WCW Thunder 7/22/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi v. Van Hammer

Hammer is owning him. He held him up for an out in a gorilla position before slamming him down. Kaz gets in some offense. He dropkicks the knees and takes him down but he is knocked to the floor. Kaz actually gets some offense in but loses.


Lenny and Lodi in the back giggling. Lenny has a lollipop….they wonder why JJ Dillon do not like them.

Match 2: Brandi Alexander v. Miss Madness

Miss Madness gets a great pop! Miss Madness can actually wrestle. Nine minute match and she wins.


Curt Hennig is calling out Goldberg! Goldberg is not here so he lays out the challenge for Nitro and the fans are understandably bitter.

Match 3: Curt Hennig v. Chase Tatum

Chase is actually a decent wrestler….it breaks down at the end and Curt wins.


Lenny and Lodi have been hiding from Sid Vicious who walks by. They ask Jimmy Hart for help and he recommends having a doctor at ringside.

Match 4: Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera v. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Rey and Juve start off. Juve jaws with the crowd. It has been back and forth. Rey and Juve go at it. Now Eddie gets the tag and he tosses Juve to the floor.


Psychosis kills Rey with a guillotine legdrop from the top rope. Rey gets the boot up and leaps up into the air and drives Psychosis face first into the canvas. Eddie gets the hot tag and he dropkicks Psychosis and tears into Juve. Now Psychosis is getting beaten. Rey accidentally hits Eddie as he was doubleteamed but Eddie helps Rey scissor over Psychosis and finish him with a Frankensteiner.

*** Short but good.

Savage comes out and demands the crowd vote for him in 2000. He is making fun of Rodman wearing a dress and having a purse. Savage is going to take out Rodman. He rambles for a bit and then wants Mona (Miss Madness) to beg for her job. She is on her knees and he fires her anyway along with Madusa. He is not done with Nash either and warns him.

Match 5: Sick Boy v. Rick Steiner (c) for WCW TV Title

Rick squashes him.


Nash is on the phone. He is challenging Hogan to a tag match at on Nitro and will have a partner whom he has known for nine years. Hogan is his enemy and someone he needs to keep close. It is time for Hogan to pass the baton. Also at the PPV he is going to drop him like a bad habit.

Match 6: Lenny and Lodi v. Sid Vicious

Sid is annihilating both men. Both get powerbombed. Lenny and Lodi are stacked up and pinned.

*1/2 Squash.

Match 7: Ric Flair v. Dean Malenko

Dean attacks. After a drop toe hold he goes for the Cloverleaf but Flair gets to the ropes. He breaks it and stomps a hole in him. Asya gets in the ring and jaws at Dean and Flair uses the time to regroup. He gets back in the ring and pokes Dean in the eyes and then chops him in the corner. Dean is snapped over but he pulls Ric down and applies the Figure Four. Ric inches towards the ropes and gets there. Flair begs for mercy but gets a dropkick instead. Malenko gets two but Flair pushes him back and rolls him up for two. Flair does not like the count and shoves the ref who pushes him back. Dean is dumped to the floor.


Flair is shot into the corner where he flips to the floor. Dean goes after him and drives his head into the apron and after some punches to the head and rolls him back into the ring. Asya is back in the ring and gets in front of Flair and Flair is able to deck Dean but is rolled up. The ref is out of position getting Asya out of the ring and Flair kicks out. Dean clotheslines him but both are slow to get up and Flair chops him and puts Dean in a headlock but he is back suplexed. Malenko blocks the Figure Four and Flair only has one leg hooked. He rolls free and they exchange blows with Dean getting the upperhand. He drops him and after a bodyslam gets two. Dean gets two more after a dropkick. Flair rolls to the floor and heads to the back. Saturn and Benoit cut him off and Dean brings him back to the ring. The Triad comes out and assaults Benoit and Saturn. Malenko takes out Flair and then decks Asya. Flair is in the Cloverleaf but DDP runs in and Malenko shrugs off the Cutter but this allows Flair to roll him up and get the win.

*** Nothing great but it was fun.

*** Okay Thunder. Two or three good matches along with some angle advancement made it worthwhile. It will be interesting to see what they do with Benoit and Malenko and Saturn…..if anything but at least they have been getting a minor push.

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