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Bob’s Opinion On… Batista

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Is it good or bad that The Animal is back?

I like Batista. I like the Batista from the 2003 to 2007 era of the WWE. I remember when he turned on Triple H on RAW and was coming after The Game for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I was stoked because it meant a fresh face in the company but also because Batista was likeable. Their Hell in a Cell match at the Vengeance 2005 pay per view is actually really good and should be checked out.

His first run in the company was a memorable one, to be honest. His feud with the Undertaker provided some memorable moments, but outside of his HHH and Taker feud I don’t really recall much of anything that Batista had done to be considered great.

He makes his return, which was leaked, and fans seemingly crapped on it. I’m one of those fans. I don’t care to see guys from the past. Guys who leave to do better things only to return. I completely understand why a guy like CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler would be pissed. They work all year round and a guy comes back for three months and takes a top spot. It has to be frustrating beyond belief.

Would the response be different had Batista’s return not been leaked? I don’t think so. Daniel Bryan is that over at the moment. Fans are demanding him be champion.

I have zero interest in seeing a Batista/Orton match at Mania. That feud is getting to the level that Cena/Orton is at. I feel like I’ve seen enough of their matches for my lifetime.

The fact is this… Batista is a guy that Triple H help make a “star.” The same thing can be said about Randy Orton. For some reason I think the ego of Triple H wants to see his boys in the main event and take credit for the success of the event. All the while, the fans should be chanting NO during the match.

Anyway, Batista is apparently going to be in the company for two years. The guy is 45 years old and looks every bit of 45 nowadays. Before he looked younger than he was, but that’s not the case anymore and he was blown up big time at the Rumble.

Batista is just one guy I would have been fine with not ever seeing in the WWE ever again. His time has passed him by.

What are your opinions on Batista? Do you like to see him in the main event or not? Share your opinions below!

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  1. i agree i enjoyed his first run and his fueds with The Undertaker Edge minny 08 fueds with HBK and Chris Jericho i mean he got stale in 08 should of been heel waited to long i think but his 09 2010 heel run was best thing then. HE LEAVES which i understand his return was leaked cause sites cant stand to keep secrets anymore which is bs why returns like jerichos only get meh pops cause they have to spoil it pretty much for the world to see now guys like ziggler and punk yea i agree it sucks they bust there ass only for returns of rvd jericho rock but those names are well known in wrestling world u ask a person whos cm punk they go WHO ??? or dolph ziggler WHO u say rvd YEA i might know rvd or CHRIS JERICHO aka fozzy or his tv stuff hell u say THE ROCK well everyone knows that but anyway batistas 2014 return as been crap so far SO FAR but unless they turn him heel which tehy wont its gonna bomb faster then del rios and miz face turns

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