NWA-TNA Genesis 11/13/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance & Total Non-Stop Action presents Genesis
From: Orlando, FL

Polaco is formerly known as Justin Credible and is the guy from Raven’s past that Larry Zbyszko brought in. In reality, Polaco didn’t play a huge part in Raven’s career but oh well. Zbyszko offers Raven a contract to leave the promotion or he will make Raven’s career a living hell. As you can imagine, Raven didn’t sign the contract. Zbyszko mentions a girlfriend of Raven and he goes after Larry briefly.

Opening Contest: Raven vs. PJ Polaco: They are wrestling this as if it’s a shoot fight as they are basically hugging each other and delivering forearms early on. This isn’t the type of match you’d expect as they are using submission holds. Cassidy O’Reilly comes out and is met with a kendo stick shot from Polaco on the floor. Raven starts to hit his sequence of moves such as the clothesline and running bulldog. Raven blocks a superkick to lock in an ankle lock. Credible fought out to hit a spinning DDT for a near fall. Raven quickly plants Polaco with the DDT to win the match. (*. Polaco was not bumping well in this match. They tried to wrestle a match that neither one was good at competing in at this point. Should have just been a wild brawl instead of a lousy brawl.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews Three Live Kru. BG talks about people jumping ship to TNA to get off a sinking ship. To think now BG is a highly respect agent in that company (WWE). Konnan doesn’t trust Kip James, who is the special referee for the next match.

Second Contest: Ron Killings, BG James & Konnan vs. Eric Young, Bobby Roode & A1: The match is also a stick fight where the legal guys can pull down a hockey stick to use it. All six men start to brawl around ringside with the babyfaces getting the upper hand. Young gets the stick even though he isn’t legal. Kip stops him and breaks the stick over his knee. BG can’t climb the pole due to a fear of heights and tags out to Killings. Killings gets the stick and is worked over by Roode for a few moments. Konnan puts his shoe at the end of the stick to clean house and throws the shoe at Young. BG manages to get the stick on a second attempt but Roode drives him down with an electric chair slam. A1 gets a moment to shine by hitting a neckbreaker on BG. Kip is moving slowly and counting slowly for both teams. Killings prevents Roode from using the hockey stick on BG. Everyone starts to hit their trademark moves. Konnan nearly wins with the Tequila Sunrise on Young but Roode made the save. BG and Killings use hockey sticks to clean house. Killings leg drops a hockey stick on Young’s groin from the top to win the match. (*. I didn’t like the match, maybe because of the amount of times I’ve seen these guys wrestle each other.) After the match, Konnan fist bumps Kip.

Backstage, Father James Mitchell warns the new signee to TNA that he won’t jump over Abyss in the rankings. Mitchell thinks that Sabu made the no disqualification stipulation because Abyss is afraid of barbed wire. Abyss is freaking out behind Mitchell. Abyss crushes an egg, which was a symbol for Sabu’s brain.

The mystery signing has arrived to the arena and the lights go out. We get a countdown from 10 on the big screen. The biggest jump in NWA-TNA history is…. CHRISTIAN CAGE! Cage is greeted with a warm reception from the fans. Christian cuts a promo saying that everyone has asked him if the rumors were true about joining the promotion. Christian starts to shoot on some stupid things WWE has done. Christian notes he didn’t get fired, but rather jumped ship. Christian refutes the rumor of a lowball offer and instead came to TNA because he loves wrestling. He is tired of egos and politics. He wants to see wrestling reinvented. Christian compares WWE to what WCW was eight years ago and TNA being what the WWF was back in the day. Yeah, right. Cage has two things for Jeff Jarrett. You should never wear white pants after Labor Day. Second, he is coming for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Here comes Team Canada to try and get Christian Cage to join the group. D’Amore mentions a few memories that bring a smile to Cage’s face. D’Amore name drops a bunch of Canadian wrestlers. D’Amore thinks that Cage joining them will help them rule the company together. Bobby Roode doesn’t allow Cage to ask a question. Roode makes it simple, either you’re with us or against us. D’Amore says they don’t need an answer right now. So, he pulls out a Team Canada shirt and knows Cage will make the right choice. Cage says it’s the right size but he will need some time to see if it’s the right size.

