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WCW Nitro 10/4/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

WCW has so much goddamn potential that it irks me they stopped a lot of the pushes for the younger guys and abandoned the Hardcore Division so quickly….though there were a lot of injuries. Angles have been stopped or aborted, such as the Hummer, and with Savage gone that obviously had an impact. Kidman and DDP went nowhere. Rick and Buff never had a rematch or a match….Berlyn and Buff either. I could continue but the big thing that happened last week, and my Nitro cut off was Sid’s car getting smashed by Goldberg. Yes, the man who kicks ass had a car smashed. I guess seeing as Goldberg cannot touch him….Also, the show revolving around Hogan and the ratings continue to hover around 3 and tonight and next week will fall into the 2’s, shows that WCW needs to shift directions and push other guys and get more compelling angles. Yes, I enjoy Nitro more often than not but a lot more could be and should be done. Nitro fell to a 2.9 with a 3.6, 2.4 and 2.6. RAW got a 5.9 across the board.

They are in the Kemper Arena….Bret requested a match with Benoit. Got it. In his book Bret was shocked WCW went along with it. Actually, all of Bret’s ideas were used or most of them, unfortunately many did get finished due to injury and/or death…..Owen.

Match 1: Dean Malenko v. Rey Mysterio

They exchange holds and finally Dean takes him down. They exchange some holds again and Dean ends up on top but Rey gets up only to be run over. Dean works him over for a bit but cannot sustain it. Dean punches him and sends him for the ride but Rey bounces off of him and kicks him in the head and then leaps and takes down Malenko. They are on the mat going at it and neither gets the upperhand. They are up and Dean takes him down and works over the leg and puts him in a modified surfboard. He pulls over onto his back with Rey stretched out and then bridged and nearly pinned. He works over the knee by pulling on it and driving his knee into it. Rey is up and knocks Dean to the floor and then springs into a somersault crashing into Malenko. Rey rolls him back in and goes up top but is caught and put in the Cloverleaf! Rey fights and fights and finally gets to the ropes. Rey is whipped into the corner but Dean runs into a boot but he is able to take Rey down and nearly pins him. Malenko has him but Rey spins free, and then Rey goes up top and leaps right into a spinning slam and is nearly pinned again. Now Dean goes for a slam but Rey wriggles and lands on him for a near fall. They leap and clothesline each other and both are down and nearly pin each other! They are back up and Rey is sent to the apron and Dean decks him and so he climbs up and Dean fends Rey off but the latteer springs into a dropkick sending him into the apron. Shane Douglas runs down and boots the ref in the head and then hits Rey. Saturn runs down and Shane begs for mercy but instead he wallops Rey! Shane rolls the ref back in and Rey is put in the Cloverleaf and it is academic.

*** Lame ending as Dean needed a clean win. Revolution should have been faces to work the old guys holding them back but then again I guess they are going to take it by force….Dean is unsure of what happened. No other Animals were there tonight.

Dean sees the replay and does not like it and helps Rey up.

Match 2: Disco Inferno v. Psychosis (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

I guess Psychosis is the champ….won at a house show. Psychosis knocks him to the floor and goes up top and leaps right into Disco. Back in the ring, Psychosis works him over but Disco fights back and takes him down and gets two. He slows him down with a chinlock but Psychosis gets up, and Disco knocks him into the corner but misses the charge. Psychosis places him up top and Frankensteins him off. Disco fights back and goes up top, and leaps into a dropkick and Psychosis gets two. Disco is slammed but misses the guillotine legdrop and Disco finishes him off.

**1/2 I can see the meeting now. Hey, Psychosis you take off your mask and you get a title reign. How long? Well, two days and it will not be televised! Then you will lose!

The Outsiders! They are double fisting beers and walk towards the front row. Nash yells at fans to not jostle his beer. They sit by some lovely ladies. Heenan comes over and he is happy to see Hall and Nash. He wants to know where they have been and what they are doing here. “Hey Yo!” Jesus the fans are erupting. They were at a heck of a party down there and joke about not being able to say that. Heenan wants to know when they are returning, and Nash jokes he is retired. Hall continues that Nash has talked him into coming back but they will officially return when it is fun again. He asks if it is fun first. Heenan responds that it is always fun here, and Hall counters that he must not have been in the back lately. Nash has other things do but they will return when the time is right and they are getting the band back together.

Match 3: Brian Adams v. Sid Vicious

They are toe to toe and start shoving. Adams suplexes him and clotheslines him to the floor. He rolls Sid back in but is met with some kicks. He is sent into the ropes but Sid lowers his head and Brian piledrives him and Adams covers him but Charles Robinson pulls up and talks to Rick Steiner who is on the apron. Adams heads over and is clubbed from behind. Adams is worked by both men and powerbombed. It is over.

