault on Beverly for a slow two count. Cross continued with an atomic drop and a half Boston Crab on Beverly. Ryan got involved to break the hold but Beverly is trapped in the ring. Prohibition hit a vertical suplex for a two count on Beverly. Colin is distracted when Page yanks his partners off the apron and Ryan enters to work over Colin briefly. Page pounds on Delaney in the ring with strikes. Colin is worked over by the heels for several moments. Colin cleans house with strikes and suicide dive on the floor. Prohibition hit a TKO of sorts and clotheslines Beverly to the floor. Cross splashes Page in the corner and followed up with a handspring dive over the top to the floor! Colin uses a cooking pan on Beverly on the floor, too. Josh smashes Ryan over the head with the keyboard rather viciously. Cross drops Page across his knee and gets a two count. Ryan is choking Colin on the ramp way but Colin uses a tennis racket to break free. Josh uses a plastic bat with tacks on it to bust Page wide open it looks like. Cross uses a bat with tacks on it on Ryan. Beverly gets a bowling ball to the testicles by Colin. Page is busted wide open as Josh uses a barbed wire board to hit Page on the groin. Ryan is cut open a little bit but Page is bleeding big time. Page sets up light tubes and is back dropped onto them by Josh. Colin uses a sign to smack Ryan over the head. Page sets a table up on the floor. Colin continues to use a bat on Ryan. Ryan backdrops Josh onto the ramp way. Page slams Josh onto the floor before heading back into the ring. NIXON hits a superkick, back breaker and a splash on Colin in the ring. Ryan takes Cross out with a suicide drive on the floor. Page dumps tacks on the canvas and puts Colin on the top rope. Colin is able to yank Page off the middle rope and face first into the tacks! Colin pushes Page face first into the tacks! Page backdrops Delaney on the ramp way to get control of the contest. Cross dropkicks light tubes into Page’s face from the ring to the floor. Cross fights Ryan on the middle rope and headbutts the champ off the middle rope. Josh with a double under hook piledriver. Cross barely hits a 450 splash and Beverly breaks up the cover. The referee distracts Josh and Cross smashes the guitar over the referee’s head! Josh powerbombs Beverly over the top onto Page through a table set up on the floor! Someone runs out from the backstage area and gives Colin the beer bottle. Colin takes a swig and spits in Ryan’s face. Colin hits an elevated Code Breaker and the guy who I don’t know counts the pin using the knocked out refs hand. (****. From a purely entertainment standpoint the match was very enjoyable. The win makes sense as to why Colin is getting a title shot on the next AIW iPPV. NIXON is an enjoyable heel trio with Beverly and Page taking the most vicious spots throughout the match without a doubt. An awesome performance by these six men.)

Sixth Contest: Michael Elgin vs. AIW Intense Champion BJ Whitmer: Chris Dickinson picked Whitmer’s opponent for the show, just like Whitmer did for Dickinson later on in the show. Dickinson comes out and calls Whitmer a disgusting human being. He introduces BJ’s opponent as being Michael Elgin. A slow start to the match as they have a feeling out process. Whitmer tries to hit Elgin with shoulder blocks but Elgin catches him to hit a power slam for a two count. BJ hits a spinning heel kick to knock Elgin off his feet. They trade several forearm shots. Whitmer actually got the better of the exchange. Elgin drops BJ with a Code Breaker for a two count. Elgin holds BJ up for forty five seconds to hit a vertical suplex. The fact Whitmer didn’t even try to fight out of the move is aggravating as a viewer. Whitmer is sent back first into a corner by Elgin for a near fall. Whitmer rams Elgin into a corner and hits an exploder suplex into the corner! Whitmer hits a high knee in the corner but Elgin stops him with a big boot. Whitmer comes back with an exploder suplex for a near fall again. Whitmer kicks Elgin in the corner and a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Elgin hit a swinging side slam but can’t put Whitmer away. Elgin hits a forearm shot and after a botch Elgin drives Whitmer into the corner with a Death Valley Driver. Elgin heads to the top rope but misses a twisting splash as Whitmer got his knees up. BJ nearly won with a big boot to the face. Whitmer hits a swinging neck breaker and a Perfect Plex for a near fall. Elgin kicks BJ on the side of the head. They begin to trade forearm shots until Elgin works over Whitmer with a series of short clotheslines. Elgin superkicks and big boots Whitmer. Elgin powerbombs BJ into the corner but Whitmer hits a backdrop to battle back. Elgin sends BJ into the corner with a German suplex! Whitmer stops Elgin on the top to hit a top rope exploder suplex to get a huge win! (***. A fine match though it had its dull moments. I was fully expecting Elgin to go over since he is the bigger name and that tends to be the way things go when it comes to ROH talents. However, I was legit surprised to see Whitmer get the win. A solid match between these two.) After the match, BJ and Elgin shake hands and show respect for one another.

