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WCW Worldwide 3/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Butch Long
2.)Vader defeated Casey Thompson
3.)Alex Wright defeated Buddy Lane
4.)Bunkhouse Buck defeated Mike Khoury
5.)Pretty Wonderful defeated Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene interviews the WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson and Col. Robert Parker. Gene hypes up the success that Anderson has been having as of late. Arn thinks that Gene isn’t use to seeing a championship like his before. Well, that didn’t have much of a direction or purpose.

2. Mean Gene also conducted an interview with Sting on the show. Gene talks to Sting about his business. Sting owns a few gyms in the Florida area. What the hell is going on here? This is nothing about wrestling. Gene wants a free workout at the gym. Now they go and talk about Big Bubba. Sting doesn’t understand how people can just turn on the fans. Sting will never go anywhere and he is here to stay.

3. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) have been providing some quality wrestling matches in WCW since their return to the company. This week they take on Paul Roma and Paul Orndorff. This must have been taped months ago as Roma was fired after Superbrawl V. Roma controls Fulton with a powerslam but is met with a hip toss. Rogers gets a near fall on a school boy. Orndorff knee lifts Rogers on the back from the apron and tags in to deliver a few strikes. Rogers fights back with a few hip tosses but doesn’t follow up. Rogers nearly pins Orndorff with a roll up off the ropes. Roma comes off the top to strike Rogers and hammers away more on Rogers. Fulton tags in to hit an elbow drop after Roma was tripped to the mat. Roma is being worked over by Rogers and Fulton with the focus being Roma’s arm. Rogers nearly wins following a middle rope cross body Roma cheap shots Rogers while the referee was distracted and Orndorff begins to pummel him in the corner. Roma comes off the top but is met with a big boot to the face by Rogers. Fulton gets the hot tag and cleans house. Roma and Orndorff are sent into each other and Roma goes to the floor after a double dropkick. Double snap suplex on Orndorff. Roma nails Fulton with a top rope forearm shot and gets the win. (**1/2. That is the standard finish for Pretty Wonderful matches it seems like. The Fantastics need to get some credit for their work the past few months. They play the role of a tag team putting on good matches with top tag teams very well. A fine match for Worldwide this week.)

Final Thoughts:
The promos for this weeks show didn’t make much sense to me. The Sting/Bubba feud is dying out for me. It’s going to continue since Bubba got a huge win at the last PPV. The feature match was a good tag team match and puts Worldwide back on track with quality wrestling.

Thanks for reading.

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