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ECW House Show 6/3/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
From: Pensacola, FL

Opening Contest: Jorge Estrada vs. Shawn Shocker: I’m guessing these are two local guys getting a shot to fill out the card for ECW. Estrada would wrestle for TNA briefly in 2002 getting success as one third of the Flying Elvises. Estrada hits a springboard moonsault and definitely has the crowd behind him. Shocker soon follows up with a float over power slam and continued to work over Estrada with basic offense. Estrada nearly wins after a springboard twisting cross body off the middle rope. Shocker hits the post after missing a spear in the corner. Shocker misses an elbow drop off the middle rope. Estrada hits a running face buster and heads to the top rope. Shocker rolls through a cross body and wins the match. (*. There were a few moments of some decent action, but it was rather basic and they both seemed to be way too green to even be on an ECW house show. Estrada reminded me of ’96 Rocky Maivia, which wouldn’t at all fit with the company anyway.)

Second Contest: Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. Simon Diamond & Swinger: Doring takes the heels out with a somersault dive off of Roadkill’s back to the floor. Roadkill gets low blowed on the top and shoved to the floor by a female manager. Doring gets double teamed in the corner for a few moments. Side slams/reverse neck breaker combo by Swinger and Diamond on Doring. Doring with a jumping jaw breaker on Diamond to mount his comeback. Roadkill gets a hot tag and cleans house on the heels. Diamond’s posse enter the match to beat down Doring until Roadkill hits a clothesline off the top rope. Swinger hits Roadkill with a chair from behind. Diamond hits his reverse DDT on Doring but Roadkill made the save with a top rope leg drop. Roadkill holds Swinger in a wheelbarrow so Doring can hit a top rope leg drop for the win. (*1/2. An alright tag match that I didn’t find myself all that interested in. A simple match between these two teams.)

Third Contest: Kid Kash vs. Chaz Taylor: Taylor comes out to “I’m Just A Love Machine” and gets the proper reaction from the fans. Taylor superkicks Kash early on after kicking out of a roll up by Kash. Taylor chokes Kash over the middle rope and moves his hips to get a reaction. Kash plants Taylor with the Money Maker to win the match. (1/2*. Less than two minutes of action, but I’ve got to say that Taylor knew how to draw heat from the ECW fans.)

Oh boy, we have a segment where Mike Danger comes out to beat up Electra. Lou E. Dangerously runs when Chetti and Nova run out. We get our next match.

Fourth Contest: Dangerous Alliance vs. Chris Chetti & Nova: CW Anderson and Bilvis Wiles are the Dangerous Alliance. Nova takes Wiles out with a cross body on the floor. Chetti dropkicks a chair into CW but is knocked off the apron into the railing by Wiles. Chetti is worked over for several moments by the heels. Nova gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. Nova plants Wiles with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Nova hits CW with a swanton bomb off the top for a near win. Jazz runs out to scae Dangerously out. Jazz slaws Electra but is met with a superkick from CW. CW almost pins Nova after a spine buster. Chetti gets the phone from Dangerously and hits CW. Wiles is slammed down by Chetti and along with Nova they hit the Tidal Wave for the win. (*. A trend of nothing special matches thus far.)

Fifth Contest: Chilly Willy vs. Chris Hamrick: Willy is a hometown guy. The fans are chanting “both guys suck.” Hamrick hits his top rope leg drop but can’t get a three. EZ Money hits a moonsault while the referee was distracted, but still no three. Willy gets the win with a sit out slam. (DUD. A sloppy match between two guys the fans did not like.) After the match, Willy is double teamed for winning the match. Here comes New Jack with all of his weapons. Prior to this point, we had hardly gotten anything hardcore related. So, I guess this gets your fix.

Sixth Contest: the Baldies vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Balls Mahoney: Whipwreck is double teamed until Mahoney comes out for the match and helps Whipwreck. All four men brawl on the floor for a little while. Angel hits Mikey with a chair from the floor to allow DeVito to hit a side slam in the ring for a near fall. Mikey is being double teamed by the Baldies for most of the contest at this point. Mahoney clotheslines everyone after a hot tag and nearly pins Angel after a sit out spine buster. Balls and Mikey deliver a ten count of punches and they hit their finishers to get duel pin falls for the win. (*. I couldn’t wait for the end of the match because I didn’t care about the guys involved. This show looks like a prime example of just throwing something together.)

