ECW Fan Cam 7/28/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling Fan Cam
From: Dallas, TX

Opening Contest: Chilly Willy vs. Red Dogg: Yeah, Rodney Mack (Red Dogg) was with ECW during its dying days. I don’t believe he made it to television yet. Maybe he did since he is getting a good heel reaction and fans have signs. This match is just really awkward and the moves look rather bad. That probably has a lot to do with how green they are. Willy nearly won with a spine buster but Dogg got his boot on the middle rope. I’m pretty sure Dogg’s gimmick was a bouncer, thus it explains all the punches, right? The boring chants are starting up. Dogg does hit a nice overhead belly to belly suplex, but that’s not enough. Dogg knocks his manager off the apron and Willy gets the win with a sit out vertical suplex. (*. Nothing about this match caught my interest. I’ve never been entertained by Willy, and the fans crapped on the match for the most part. A boring start between two green performers.)

Second Contest: EZ Money & Julio Dinero vs. Nova & Chris Chetti: The fans sure do love Nova and seemingly not care about Chetti, at all. Chris Hamrick didn’t waste too much time bulldogging Nova on a roll up. Haha, so the referee makes it a disqualification within two minutes of the match. Chetti isn’t happy about that and cuts a promo saying that this isn’t the WWF or WCW. So, the match continues. Hamrick hits Chetti with a chair to give Dinero and Money the clear advantage. Dinero hits a nice middle rope moonsault for a two count. Money nails a bent over Chetti with a somersault double leg drop and a somersault from the apron back into the ring to hit a clothesline. Money has some nice moves. By the way, this is a handicap match now with Hamrick legally in the bout, apparently. I figured that out when he hit a top rope elbow drop and wasn’t ejected from the ring. Hamrick leaps off Money’s shoulders on the top rope to hit a leg drop on Chetti! Chetti fought back with a kick to Money and Nova got a hot tag. DDT/reverse DDT combo on Dinero and Money. Nova is met with a superkick/German suplex combo for a near fall. Dinero is planted with a tornado DDT by Nova. Hamrick slammed to the canvas and gets treated with the top rope leg drop/splash combo to give Chetti and Nova the win. (**1/2. A good bout between these five guys. Hamrick took a few good bumps and Money has some nice moves up his sleeve. This match made me think if Nova could have been a major babyface for ECW in a singles role. We’ll never know that.)

Jazz comes out to talk about ECW being known for its tits and ass. Her T&A stands for talent and abilities. She does rub her ass on Joel Gertner. I have no idea who this second girl is but she has a beat up face. She is wearing a pink skirt and top. She shoves Jazz and is met with a facebuster for doing so. Here comes Scotty Anton (Riggs)! Anton locks in a sharpshooter and stares at Gertner until Joel shoves him off. Anton decks Gertner and locks the move in on him too! Tommy Dreamer runs out to chase Anton away.

Third Contest: Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri: Tajiri is great in the ring as the first few minutes saw him work with Guido and Mamaluke and deliver his trademark kicks. Whipwreck is beaten down by Guido as the FBI hits a double side Russian leg sweep off the middle rope. Guido follows up with a middle rope leg drop. Tajiri gets the hot tag and the fans go nuts for him. Tajiri delivered kicks and a giant swing on Mamaluke. Tarantula on Guido to a good pop, too. Whipwreck hits the Whippersnapper on Mamaluke in midair and Tajiri plants him with a brainbuster for the win. (***. Plenty of good action between these two teams, which shouldn’t be a surprise at all. A lot of people think ECW was weak with top names, but I’m getting convinced that Nova and now Tajiri were two guys that fans would have paid to see in a bigger role in 2001. Anyway, a nice job here.)

Fourth Contest: Danny Doring, Roadkill, & Tommy Dreamer vs. Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & CW Anderson: Doring and Diamond started off with a quick sequence before Anderson and Roadkill were tagged in. Their sequence wasn’t as good, but Anderson hit a superkick after Roadkill missed a top rope leg drop. Roadkill did hit a middle rope elbow drop, though. Time for Swinger and Dreamer to get into the match. Swinger actually gets the better of Dreamer until Tommy delivered a low blow and hit an elevated reverse neckbreaker in the corner. Well, the match is now a pose off per the request of Diamond. Roadkill won the pose off, and I lost interest in the match. There wasn’t any need for that. The match at least breaks down into a wild brawl from there on out with all six men brawling in the crowd or at ringside. Back in the ring, Dreamer dropkicks a chair into Swinger’s face upside down but CW plants Tommy with a spine buster. Roadkill comes off the top with a clothesline. Diamond and Swinger hit a double Flatliner. Doring with a modified version of the Stroke on Swinger. Roadkill holds Simon in a wheelbarrow and Doring hits a top rope leg drop for the win. (**. The pose down garbage wasn’t needed. After that, it was a decent brawl, but nothing spectacular.) After the match, Scotty Anton appears again and puts Dreamer in the sharpshooter. Anton gets the heels to do his clap taunt. It feels odd that there was a heel beat down and there wasn’t a New Jack appearance.