Backstage, Monty Brown is not happy about Christian Cage joining the promotion. Brown says that Cage’s head will roll out of the arena should they meet. Brown will not be denied nor stopped by Jeff Hardy tonight. This promo just seems lost and rambling.

Third Contest: Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown in a number one contenders match: Brown tried to hit the Pounce early on after a fall away slam but Hardy avoided it. They brawl on the floor and Hardy is dumped into the crowd where Hardy stands on barricade, walks on slowly, and takes Brown out with a clothesline on the floor. It seemed as if Brown saw that coming from a mile away and just waited. Hardy misses the Whisper in the Wind back in the ring. Hardy makes his comeback with a series of kicks and a double leg drop to the groin area. Hardy counters a fall away slam to hit a reverse neckbreaker for a near fall. Brown avoids the Swanton Bomb. Brown destroys Hardy with the Pounce and gets the clean win. (*1/2. Hey, that’s a big win for Monty Brown. It was rather short and there wasn’t any stalling, so that’s a good thing.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews Daniels, Shelley and Strong. Shelley demands to know where Samoa Joe is at. Daniels doesn’t want them to worry about it. Daniels is confident that Joe will be there for them when they need him. Daniels is calling his team the ministry. Daniels is making himself out to be the leader of the team.

Fourth Contest: Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Aries & Matt Bentley vs. Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong & Christopher Daniles in an Elimination X match: This is being promoted as a first ever match, but it’s just an elimination match involving X-division guys. Not that big of a deal. Strong and Bentley started the contest. Dutt comes in and whirls around Strong before botching what looked to be an attempted arm drag. Shelley enters to get some of Dutt. They botch a slingshot spot and Shelley works over Dutt with some mat wrestling. Dutt manages to hit a standing hurricanrana but misses a splash in the corner, so Shelley gets a few shots in. Here comes Joe who gets a good pop and Dutt blocks a running boot scrape in the corner, but a second attempt connects viciously. Dutt hits a nice top rope moonsault for a near fall. Aries enters and nails a few forearms with little impact. Joe hits a yakuza kick and a senton on Aries. Daniels gets the tag and drops Aries with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Aries battles back with a springboard back elbow.

Sabin tags in and hits a couple of head scissors and a standing hurricanrana. Joe nails Sabin from the apron to allow Daniels to hit an STO and a butterfly suplex from Strong. Sabin is able to get the advantage with a leaping kick to Daniels face. Aries and Strong get the tag with Aries cleaning house. Aries goes for a brainbuster on Strong but the moves is blocked. Shelley hits a neck breaker and a Dutt hits a Slice Bread type move. Joe enters and cleans house with clotheslines. Sabin takes care of Joe with a hurricanrana. Strong hits a Torture Rack backbreaker on Sabin, which was sick. The referee has no control.

Joe is ganged up on by the babyfaces and is dumped to the floor. Here comes the dives. Suicide dives and somersault dives by Aries, Sabin and Dutt to Joe, Bentley and Strong! Aries hits the 450 splash on Strong for the first elimination.

Daniels enters to quickly roll Aries up for the second elimination. Sabin and Shelley are working now until Dutt gets tagged in to deliver kicks to Shelley. They trade seated dropkicks and Dutt nearly gets a three after a standing shooting star press. Dutt arm drags and head scissors Shelley and Daniels. Shelley plants Dutt with a Shell Shock and locks in the Border City Stretch and Dutt is the third elimination.

Bentley gets the fourth eliminationafter hitting Shelley with a superkick. Sabin hits a baseball slide dropkick on Daniels in the corner, twice. Sabin nearly pins Daniels after a fisherman suplex. Joe gets into the match and works over Sabin briefly. Joe hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Joe misses a running attack in the corner and is on the top with Bentley. Bentley is able to shove Joe off and nearly get a three after an elbow drop. Daniels slams Bentley and barely hits the best moonsault ever for a near fall. Daniels is on the top rope with Bentley and Sabin, so Joe comes over to do the Tower of Doom spot. Joe delivers a running high knee on Bentley in the corner. Bentley delivers a superkick to Joe for a near fall.

