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WCW Thunder 7/29/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

A really LONG video package promoting, yup, Hogan. How he has changed and the history of Hogan in WCW etc….and the current feud.

Match 1: Cat v. Barry Darsow

Cat is willing to challenge anybody and Darsow answers the challenge. Cat claims he can beat him in five minutes, and after some back and forth he manages too with the loaded shoe.

DDP was on Hollywood Squares. Cracking jokes about Richard Simmons carrying the Olympic flame!

Match 2: Erik Watts v. Buff Bagwell

Fairly long match. Buff wins despite Cat interference.


Match 3: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Booker T

First they showed Goldberg’s match from Monday. Bammer and Booker hammer each other. After a couple of minutes Bigelow gets the upperhand by tossing him across the ring; he stomps on him in the corner and dumps him to the floor where DDP manhandles him. He is rolled back into the ring and Bigelow continues to punish him. Bam Bam squashes him with a running splash but misses the second one and stumbles into a spinebuster.


Axe kick time and here comes the Triad and the match is tossed. Ray makes the save.

**1/2 The commercial killed the momentum of a good match. Fuckers.

Ray calls the Triad a bunch of Fruit Booties and he wants to work with his brother like in the old days. Booker tosses his nWo shirt. Booker wants Ray to watch his back and they hug.

Now they show the main event from Nitro.

Match 5: Triad and Flair v. Saturn and Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko

The faces start strong as Malenko wails on Kanyon and he departs to his corner to recuperate. Saturn is in now and he rolls Kanyon over and hammers him. He kills him with a belly to belly suplex. Benoit is in and Kanyon continues to get blasted. DDP gets shoved off the apron. Malenko is briefly in and Benoit gets the tag and dumps Kanyon on his head. Flair got the tag and there is a scrum….


DDP works over Saturn and then Kanyon faceplants him. DDP is in and he gets a two count. DDP has him in a front facelock and Saturn tries to get to his corner but is stymied. DDP whips him into the corner and DDP misses the charge. Benoit gets the hot tag and rips into DDP. Now the match has broken down. Benoit hits the flying headbutt on Kanyon. Flair gets an object from Asya and knocks out Benoit. Malenko sees Kanyon pulled on top of him but runs around in circles….Kanyon gets the win.


As DDP and Flair celebrate. Shane Douglas comes out of the crowd. He tells his comrades this is exactly what he has been talking about, the screwjobs etc. He hypes all three up as really talented and that none of them will be held back anymore and he will have their back. They all shake.

*1/2 I cannot rank a show too high were nearly 20 minutes is recap and 20 more are matches from Nitro. The ending was okay as was Bigelow and Booker….but it was not enough to save a pretty poor show.

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