Fifth Contest: ECW World Champion Justin Credible vs. Kid Kash: Credible decides he didn’t want to wrestle in Texas. So, the referee decides that if he counts Credible out, Kash wins the belt. I had no idea he had that type of power. I can tell already that Credible isn’t o his A game. He looks slow and sloppy with Kash here as Kash is using his speed early on. “I smell tuna” chant for Francine. Kash hits a springboard moonsault off the top. Credible gets knocked off the apron into the railing and Kash takes the champ out with a somersault dive. Credible is sent over the railing and into the crowd where Kash dives over into as well. Justin puts a stop to the offense with a superkick. Kash is sent face first into a chair with a drop toe hold. Kash drops Credible with a springboard dropkick and soon a DDT onto the chair for a near fall. The fans aren’t buying into the near falls as Kash isn’t a credible challenger at this time. Francine is knocked off the apron and she whacks Kash with a cane but the champ still can’t get the three. Here comes a table thanks to the champ. Kash arm drags Credible through the table for a near fall. Francine gets involved as Kash went for the Money Maker. Kash spanks her but Credible hits the That’s Incredible to win the match. (**. The fans never truly thought Kash had a shot to win the match. They weren’t even focused on the match for the most part. Credible looked off here as well and that didn’t help Kash. A disappointing match)

Sixth Contest: Tony DeVito & Spanish Angel vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews: This is considered the first of three main events. What? To show the fans are interested, they chant that they want New Jack. York and Matthews get the better of the Baldies early on as York hits a nice somersault dive on DeVito and Matthews hits a top rope crossbody on the floor on Angel. Regardless of that, the fans are really quiet for ECW standards. Angel stops Matthews with an overhead suplex. DeVito plants Matthews with a reverse DDT but misses a top rope moonsault! Hot tag to York… zero pop for that. York stumbles on a moonsault from the top so Angel had to wait for him, which is never good. The young team botch a double spine buster on Angel. Angel whacks York with a chair and DeVito gets the win. (*. Bad all the way around. The young team of Matthews and York have a lot to work on and the Baldies are not especially great to begin with. Not much to care about in this match.) After the match, Spike Dudley makes his way out. He has a broken leg and a chair. DeVito gets a chair to the head and Spike drops Angel with the Acid Drop. The guy has a broken leg. Matthews and York get involved and they do a 3D. Only a few people cared.

Seventh Contest: ECW Television Champion Rhino vs. Jerry Lynn: Rhino runs over Lynn after being outwrestled early on. Lynn sends the champ to the floor with a head scissors and dropkick. Lynn takes Rhino out with a cross body on the floor! Rhino nails Lynn with the GORE but that isn’t his finisher yet so it gets a near fall. Rhino continues to work over Lynn with a military press slam. Lynn battles back with a leaping cross body but that was short lived. Lynn plants Rhino with a hurricanrana and a tornado DDT for a near fall moments later. Lynn nearly wins after a top rope sunset flip powerbomb! Rhino counters out of a cradle piledriver to hit his piledriver and wins the match clean in the middle of the ring. (**1/4. The referee looked confused as if that wasn’t the finish. A fine match that really puts Rhino over as a dominate force, and I love it.) After the match, Sandman runs in and whacks Rhino with a cane. Sandman spears Rhino through a table set up in the corner!

Main Event: Steve Corino vs. Rob Van Dam: A slow start to the main event as they did some basic wrestling holds. RVD drops Corino with a spinning heel kick and follows up with a monkey flip out of the corner. RVD nearly wins after a twisting splash off the middle rope. Corino sends RVD to the floor where Cyrus yanks RVD onto the apron but Corino connects with a baseball slide. Corino sends RVD into the guard railing and they brawl in the crowd. Back in the ring, Corino jabs RVD several times. Corino delivers a superkick and taunts the fans before getting a two count. Corino sits on a chair to put a headlock on RVD but breaks the hold to hit a snap powerslam. RVD nails a step over heel kick and hammers away on Corino. The crowd wants a female to show her tits, shows you how well this match is going over. RVD leaps off the top to nail Corino with a kick to the face. The fans have their backs to the match and to the girl in the crowd. RVD hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault but Cyrus breaks up the pin. Corino saves Cyrus from a chair shot and drops RVD with a neckbreaker for a near fall. RVD hits a chair assisted dropkick in the corner and plays to the crowd some more. Corino is out of it as Bill Alfonso puts a chair on Corino for RVD to hit Rolling Thunder! Cyrus distracts the referee again and is knocked off the apron. Corino is crotched on the top rope and RVD kicks a chair into his head. RVD heads to the top rope and finishes Corino off with the Five Star Frog Splash. (**. Honestly, the finish was pretty good, but these two just don’t click in the ring. Plus, the fans were more interested in a fan showing her tits than the match. I was heavily interested in seeing how these two worked together, and the end result was disappointment.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, we got about two decent to good tag matches and everything else just didn’t deliver tonight for ECW. I’m not sure what I was expecting as it’s not exactly a strong lineup for the promotion but I at least thought Credible/Kash would be a good match. A lot of disappointment on this show.

Thanks for reading.

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