Joe grabs Bentley from Daniels shoulders to hit the Muscle Buster! Joe locks in the choke and Bentley has to tap out and is the fifth elimination. Sabin is all by himself and is worked over quickly by Daniels and Joe. Sabin is able to hit a kick on Joe and plants Daniels with a tornado DDT. Joe sets Sabin up for a Muscle Buster but Sabin gets out of it and hits a springboard missile dropkick. Daniels saves Joe from Cradle Shock. Joe saves Daniels from the same fate. Joe goes for a second Muscle Buster but Bentley pulls Joe out to the floor. Daniels plants Sabin with the Angels Wings to win the match. (***1/4. A really good six man tag match. Early on, it was sloppy but they came together and put on a solid effort. Joe came across like a stud and a dominate force. Sabin played his underdog role well. This is the best Bentley had looked since his run in ’03. I miss this X-Division.) After the match, Joe turns on Daniels with a yakuza kick and viciously nails Daniels over the head with a steel chair. Daniels is busted wide open as a result. Joe is clearly pissed he didn’t get the pin on Sabin. Joe kicks Daniels face into the guard railing and hammers away on Daniels cut. Joe brings Daniels into the ring to hit a Muscle Buster because Daniels is still breathing. Joe tosses a chair in and sends a security guard to the floor. Joe with another Muscle Buster on the steel chair! What happened to this Samoa Joe?! NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles walks out to the ramp and looks on from a distance.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Jeff Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted. Jarrett says for months he has been saying that what happened was going to happen with the arrival of Rhino, Team 3D and Christian Cage. Jarrett doesn’t think any of them have what it takes to stay at the top. Chris Harris calls Team 3D stupid and says they were carried out of TNA by them. James Storm is glad they are back so they can be their stepping stone. Storm believes they are greatest tag team in the world. Jarrett tells Christian that he is either with them or against them.

Outside, Don West is checking on Daniels who is put in an ambulance.

Fifth Contest: Sabu vs. Abyss in a no disqualification match: Sabu wasted no time hitting a triple jump dive to the floor on Abyss. Sabu is busted open from the nose as Abyss works over the extreme legend. The way Abyss runs cracks me up, but he splashes Sabu in the corner. Sabu hits a top rope hurricanrana to regain control. Abyss stops that offense with a chair shot. Abyss misses a spear and hits a chair in the corner. Sabu barely hits a triple jump moonsault for a two count. A table is set up on the floor and Sabu takes Abyss out with a somersault leg drop through the table! Abyss has his tacks while Sabu has a barbed wire chair. James Mitchell prevents Sabu from using the chair. Sabu tries to clothesline Abyss onto the tacks, but Abyss choke slams Sabu on them instead but Sabu kicks out on the cover. Abyss misses a middle rope splash and hits the tacks. Sabu knocks Abyss back first onto the tacks, too. Abyss drives Sabu onto the barbed wire chair with the Black Hole Slam for the win. (**. I mean, it’s what you would expect. A couple of good spots, nothing too bad.)

Backstage, Shane Douglas talks to NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles. He doesn’t know what to think regarding what happened to Daniels earlier. AJ respects Daniels and mentions the code that is unwritten that Joe has broken. Styles says that will be dealt with. Styles puts over the Canadian Destroyer and says Petey Williams is simply not phenomenal.

