WCW Millennium Tour 2/12/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Millennium Tour
From: Oberhausen, Germany

Well, it appears the main program for the show is a match between Berlyn and German comedian/actor Tom Gerhardt. Apparently, Gerhardt had been messing with Berlyn and his car while in the country. Footage of Gerhardt training for the event was shown, as well.

There is a woman dressed up exactly like Raven in the front row. She will be disappointed to find out Raven left in the summer of last year.

Nitro Girls dance at the top of the aisle way.

Opening Contest: Booker T vs. Stevie Ray: Ray decided to stall for a bit threatening to leave the country if the fans don’t shut their mouths. They brawl on the floor where Booker sends Ray into the railing a couple of times to get the advantage. Ray keeps his offense rather basic in the ring. It’s really nothing special nor memorable. At least the fans are into Booker big time. Booker gets a boot up as Ray came off the middle rope after hitting a sidekick. Booker drops Stevie with a scissors kick and a standing sidekick but Ray gets his foot on the bottom rope. Booker’s music does play, but the referee waves it off. Booker gets the pin in the middle of the ring following the Book End. (*. Not a good match. Ray was never a good singles wrestler to begin with and he is at the end of his career at this point. )

Second Contest: Jim Duggan vs. The Wall: I wonder if the Germany fans will chant for USA. Well, Duggan hasn’t tried to get them to chant it… yet. After a clothesline, Duggan gets the chant going. Wall offense on Duggan is similar to Ray’s in the first match. Similar in the sense that it’s boring. Wall used a bear hug a few times, but to no surprise, Duggan fought back mainly with right hands. Wall tries to use the 2×4 but misses. Wall gets distracted by the referee and Duggan wins the match after a clothesline and knee drop. (1/2*. Oh brother. And to think Wall was kind of being promoted as a monster on television. Just awful.)

David Flair comes out to dance with the Nitro Girls like the crazy guy he is. Daffney comes out with a cane and David begs her to not hit him. They proceed to kiss instead.

WCW United States Champion Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers come down to the ring to cut a promo. Jarrett says that Kevin Nash is no longer the commissioner and he is now taking over that job. Tonight, Jarrett will get a WCW World Heavyweight Championship match against Sid Vicious. Jarrett says he will win the championship and the Harris Brothers will be tag team champions tonight!

Third Contest: WCW World Tag Team Champions the Mamalukes vs. The Harris Brothers:
A good pace to the match at the start as the champs are able to hit a few double team moves and go without rest holds for a few minutes. The champs are surprisingly controlling the bigger challengers thus far. Bull runs into a big boot and the Harris Brothers get the advantage. Bull fought back with a spinning heel kick only to be driven down with a spine buster. Bull continues to be worked over while Vito tries to get the crowd behind his partner on the apron. Bull refuses to stay down for a three count despite several slams. Vito enters and hammers away on both Harris brothers until he is sent to the floor. Bull runs into the H-Bomb but Vito enters to hit Ron with the title belt! Don nails Bull with the title and Ron gets the win. (**1/4. A competitive match with a few good spots and work rate thrown in. Match of the night, so far… not that it has had much competition for that label.)

Fourth Contest: David Flair vs. Vampiro: I have very little interest in this match thanks in large part to David Flair being involved. To think he is a former WCW United States Champion just makes me shudder. Vampiro hits a nice spinning heel kick from off the top rope and a suicide dive to the floor! Flair nearly wins with a superplex. Flair tries for the figure four, but no luck. Vampiro dumps Daffney into the ring and Flair has the cane. Vampiro avoids it and hits the Nail in the Coffin to win the match. (*1/2. A bit sloppy, but what do you expect from David Flair?)

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring for a promo since he can’t compete on the show. Damn you, Goldberg. Bret apologizes for not being able to compete tonight and can’t wrestle for a little while (the rest of his career.) Bret gets emotional when mentioning Owen and the cards the family got from Germany. Hart recalls the last time he wrestled Owen in Germany. He says that Owen loved coming to Germany and puts over the fans as being the greatest. Bret hopes he can have his last match in Germany. Hart tells the fans he will see them again.

Fifth Contest: Dustin Rhodes vs. Norman Smiley: Ms. Hancock is at ringside for the match scouting talent. Smiley gets the Big Wiggle on Rhodes early on after a couple of clotheslines. Rhodes kept control of Smiley with mainly basic holds a sleeper hold, which was rather boring. Brian Knobbs comes out for no reason and hits Smiley with a trash can as Smiley was looking to make his comeback. Norman is double teamed until Terry Funk makes his way down with a bunch of weapons. This would eventually lead to our next match.

