WCW Worldwide 1/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)The Nasty Boys defeated Tom Burton & Derek Lambert
2.)Alex Wright defeated Ned Brady
3.)Diamond Dallas Page defeated Vern Henderson
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Bunkhouse Buck by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene interviewed the WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat and Sensational Sherri. Gene mentions that people are crediting Sherri for their success. She say that they are good enough to get the job done. Gene is checking Sherri out as she talks! Stevie reminds us that they are the champions and they are going to through the Nasty Boys. Booker T says they can’t lose to the Nasty Boys.

2. A video promoting Brian Pillman and his success in football is aired.

3. Mean Gene interviews Col. Robert Parker and Blacktop Bully. Parker says he is one of the happiest men on the planet because he got Bully to wrestle Dustin Rhodes at Superbrawl V. Parker is going to make sure that Bully takes care of Rhodes at Superbrawl V. Bully talks about sitting in jail as a criminal, but insists he isn’t a criminal because he doesn’t break the law!

4. The referee was holding the WCW United States Championship prior to the bout, meaning this match was taped prior to Duggan losing the championship to Vader at Starrcade. Duggan drops Buck with a series of clotheslines and sends Bunkhouse over the top to the floor with another clothesline. Duggan jabs Buck a few times before Bunk bails to the floor. Buck works over Duggan with a few shots and chokes Jim across the ropes. They zoom into the championship that is no longer around Duggan’s waist, too! Duggan misses a splash in the corner and Bunkhouse nearly gets a three count. Buck rakes Jim’s eyes and delivers a big boot. Buck stomps Duggan in the face but Duggan brings him down to the mat to deliver several right hands. Duggan catches Buck coming off the ropes to hit a scoop slam. Duggan signals for the clothesline but Arn Anderson runs in and attacks Duggan to cause the disqualification. (*. That was just a slow match that didn’t hold my interest. It was a simple brawling match without any high impact spots hurting the overall entertainment of the match.)

Final Thoughts:
After a good episode last week we return to a lackluster program. The main event was bad all around and was mainly just an angle advancement for Duggan and the Studd Stable. There might by an Arn vs. Duggan match in the future for the TV Championship I would gather from this. Anyway, a thumbs down for this episode.

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