WCW Thunder 7/14/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Wednesday Edition:Match 1: Van Hammer v. VampiroA near nine minute match. Fun back and forth. So much for Hammer. His push is over. Jesus, they have him destroy the Cruiserweights and Vampiro was destroyed by Steiner but hey let’s switch it up….


Match 2: Road Block v. Random

It is Sick Boy with a new doo. He is facing Rick Fuller. I am clueless.

Fuller wins after another nine minute match. Too long, knowing neither is going anywhere.


Match 3: Dave Taylor and Fit Finlay and Steven Regal v. No Limit Soldiers

Another long match. BA got worked most of the match. But Swoll pins Dave Taylor.


Match 4: David Flair (c) v. Bobby Eaton for WCW US Title

David actually gets in a couple of wrestling moves. Flair keeps giving Eaton money! But Eaton still destroys poor David. He goes up top and Asya and Ric pull David away. Asya will be the fall girl and lays down. Eaton does not like that and he gets in the face of Flair. He is nutted by Asya and again and part of it hits Ric and he sells it. David pins him.

* Angle advancement.

Match 5: Mikey Whipwreck v. Kidman

They battle back and forth and end up on the floor. Mikey shoves him into the railing and breaks the count; he heads back out and goes back to work. Kidman is thrust into the railing. Back in the ring Mikey gets two after a snap suplex. Now he works over the leg. Kidman rolls him up after the whip and gets two and gets another near fall after a powerbomb. Kidman shoots him into the ropes but lowers his head and is DDT’d. Mikey gets two. Mikey suplexes him and then whips him into the corner where he sandwiches and after a powerslam he gets two. Boy, Mikey is just kicking his ass. He drops the legs and slingshots himself up and drops the legs on the back of his head. He does it again. He gets two. Kidman blocks the suplex and dumps him to the floor. Kidman slingshots on top of him. Kidman is up top but he blocks the Frankensteiner and connects with a crossbody getting two. He reverses a move and faceplants Mikey. He goes up top and kills him with the Press….and gets the win. Looks like he hit him good!

***1/2 Great match.

Match 6: Jersey Triad v. West Texas Rednecks for WCW Tag Titles

DDP does his thing on the mic….

Curt and DDP go back and forth. BW gets the tag and down goes DDP, and Windham punches and stomps him. Hennig is back in and he continues the punishment. BW is back in and his suplex is countered via an armbar takedown. Curt runs in and stomps on DDP. Kanyon is in and he sunset flips BW over getting two. Kanyon runs him over for another near fall. BW escapes and tags in Curt who hammers Kanyon. Now Kendall is in and I guess they are doing Triad rules. Bigelow is in and he suplexes Kendall.


DDP is down and Curt tags in BW and they doubleteam him. DDP escapes with a jawbreaker and here comes Kanyon who runs over Bobby but he is hiptossed. Bobby kicks and knees him over and over in the corner. BW is in and DDP tries to grab him but he is hit. Kanyon clotheslines BW and Bigelow is in and gets two after dropping the head. Bigelow has BW in a chinlock who fights to his feet only to be taken down. DDP is in and he drops the elbow on the lower gut. He covers him and Curt pulls him off. BW fights back but a lowblow stops that. DDP gets two. It has been back and forth and the ring is filled with most of them for a bit. Curt and DDP are the legal men and they are going at it. It breaks down again and after about 30 seconds the ref throws it out.

**1/2 Not too bad. Rednecks continue to play Tweeners.

They fight up the aisle way and DDP eats an atomic drop and he and Curt slug it out.

*** Three above average matches and that is what matters. The opener was good as was the Kidman match and the main event. Not much angle advancement but it was still decent.

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