** Not too bad.

Match 4: Jerry Flynn v. Goldberg

Jimmy Hart is sick of Goldberg rolling through the First Family and he is next. Here comes Goldberg! As Goldberg readies himself Sid is taunting him in the back. Fans are just going apeshit. Flynn starts strong but it does not last and he is pummeled. Flynn is press slammed but Goldberg jaws with the other Family members and Flynn knocks him to the floor where he is utterly dismantled, run into steps and pounded. He is rolled back in the ring and the ref tells them to beat it as Flynn kicks the leg over and over dropping Goldberg and then chokes him out with the boot. Goldberg leaps up and goozles him and Flynn wraps his legs around him but is picked up and dropped. Spear! Jackhammer and match!

**1/2 I thought this was fun. Crowd fucking hot!

Goldberg has the mic and talks about Sid and mindgames and how he will never prevail. At Havoc his ass is Goldberg’s. If by some stroke of nature, Sid has the guts to face him before the PPV then he will kick his ass from one end of the country to the next. He guarantees Sid that he is his, and that belt is a stepping stone to the belt he lost a year ago and will not stop until he gets it back. The ball is in Sid’s court.

Berlyn is chilling against the wall. He yells at Brad Armstrong in German who gets in face screaming about how this is America and you speak English here…..

Gene calls out Harlem Heat. Heat call out First Family and call them names. Booker turns to the Outsiders and challenges them. They briefly pan to them. Ray talks some more and brags that WCW is the greatest organization in the world (damage control from what Hall said). The FF come out and blindside both and they are going at it. Knobs is tossed into the steps and Morrus works over Ray. Booker jaws at Hall and Nash as he beats on Knobs! They are in the ring and Knobs gets crushed with an axe kick. Now Morrus and Ray are in the ring and the former is clotheslined. Booker is wasted by a chair shot to the head and Knobs goes to Ray and blasts him with it twice. Hart has the belts and Morrus hits his finisher and they spit on the belts and finally refs restore some order. Knobs has the mic and calls HH fruit booties and they will be champs at the PPV.

More on the Nitro Girl seach. These two are not pretty…I would have to have a beer or two in my system and the lights dimmed….well, who am I kidding!

Goldberg gets in his car and drives off….I guess he does not want to face Sid tonight despite challenging him.

Tenay asks Benoit how he feels about tonight. Benoit thought about Owen and his family. It is a somber mood and he wants to have the best match in honor of Owen. He owes everything to the Hart’s and grew up watching Stampede. They treated him like family. It is an honor to be in the ring with Bret as you only get better when you wrestle him.

Match 5: Curt Hennig v. Brad Armstrong

Brad works him over and knocks him to the floor. He pulls Curt back in but is kicked and chopped. They exchange some blows until Curt is given two atomic drops and the Rednecks try to get involved but are knocked off the apron. Curt tries to take advantage but is run over. Berlyn comes down and is decked but the Wall knocks him out and right into the Plex and it is over.

*1/2 I guess Hennig gets a win and Berlyn gets a modicum of revenge.

Berlyn beats him up after the match.

I guess the Animals are here. Kidman is told that he has a match and he exits the shower with Torrie right behind him wrapped in a towel!

Sid is told that his car needs to be moved and he makes the dude move it…..

Match 6: Juventud Guerrera v. Kidman

Juve shoves him into the ropes but Kidman takes the offensive and knocks him down. Juve charges after the whip reversal and ends up on the apron and he bounces Kidman’s throat off the top rope. He goes up top and headscissors Kidman over. Heenan keeps making Torrie and shower jokes. Juve has him but Kidman escapes and kicks him to the floor. Back in the ring they tussle and Juve dropkicks him and then drops the elbow.


Kidman runs into a boot but Juve walks into a powerbomb and gets a near fall. Juve reverses a whip and has Kidman up over his shoulders. Kidman escapes but is clotheslined to the floor. Psychosis holds him and Juve leaps but Kidman moves and down goes the heels. Kidman now springs into both and rolls him back into the ring and Juve spikes him and gets a near fall. Juve slowly heads up top and leaps right into a dropkick. Kidman covers him and gets two. Kidman goes for a powerbomb but Juve wriggles free, and Juve goes for the Driver but Kidman struggles free but he is hit and the Driver connects. Juve takes an hour going up top and misses the 450 and Kidman powerbombs him! Psychosis gets involved and Juve nails him. Rey is down and Kidman takes out Juve and has him set up for the Press. For some reason Rey is still yelling at the ref and Psychosis crotches Kidman and helps Juve beat him. Rey and Kidman clear them out of the ring after the match.