Seventh Contest: Ethan Page vs. Josh Alexander: Page pie faces Alexander to start and is met with a right hand for doing so. Josh splashes Page and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Page bails to the floor to buy himself some time. Alexander continues to hammer away on Ethan. Alexander uses a chair on Page briefly until Ethan’s female manager grabs it from Josh and runs into the ring to distract him. She slaps Alexander and is nearly driven down with a tombstone but Page runs into the ring to make the save. Page gets a couple of near falls after a leg drop and standing elbow drop. Josh hits a running cross body to the back of Page while he sat on the apron and they both go to the floor. Alexander powerbombs Page on the apron. Alexander drops Ethan across the guard railing chest first. Josh takes Page out with a moonsault off the top into the crowd! Alexander grabs a piece of guard railing and lays it across the apron and railing. Page sends Alexander chest first into the guard railing. Page catapults Josh face first into the guard railing. Ethan gets a piece of guard railing as well and lays it across the first piece of railing. Actually he got two sets of railing so now three pieces of railing are laid across the apron. Alexander puts Page on the railing but Page’s manager distracts Alexander. She runs to the backstage area and both men go back there as well. Page brings Alexander back towards the arena but Alexander drops Page on his head on the ramp way! Josh rams a chair into Page’s midsection back in the ring. Page counters a piledriver attempt and hits Alexander with a chair several times. Page hits an ace crusher onto a chair but can’t get a three count. Page superkicks Alexander but is met with a chair shot and German suplex. Josh puts Page on the top rope gut first. Alexander goes for a top rope powerbomb but Page fights out of it and crotches Josh on the top rope. Page slams Alexander off the top and onto two chairs! Page grabs a set of light tubes but just smashes them on the ground. Page goes under the ring to slide a table into the ring. Page rams Josh into the table face first and part of the table breaks. Alexander fights Page off on the middle rope to leaps off the middle rope and drives Page through the table for a near win! They trade a few shots until Alexander hit a German suplex. Page kicks Josh on the railings and connects with an ace crusher on the railings! Alexander stops Ethan on the top rope to suplex Page onto the guard railings! Ethan’s lady friend comes into the ring to check on him and beg Josh to stop. Uh, she takes her panties off which are white to throw the towel in, I guess. Yeah, so Alexander wins the match due to that. (***1/2. A good match that had a few sick spots. The finish was odd as I’ve never witnessed a woman use her panties to give up a match for her client. I was impressed by both men here.) After the match, Page drops his manager with a sick side slam and the fans don’t like that. He drove her down to the mat really hard. Page is pissed that she gets involved in his matches and officially dumps her.

Main Event: Chris Dickinson vs. MASADA: Yep, so MASADA is the surprise opponent for Dickinson. A mat wrestling start to the contest with Masada getting the better of the exchange. They go back to the mat wrestling and this time Dickinson gets the better of Masada. Masada gets a cross arm breaker on Dickinson but can’t get a submission victory. Dickinson kicks Masada in the chest a few times but they don’t do any damage to Masada. Dickinson does a spinning kick to knock Masada down and get control of the match. They begin to trade kicks with Dickinson knocking Masada silly after a kick to the head. On the floor, Masada takes a chop but drops Chris with a right hand only to be stopped with a low blow. They begin to do dueling chairs on the floor until Masada drops his chair and is sent into the guard railing. Dickinson rams the chair into Masada’s head. A table is set up in the corner as Dickinson continues to work over Masada. Masada suplexs Dickinson from the apron back into the ring. Dickinson sends Masada through the table with a wheelbarrow suplex. They continue to trade shots as they are on their knees. Dickinson powerbombs Masada onto the broken table for a two count! Chris gets another table and sets it up by the stage. Masada grabs Dickinson on the stage to hit a Death Valley Driver off the stage and through the table! Dickinson gets back into the ring only to be dropped on the broken table with a brain buster, twice. Chris kicks out at two on the cover, though. Dickinson pins Masada after a modified pump handle slam for the win. (**. There is no reason for this match to be the main event. Compared to everything else that took place on the show, this fell flat and didn’t have much crowd heat at all. Dickinson isn’t all that great and Masada excels at death matches rather than what was showcased here.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought the show was really good. This was my first exposure to the company and I’m impressed enough to check out more of their shows in the future. The only negatives were the women’s match and the main event. If the main event was placed somewhere differently on the show maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. I think the six man tag should’ve been in the main event spot. I’m giving the show a thumbs up despite the flaws.

Thanks for reading.

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