Seventh Contest: ECW World Champion Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn: Finally, a match that catches my interest and features established top level names for the company. A few counters to start until Lynn hits a head scissors and clotheslines the champ to the floor. Lynn sends Credible back first into the railing and catapults Credible into the ring post. Credible distracts the referee so Francine could get involved in the ring. Justin drops Lynn with a superkick moments later. Credible has been busted open thanks to the ring post. Credible gets a near fall after a power bomb out of the corner. Lynn nearly rolls Credible up out of the corner but runs into a side walk slam. Credible tried to steal a win with his feet on the ropes after a middle rope forearm drop but didn’t get a three. Lynn sends Credible through the middle rope onto a table set up at ringside. Lynn followed up with a sling shot cross body on the floor. The table is brought into the ring and placed in the corner. Credible gets hip tossed through the table and Lynn nearly wins the title. Justin fights back with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Francine gets knocked off the apron and Lynn almost wins with a roll up. Francine hits Lynn with a kendo stick and Credible hits a spinning DDT for a two count on Lynn. A referee bump in the corner and Lynn plants the champ with the cradle piledriver, but no referee. Francine enters and gets spanked. Lynn almost wins with an inside cradle on Credible. Credible counters a tombstone attempt and wins with That’s Incredible. (**1/2. A fine match for just over ten minutes of action. Not sure why the referee bump was needed since this is ECW, but whatever. Considering everything prior to this match, this gave me a little hope for a strong finish.)

Eighth Contest: Rob Van Dam vs. Little Guido: They have a standoff after a few moments of avoiding moves, which was refreshing to see. It was a fine sequence between the two. RVD drops Guido with a spin kick and Sal tells Guido to spit his teeth to him! Guido counters a springboard cross body by locking in an arm bar, but RVD gets to the ropes quickly. RVD press slams Guido and hits a standing moonsault and leaps off the middle rope to hit a twisting splash. RVD hits a handspring moonsault for another near fall. Guido fights back with a neck breaker and a dropkick to a seated RVD for a two count. RVD gets tossed to the floor and Big Sal sends RVD into the railing before hitting a splash. Back in the ring, Guido gets a two count after a middle rope leg drop. Guido has a chair and rams it into RVD’s gut from the apron and hits a slingshot leg drop driving RVD head first into the chair for a two count. Guido continues to use the chair as he drives RVD across the chair with a back suplex. Sal enters and Guido leaps off Sal’s shoulders to hit an elbow drop. Sal drops an elbow as well, but RVD kicks out on the cover. RVD lifts Guido up into the air to hit a dropkick in midair. RVD spin kicks Sal off the apron and spin kicks Guido after avoiding a chair shot. RVD monkey flips Guido on the chair and dropkicks the chair into Guido’s face in the corner. RVD hits the rolling thunder onto the chair across Guido’s body. Guido comes back with a side Russian leg sweep off the middle rope. Guido goes up top but Alfonso holds him so RVD can deliver a kick. They are fighting on the ropes when Guido gets crotched on the top rope. RVD proceeds to leap off the top and kicks the chair into Guido’s head. RVD finishes Guido off with the frog splash. (***. A competitive match between these two. I was honestly surprised with how much Guido got in the match, but it was needed to have at least one match stand out as being entertaining from bell to bell.)

Main Event: Steve Corino, Jack Victory, ECW Television Champion Rhino, & Scotty Anton vs. Sandman, Raven, Tommy Dreamer & Tajiri: Sandman is drunker than usual as he is going all over the place stumbling around. He suggests they screw the match and just go to a bar down the street. Dreamer says once they are down they will go see Sandman get naked at the bar. Sandman decides to take his pants off and reveal his penis to everyone. Dreamer tries to stop that, but fails. Instead, Dreamer pushes Sandman down with his pants around his ankles. This is just a joke.

Sandman leaves the ring and his friends follow to go after the heels to finally start fighting. Tajiri works on Rhino with a series of kicks. Sandman tried to bring a woman to the ring, but she runs away. Sandman tosses a table into the ring. Corino wants a traditional match. Sandman moons Rhino as he talks. Sandman is embarrassing himself while his partners are cracking up in the corner. Sandman notes that Raven has been clean for thirty four days while Dreamer and Tajiri are getting pissed at him.

Eventually, we get started and it took only fifteen minutes to do so. Dreamer actually hits the worm on Anton and Sandman whacks everyone with the kendo stick. Sandman puts Rhino on a table in the ring and manages to hit a swanton bomb through the table for only a two count. Tajiri tosses the kendo stick to Sandman but Rhino uses it. Rhino misses a gore and crashes through another table in the corner. Sandman nails Rhino with several kendo shots and Dreamer hits a DDT for the win. (DUD. An embarrassing way to act by Sandman kills this match for me.)

Final Thoughts:
Everything aside from RVD/Guido was pretty bad. No need to go and find this show, maybe one day the RVD/Guido match will be on YouTube or something. Save your $15 for something worth your time.

Thanks for reading.

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