Sixth Contest: Terry Funk & Norman Smiley vs. Dustin Rhodes & Brian Knobbs in a hardcore match: Smiley and Rhodes pair off while Funk goes after Knobbs on the floor. Norman does the Big Wiggle after throwing powder into Rhodes face. Well, Rhodes does the Goldust chest rub and sticks his butt out. I wasn’t expecting that. Knobbs missed a splash in the corner and hit a mini ladder. This match is really just a crap shoot with fans giving a very quiet ECW chant. Funk scoop slams Smiley on top of a trash can that was on top of Knobbs for a near fall. The match has been going on for roughly five minutes and it already feels like it’s been going on for too long. Not to mention, the hot Germany crowd seems to be bored with it and who can blame them? Funk gets the win after Dustin accidentally hit Knobbs with a trash can. (DUD. That was just bad. A silent crowd and four guys just hitting each other over the head and back with weapons over and over again. That was a painful segment, or two segments, to sit through.)

Seventh Contest: Scott Hall vs. Fit Finlay: Finlay attacks Hall after his Hey Yo spot and gets the early advantage. Finlay is able to get quite a bit of offense in against Hall hitting a clothesline in the corner and a splash on the canvas. Hall has the referee turned around as he leg drops Finlay’s groin area. Finlay regained control with a middle rope splash as Hall really hasn’t gotten too much offense in thus far. The ever damaging nerve hold keeps Hall on the canvas for a little while. Hall starts to deliver his finishing sequence with the fall away slam but Finlay countered the Outsiders Edge. Fit nearly wins with the rolling fireman carry slam. Hall goes for it a second time and hits it to win the match. (*1/4. Nothing special of a match. The crowd was probably happy to have a popular name on the show outside of the main event. There has been a theme on this show and it’s not been a good one, at all.)

They actually brought Michael Buffer to Germany to do ring announcing duties for the next two matches. Gerhardt has the Mamalukes and the Wall with him for this match.

Eighth Contest: Tom Gerhardt vs. Berlyn: Gerhardt tried to have Berlyn pin him right at the start, but that’s not going to happen. The referee is distracted and Gerhardt’s backup enters to attack Berlyn. Mamalukes hit their version of an H-Bomb but Berlyn doesn’t stay down. Berlyn hits a double DDT on the Mamalukes and gets a submission win on Gerhardt with an arm bar. That was about three minutes of stupidity. After the match, Berlyn saves a bald guy from a beating by attacking the Mamalukes and the Wall. I don’t know who the guy is. Yeah, not at all entertaining.

Main Event: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious vs. WCW United States Champion Jeff Jarrett: Sid controls Jarrett early on sending the challenger to the floor with a clothesline. Jarrett tosses a chair into the ring as Sid goes for a chokeslam but Jarrett low blows the champ to get the cheap upper hand. Sid gets out of a sleeper hold that nearly kept him down long enough for a title change. Jarrett came off the middle rope but is met with an atomic drop by Sid. Big boot by Sid and he signals for the chokeslam. Sid hits the chokeslam and plays to the crowd. A ref bump on the powerbomb attempt and Jarrett gets the championship to nail Sid in the face. Jarrett has the cover but Sid kicks out at two. Jarrett decks the referee and sends him to the floor. Sid counters the Stroke and has the Crossface locked in and Jarrett is tapping without a referee. The Harris Brothers run down and attack Sid. Jarrett has his guitar as Sid hits a double clothesline. Jarrett smashes the guitar over Sid’s head! Jarrett nearly wins but Sting has run out to pull the referee out. Sting cleans house with his baseball bat. Sid has recovered to hit the powerbomb and pins Jarrett. (*1/4. Jesus, a rushed match between these two. I can’t believe they would have Sting just do a run-in and not actually wrestle considering how weak of a lineup they had here. The match could have been a lot worse and thankfully it was quick.) After the match, Sting and Sid celebrate while Sting’s music plays.

Final Thoughts:
Quite possibly the worst show I’ve ever reviewed, ever. Simply put, there isn’t anything on here to watch. How 12,000 people came out to see this show is beyond me. A huge thumbs down.
Thanks for reading.

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