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WCW Thunder 7/8/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Nash comes down to a sustained ovation. He has re-watched the footage of Nitro. He is happy he powerbombed Sting but apologizes if he is on his side. He will put up the title and anyone can pin him including Sting.

Flair and company are in the back talking about tonight. Malenko interrupts. He heard that Flair is bowing out of their PPV match due to a bad back. Malenko reminds him that he is a 14 time champ. Flair back hurts because he has been carrying the company! He will wrestle anyone he wants and will decide who he fights. He has Malenko talk to the Enforcer. They jaw a bit and Malenko is dismissed and he tells Flair to come see him when his back is better. Flair screams that he is Ric Flair and, 14 time champ, and chases Dean to remind him of this!

Match 1: Eddie Guerrero v. Lenny Lane

Eddie chants reverberate around the arena! They go back and forth for a minute and Eddie takes command and here come the Lucha’s and they annihilate Eddie and the fans boo the shit out of them. Lenny rolls him over warily and the ref was knocked out and Lenny gets the win and the fans boo ecstatically!

** Angle advancement.

Jimmy Hart invites some Lucha to the Hardcore Invitational at the Bash.

Disco Inferno is down talking to Gene and he claims that Ernest Miller stinks! Disco is not worried about Mr. Miyagi as this is not the movies and he will beat Cat’s tooshie at the PPV…he said toosh, twice.

Match 2: Van Hammer v. Al Greene

Hammer squashes him and afterwards Rick obliterates him.

*1/2 Squash.

Horace is invited along with the nWo and Horace wants to make sure the money is right.

Match 3: Fit Finlay v. Brian Knobs

The match is about two minutes long and everyone involved in the Hardcore Invitational run down and a brawl ensues!


It is still going on and everyone is getting wasted. Horace and Knobs fight towards the back and Horace is tossed into the Thunder set.

Oh shit Piper…..with Flair and AA and David etc. Gene is there. Piper rambles. Disses Buff. Flair is in form and talks up his son. It is David v. Malenko at the PPV. I smell a swerve.

Match 4: Disco Inferno v. Kidman

Not a bad match so far: Both have been flying around the ring. Here comes the Cat and Kidman is piledrived. Kidman bulldogs him and here comes the Cat and he takes out Kidman but is destroyed by Disco who gets a nice ovation.

**1/2 Short but fun.

Here comes the Triad and the fans disppoint him. They love him and hate him but they will never forget him. He is upset about Saturn beating him via cheating and he claims he never lost that match. In another match DDP was not even the legal man…

Match 5: Kanyon v. Disco Inferno

Benoit runs him over after they go back and forth. Benoit is pushed into the corner and hammered. Kanyon works him over for a bit but Benoit fires back and and knocks him to the floor and rips into him. Kayon eats the railing and is chopped. Sorry, distracted but the match has been solid. They have pummeled each other. Kanyon spikes him and then bitch slaps him as Benoit is laid out. Benoit grabs him out of nowhere and hits the bridged German getting two. Kanyon is up first and heads up top but Benoit cuts him off and he superplexes him off. Both are slow to get up and Kanyon gets in some offense but is struck by two straight German’s. Kanyon elbows out of the third attempt and here comes Bigelow but Kanyon is whipped into him. Benoit goes up top but Bigelow recovers and crotches him. Saturn is in the fray. Crossface! Bigelow goes up top and dives hitting Kanyon as Benoit rolls away and then dropkicks Bigelow to the floor and the diving headbutt finishes Kanyon. DDP runs down and DC’s Benoit and then Saturn.

**** Nice to see Benoit get a great win….means no win at the PPV but it is all good.

Match 6: Curt Hennig v. Konnan

This lasts about 2-3 minutes before it breaks down into a donnybrook with everyone hammering the shit out of each other and the Rednecks retreat.


*** Decent set up for the PPV.

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