Sixth Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams: Neither man can get a clear cut advantage early on as they counter move after move. AJ scoop slams Williams after a dropkick to get the upper hand. Petey avoids the Styles Clash by grabbing the ropes. Oh shit, Styles takes Williams out with a somersault dive to the floor, and dangerously hits his back on the railing. Reminded me of moment Rick Rude ended his career in Japan against Sting. Styles got lucky there. Petey tries to German suplex AJ off the apron and manages to send Styles hard into the railing. I wasn’t expecting that to actually work! Petey gets a near fall after a second German suplex in the ring. Petey continues his offense with a slingshot from the ring to hit a hurricanrana on the floor. Williams taunts Styles by stepping on AJ’s groin in the corner. AJ fights back with the Pele kick. Styles follows up with a couple of gut busters, German suplex and a face buster. Styles also hits a kip up hurricanrana but Petey counters a tornado DDT with a suplex. Petey counters the Styles Clash with a DDT for a near win. Styles avoids the Canadian Destroyer but not a side Russian leg sweep. Williams locks in the Sharpshooter and Petey actually grabs AJ’s arm to prevent a rope break, so Styles uses his other arm to get there. Styles nails Williams with a springboard forearm shot. AJ knocks Williams off the top to the apron. AJ counters a Canadian Destroyer from the top with backdrop. Styles sees Samoa Joe at the ramp and Petey crotches the champ. AJ hooks Williams up and nails a middle rope Styles Clash for the win. (***1/2. Match of the night and all around really good action. I remember buying Victory Road 04 and being interested in these two wrestling, only to be disappointed. Honestly, didn’t think much of this one heading into it, but I was proven wrong. Once the German suplex spot from the apron happened, I was hooked. Good stuff here.) After the match, Styles stares at Joe.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team 3D and Rhino. Bubba says we haven’t seen anything extreme yet. Bubba says that AMW is their favorite tag team and puts them over for being able to lay them out in their own blood and made fun of them at a funeral home. They made the deadly mistake of not getting the job done. The path of rage continues tonight. Rhino says they stole the heavyweight championship from him but tonight isn’t about the titles but rather revenge. Someone is going to be GORED. Testify!

Main Event: NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. Rhino & Team 3D: Rhino charges the ring and the three heels bail. Never understood that. The heels are standing at three different areas of the arena and the babyfaces leave to battle. Rhino goes after Jarrett in the crowd. Bubba is working with Storm while Devon is with Harris. Bubba sends Storm over the announce table. Rhino press slams Jarrett on a chair. Jarrett tosses Rhino into a bunch of chairs. Jarrett rams Rhino into the Spanish announce table. Jarrett low blows Rhino on the announce table and Rhino crashes down and falls down the steps. Rhino suplexs Jarrett on a chair on the ramp. Storm tosses a beer bottle at Bubba, but misses. Devon hits Harris with the ring bell. Bubba uses a cheese grater on Storm. Harris has been busted wide open thanks to Devon. Storm is busted open now as well. A table is set up in the ring but Harris moves the table to save Storm. Harris finally gets the heels on track with a clothesline on Team 3D. Harris low blows Bubba with the cheese grater. Bubba power bombs Harris on the floor as Storm moved the table again. Rhino brings the table towards Jarrett and attacks Rhino. That doesn’t last long as Rhino plants Jarrett with a piledriver on the ramp! The table is set up in front of the entrance ramp. Rhino looks for a Gore but Storm superkicks Rhino! Devon counters the Catatonic in the ring to hit Harris with a lifting reverse DDT. Storm nearly pins Devon after the Eight Second Ride. Jarrett hits Bubba with the Stroke after a low blow but Bubba kicks out at two. Rhino GORES Jarrett but the referee is pulled out by Harris. Rhino goes after Harris but is cut off by Storm on the floor with a clothesline. Rhino is driven groin first into the ring post by the tag champs. Bubba is taken down with double spine buster and Devon gets the Hart Attack treatment. 3D for Storm and that’s it. (***. An enjoyable brawl to close the show. The fans were into it, and for the most part the heels got their asses kicked which is what the fans were wanting to see happen.) After the match, Jarrett nails Rhino with a guitar. Team 3D get a table to put Jarrett through since the first one was broken. Bubba blocks a low blow from Gail Kim. Bubba grabs Kim and goes to powerbomb her onto Jarrett through the table, but Team Canada runs down to make the save. Christian Cage runs down with a chair and is wearing a jacket. He takes his jacket off to reveal a Team Canada shirt. Christian embraces Scott D’Amore but turns on him with the Un-Prettier! Jarrett is trapped on the top rope and a table is set up. Christian tosses Jeff off the top and the champ is met with the 3D through the table to close the show!

Final Thoughts:
The first few matches left a lot to be desired, but the debut of Christian Cage and three other good matches left a good impression with me on this one. AJ/Petey is worth a watch and the main event was a good brawl to sit through. Always a good business move to have the heels have a good butt kicking. I’ll give the whole show a mild thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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