***1/2 Great match…..Muffed ending. Why distract the ref when your man has the other guy beat….

Sid’s car is parked where Goldberg’s was! Here comes the tow truck!

Harley Race introduces Benoit who is wearing an Owen Hart shirt.

Match 7: Chris Benoit v. Bret Hart

They lock up and Benoit takes him down with a headlock and holds it in. Bret gets up and finally counters out and has the arm. Benoit puts him in a hammerlock and Bret reverses it and then puts him in a headlock. Benoit shoves him off but is run down, and Hart grabs the ropes to stop his momentum. They start at square one and lock up again and have a test of strength. Bret starts pushing him down into a bridge position and Benoit powers up and kicks him and then pushes him down and pulls on both arms. Bret is up but cannot escape the hammerlock and he is taken back down with Benoit on top working both arms. Bret gets back to his feet, and starts to power out and reverses the hold pulling back on both arms. Benoit tilts backwards with a dropkick and then takes him down and has the arm. Bret is back up and they tussle jockeying for position, which Bret ends with a Russian leg sweep. He keeps Benoit grounded with a chinlock. Benoit is up and free but is shoved into the ropes and kneed in the gut. Bret drops the legs, and pulls Benoit to his feet and works over the body and head in the corner. Benoit punches him back and chops him in the chest. Bret fends him off and takes him down with a DDT and drills him with an elbow from the second rope getting two. Benoit is shot into the ropes but Benoit rolls and hooks the leg getting two. He has Bret in a kind of Crab, Walls of Jericho maneuver. Bret gets to the ropes. Benoit strikes with a backbreaker and a punch sends him to the floor.

Fucking Commercial. Fuckers.

My anger has dissipated! Benoit drops a quick elbow and gets two. He misses the follow up elbow and Bret headbutts the gut and then suplexes him. He covers him and gets two. Bret pulls him up and gives him a hard backbreaker and stomps on the back softening it up as he knees him to the floor. Bret goes out after him and drives Benoit into the side of the ring. Security warns a fan for grabbing Bret….Back in the ring, Bret stomps on his gut as he methodically picks him apart. He uppercuts him in the head and sends him into the ropes but Benoit spins out of a move and picks up Bret and Tombstones him! He lays on top and Bret barely gets his shoulder up. Bret is nailed with a bridged German suplex and Benoit works him over and chops away at him in the corner. He whips him into the ropes but Bret hooks them and Benoit misses the dropkick. Bret drops two elbows and pulls him up and back suplexes him with some heat behind it and gets two. Hart slugs away sending Benoit reeling into the ropes and a couple more shots drops him. Hart runs at him but Benoit ducks and Bret bounces off the ropes and collapses to the mat and then slides to the floor. Benoit suicide dives right into Bret, and their heads crack together.


Could someone tell me why there is another commercial barely six minutes after the last one. Fucking terrible. The match is supposed to be telling a story and this interrupts it. Interrupt the Hogan main event. Benoit is getting punched in the chest as he is on the apron. Benoit is brought back in and rolls up Bret and gets two. Hart headbutts him and uses his foot to choke him out in the corner. He pulls up Benoit and goes for a wild swing, and Benoit backslides him for two. Hart is up and headbutts the back. Hart is relentless as he takes his time working him over. After a few more blows he gets two after a swinging neckbreaker and then places him up top and goes up after him. Benoit headbutts him off but Bret is up and an uppercut crotches him, and Bret goes up and superplexes him! Both are down and Bret grabs him but Benoit takes him down and it is Crossface time. Bret cannot get to the ropes but finally reaches out and grabs it, thus breaking the hold. Now it is rolling suplex time and he connects with three snap suplexes. Benoit heads up top and hits the flying headbutt! He delays the cover, and gets two. He pulls up Bret and back suplexes him. Bret mounts a comeback and hammers him and after a piledriver gets two. He pulls Benoit up and after a punch sends him front first into the corner, and goes for a back suplex off the rebound but Benoit lands on his feet and chops away. After a few he whips Bret into the corner but runs into a boot. Bret cannot follow up and is nailed with two German suplexes. Bret fends off the third but is hit a couple of times. Benoit tries for it again but is clubbed to the ground after a couple of shots to the back, but Benoit hooks the arm and takes him down and tries for the Crossface but Bret fights him and ends up on top and starts hooking him and turning him over and has the Sharpshooter hooked and Benoit gives up!

****1/2 WOW. Now the commercials, at least the second took some of the drama away. Also, Benoit gave up a bit too quickly but it was still awesome. Fuck it *****! Originally I guess Bret wanted Benoit to win but WCW rightfully thought that a bad idea…..

Bret points to the crowd, hugs Benoit and points to the sky as the fans clap. Even the announcers did not talk about other BS. See how easy it is to stay focused WCW, and it makes the matches better. Too bad the upperdeck is closed off…..I am all over the place.

Gene is in the ring and calls out Flair! Hogan gimps out right behind him. Flair brags about being with Hogan and how they are legends. For the first time ever he is going to say his prayers and take his vitamins and stay out of the bars until the PPV. Hogan is excited but calls the bar part a lie and continues that KC is Flair country. Flair has shown Hulk how to put the Figure Four on and Hogan is going to follow his lead tonight and they are going to kick some ass. Flair wants him to rip his shirt and he does so and Flair dances around as the crowd erupts.

Sid heads out and looks at where Goldberg’s car is supposed to be and is giddy.

DDP comes down and he knows that KC loves him and that is because he delivers the goods.

Match 8: DDP v. Buff Bagwell

Buff gets the crowd riled up and he is going to two time whip his ass. DDP leaps out of the corner only to get hammered and tossed to the floor. DDP is tossed into the railing twice. Back in the ring, DDP fights back and goes for a powerbomb but Buff counters out and slams DDP. DDP finally has him and takes him down by the arm. DDP stalks him stomping away and uses his boot to choke him out. DDP gets two. He applies a sleeper. Buff is up and elbows free and takes down DDP. He goes up top and goes for the Blockbuster. DDP grabs the ropes and Buff misses. DDP goes for the DC and Buff escapes but DDP floats over and hits it. Over.

**1/2 Solid. Boy they are schizo with Buff.

Match 9: Lex Luger and Sting (c) v. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair

All four go at it, and Sting knocks Hogan to the floor and they battle as Hogan is run into the railing, while Luger stomps on Flair. But the faces fight back as Sting eats the announce table and Luger is clotheslined to the floor. Flair chops at Luger and gets back in the ring and Sting is there and he gets chopped down too. Flair snaps him over and tags in Hogan chops at Sting in the corner and Flair is back in and he continues to chop him. Sting turns him around and kicks him and then tosses him across the ring and follows up with a dropkick. Flair though counters and stomps on his nuts. Flair goes up top but is tossed off. Here comes Luger and he pulls up Flair and powerslams him. Luger drives his forearm and elbow into him a few time. Flair is doubleteamed in the corner and Sting mounts and pounds him. Flair gives him an inverted atomic drop but Sting no sells it and clotheslines him and then whips him into the corner where Flair goes upside down and lands on his back. He nuts Sting but it is to no avail and Sting works him over and then clotheslines him. Luger is in and he gets chopped three times but stops that with an eye poke. Flair though comes back with a suplex and crawls to Hogan but Luger holds him down and Sting is in and press slams Flair and then goes off the ropes and his splash gets all knees. Hogan gets the hot tag. Mixed response. Guess what? It is 95 all over again as Hogan takes out both heels. He clotheslines both and now Flair gets involved and here comes DDP. He goes for a DC but is shoved into Luger and he is Racked. Stinger Splash on Hogan who Hulks up. Big boot and legdrop and the three count.

** Seriously? Hogan gets the win again. Jesus, if this means he gets the title at Havoc then that is asinine. I am sure they meant for him to and then lead into Goldberg or Hart and then those two go at it later. Sting is playing the face sometimes…..he was a strong heel but then gets beat cleanly. Jesus Christ. I mean who books this shit….One would hope that Sting would get revenge or win at the PPV but who knows and with Russo coming we will never know. Thank God actually as Hogan as champ would blow ass.

Sid realizes it is his car and screams “Why me!”

****1/2 You know what the end of the main event was fucking stupid, the rest of the show was fucking great. I just enjoyed the shit out of it. The wrestling was great with some long matches and the Tribute match was bad ass. They set up the PPV and did a fine job doing it. Why give away the PPV end with Hogan beating Sting is beyond me but I will get over it and see what they do next week. This new regime has tightened up the show with some excellent wrestling but it is still schizo as the younger guys do not get enough of a push and Hogan dominating like it was 95 is just fucking stupid. Otherwise a great show and two in the last three weeks. Hall’s comments about it not being fun anymore, well I am sure he has a point. I do think he should be punished for that. He is a Bischoff man and with all the changes I am sure he has been frustrated. Now he and Nash have been a part of the problem and if Nash is booking….Well, I will say Hall is still a decent worker and has been entertaining. But it does not behoove someone to bad mouth a company that paid for his rehab or at least gave him the time off and pays him near seven digits. Just baffling.

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